Spirit of Christmas

…for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. —Matthew 1:20

Have you noticed that around this time of year everyone seems to be a little nicer, a little happier and even a little more generous?  We all know that December 25th is not really when Jesus was born, but it is the day the world chooses to celebrate His birth. Perhaps they picked this time to celebrate the Light of the world because the days are shorter and the season is darker.  It’s like something special has been released into the atmosphere, a spirit of niceness. Not the giving of gifts, not the getting of presents, but a feeling of joy in our inner man.  The time of year when everyone is expecting something magical to happen. 

I wonder if it is the Spirit that the Angels released on the night that they appeared to the shepherds glorifying God and announcing the birth of Christ—releasing a Spirit of good tidings of comfort and joy. How terrified they must have been at first, seeing and hearing all this but how blessed they were to find the baby born as King

Sometimes we let our expectations get way out of line, and that is why many get depressed at this time. Losing a loved one can bring about sadness, and loneliness for some.  But for most there is always something about Christmas that leaves a peace in our heart even if life isn’t always lining up with the holly and joy surrounding us.

We are feeling the love of God that passes all understanding; that peace that can only come from above.  Christmas is a spirit—God is a Spirit and when we celebrate His coming His Spirit rejoices and brings all of the gifts-love, joy peace, patience, kindness and goodness to help us live here on earth. Plus, the gift of eternal life with God. Have you accepted this gift? Have you opened up your heart to receive Him? 

Many years ago, my husband and I experienced the bleakest Christmas ever.  We were in a really big financial mess, there were no gifts under our tree that year.  We went to church and after the service we were on our way out of the building when some friends stopped us with bags of presents.  There were gifts for all of us, we didn’t open them until the next morning –just like we would have done with our own presents, they were so very special because we had no idea that anyone knew of our plight, and to find out that hearts were listening and looking for someone to pour out God’s love on was the greatest gift of all. 

Yes, Jesus was the gift that was wrapped up in swaddling clothes, and laid in a manger He is the greatest gift we could ever receive, and the best gift we can ever give to anyone else.  Share this holiday season with someone, you might not know where they are –lonely, sad, broke or depressed—Christ is the gift that keeps on giving and can never be returned.  Who would exchange or return a perfect gift that fits everyone, and goes with everything?   God is looking for someone to pour out His love upon—let him use you to be the vessel of great tidings of comfort and joy to the world around you!

Don’t get hung up on the “right” time of Jesus’ birth, just celebrate the fact that He was born, and He has changed to world.  He has brought light out of darkness and peace on earth, good will to all. 

And she brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.   Luke 2:7



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