Greetings Firestorm!

Here is a dream one of our Firestorm Friends sent in for an interpretation. They are wanting to know if the dream contains a message for them from God. If you are hearing something and would like to share it with them, please send it to or Since Firestorm is a teaching and training ministry, we would like to share the responses on our list, so everyone can learn from the different ways Yahweh tries to communicate with us. 



Thank you for sharing and helping us understand what this dream could mean to the dreamer.  Sometimes there are several interpretations to the same dream, however the dream belongs to the dreamer and they will be the one to bear witness to the interpretation. 





I was in the pulpit singing. I was looking at the congregation and started to see the church began to fill with smoke. It was so thick and people were beginning to fallout in the Spirit. You could see burst of fire within the smoke. Even singing became difficult to stand. I started down the steps to go into the congregation; but, I saw a mother and child in the restroom and the child was crying and the mother was comforting the child. I went to check on them. In the meantime the presence of GOD was soooo thick.
The dream went to something else, and I don't remember that part.



Becca Card, Vice-President

Firestorm Ministries, Int'l.




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