Hello Firestorm:


There may be several interpretations to any dream, but the dream belongs to the dreamer.



At first glance, I thought this dream was about the worship of the congregation to God, however when I pressed in, I was led to look deeper and possibly see another issue. The original dream is listed below the interpretation. To share your interpretation, send to BonnieNelP@aol.com or BeccaCard05@aol.com






The dreamer was on the pulpit in worship and they saw the congregation. The church began to fill with smoke, which represents the Presence of the LORD and in this instance, I sense He was bringing judgment.



(The wrath of God Psalm 74:1:  O God, why have You cast us off forever? Why does Your anger smoke against the sheep of Your pasture?)



There is no mention here the people were singing and praising God.  



The smoke was so thick the people began to fall to the floor in the Spirit. I sense they were pushed to the floor BY the Spirit.



The dreamer saw a burst of fire within the smoke.



(Fire speaks of cleansing & judgment, cleansing of the threshing floor and burning of the chaff. (Luke 3:16-7)



The dreamer shares, even when singing, it became difficult to stand, so they went down the steps to go into the congregation, but instead, they were led to a bathroom, where there was a child crying and a mother comforting the child.



The LORD did not let this person go into the congregation, but instead sent them to the bathroom, which is a place of cleansing and repentance. A Mother can represent the Church, a Spiritual Mother or a Natural Mother. 



Since the dreamer was originally on the pulpit and singing, I felt the Pastor, Prophet, Intercessor, Worshipper gift mix. They were able to SEE and STAND in the midst of the smoke and fire and led to the bathroom to minister, to the only ones in the church, in a place of repentance, a mother and a child, crying,



In the meantime the Presence of God was so thick.



God is NOT going to leave His House, He is coming back into His House and He is going to cleanse it and the people in it. I strongly sense this a wake up call to the church regarding worship to God.



The LORD is not fooled by imitation lip service worship in His House. He desires the Heart of our Worship to be, TO HIM and FOR HIM in TRUTH.



For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God. Deuteronomy 4:24 NKJV; I Timothy 1:5






 The Heart of The Worship



I'm coming back to the Heart of Worship

And its all about You, It's all about You Jesus.

I'm sorry LORD for the things I've made it.

Cause its all about You,

It's all about you Jesus.



I'll bring you more than a song,

For a song in itself, is not what you have required.

You search much deeper within

Through the ways things appear,

You're looking into my heart








Original Dream

I was in the pulpit singing. I was looking at the congregation and started to see the church began to fill with smoke. It was so thick and people were beginning to fallout in the Spirit. You could see burst of fire within the smoke. Even singing became difficult to stand. I started down the steps to go into the congregation; but, I saw a mother and child in the restroom and the child was crying and the mother was comforting the child. I went to check on them. In the meantime the presence of GOD was soooo thick.
The dream went to something else, and I don't remember that part.




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