6The Lord preserves the simple; I was brought low, and He helped and saved me.  

Psalms 116:6

This is such a great scripture. I hear from so many people that they are just so trusting and people take advantage of them. The word simple used here means: to flatter or deceive, seducible, foolish.

God says He preserves or guards and protects, watches the simple.

There is a difference between being foolish and staying foolish or seducible. Some people have medical or genetic reasons that hinder them from being able to detect when they are being deceived, there are other people that do not learn from the mistakes they made and continue to allow people to deceive them, these people have the ability to grow up spiritually, but don’t spend time in the Word or with God, so they continue to do foolish things.

God has help for both. His great healing mercies for one and His precious written Word and the indwelling Holy Spirit for those who do not need healing, but wisdom. He has saved us and given us all that we need to lead a victorious life here. So, let us continue to do our part and be not foolish, but wise.