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Before the great restriction in China, many new house churches offered more lively worship and appealed to young people. These churches had an indelible influence on the traditional churches. We pray that believers would be rooted in the word of God, not merely seeking emotional highs or exciting sermons, but rather hunger for His words, walking closely with Jesus, and living a life that pleases God.
The majority of churches in China are conservative. Church leaders and their management styles tend to be paternalistic and command great authority over all aspects of their churches. Even in this time of great trial, we pray for churches to have more brothers and sisters who will aspire to good work, be willing to serve, and be steadfast and persevere under the great testing that is on them now.
Traditional churches in China are paternalistic and emphasize obedience. The newer churches, especially in the cities, adopt a more team approach and naturally appeal to younger believers. The Apostle Paul did not specify a certain style of church leadership and governances. We pray that churches of all different styles of leadership will overcome the current hardship and continue to advance the kingdom of God.
Many young Christians in China grew up in the traditional churches and later attended the churches in the cities, and they ¯fall in love¯ with the contemporary worship and preaching offered in these vibrant churches. We pray for great faith and boldness from the Lord for all the young believers in China, so they will not be shaken in the time of pressure, but continue to meet and serve, and mature spiritually.
The so-called ¯new churches¯ in China offer contemporary worship, management styles, Bible study methods, fellowship organizations, etc. Although these are nothing new in the west, they are new for many traditional believers in China. We are grateful to the traditional churches, and countless ministers, brothers, and sisters who have served faithfully. There will always be tension between different styles of worship and ministry. We pray that all churches and leaders will glorify God and build up their believers.
Smartwatches designed for children's use are very popular in China, with prices ranging from 7 to 150 USD. Parents are buying them because of their great fear of their children being kidnapped. ¯Whoever fears the Lord has a secure fortress, and for their children, it will be a refuge.¯ Prov. 14:26 (NIV) Satan often attacks the children where the parents have a gap spiritually. We pray that God will remind parents that the consequences of our lack of self-control and sin always affects our children.
The functions of smart watches for children are rapidly evolving, from being capable of making a phone call and remote monitoring to social contact, a dictionary function, listening to music and video streaming, etc, much like a smartphone. We pray that believer parents will be godly and seek to please God, bringing up their children to know God from a young age, providing them an example of service and being a blessing to their children.

中國教會向來以保守傳統為主,教會長執們傾向用「家長式」帶領教會,在決策上,屬靈領袖有極大權柄。現今雖然教會處在諸般的艱難之中, 求主仍然興起弟兄姊妹羨慕善工,願意多有服事,又為他們能在巨大的考驗中,持守真道並忍耐到底,堅信主的公義、憐憫與慈愛,永不離棄祂的兒女。
兒童智能手錶在中國特別流行,最便宜的只需五十元左右,最貴的大約一千元。這個市場是中國特有的,因為兒童誘拐、丟失事件頻發,促使家長盡可能為孩子購買智能手錶 。「敬畏耶和華的,大有倚靠,他的兒女,也有避難所。」(箴言14:26) 家長在哪裡有破口,兒女就會在那裡受撒旦的攻擊。求主提醒做父母的不要隨從肉體,因為父母生活的沒有節制與犯罪往往會殃及孩子。



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