Merry Christmas from the Crowders!

O come, Thou Dayspring
Come and cheer
Our spirits by Thine advent here

Blessings to you all, our friends and family, and thank you for your amazing support in the work of the Gospel this year. As we celebrate the wonder of the incarnation, here are a few meditations on advent ...

The advent (“arrival”) of God into mankind in the incarnation, taking once and forever human flesh from the virgin, signals a movement that is completely God-toward-man. It invalidates all of man’s own futile religious attempts at approaching God on our own merit, goodness or philosophical comprehension. For us and for our salvation He came down from heaven. God assumed not just the body of one man, but took all our human nature into His deity, in an irreversible movement that has eternally united mankind to God.

Advent signals the end of man’s vain, impossible hopes of reaching up to God. Emmanuel has come down to us, embracing humanity in the very abyss of its darkness and confusion - with an unexpected joy at the deepest level.

The incarnation tells us that God endorses humanity holistically - mind, body, soul. It is God’s forever “Yes” to creation, having never intended us for a cold, stoic, disembodied spirituality.

Incarnation was not merely a setup for the cross. While Christ’s saving act is surely consummated in the cross and resurrection, salvation itself is foremost grounded in His Person: in His very embrace of our humanity into divinity by assuming our nature into His own being.

At no point was Christ ever a man when He was not also simultaneously God. Never did His humanity exist apart from His divinity. He was eternally God before the virgin birth. And He was God and Man together from the very conception of the virgin birth, nine months before the first Christmas. From here onward this incarnation will never end - never will His divinity exist apart from His humanity.

His exclusive status as the “only begotten” indicates the Son of God has no origin. No beginning. He is “eternally begotten,” having always existed with and in and from the Father without a starting point. Only his becoming flesh at the first Christmas had a starting point. But that will have no ending point. He is Fully God who became fully and forevermore one of us.

The incarnation does not represent a change in God. Jesus is what God always was - our only reference to the eternal Logos. It is the goodness and other-giving love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit that conditioned His advent into humanity, planned before all ages. He was always the Logos incarnandus (the Word ‘to be flesh’) long before He became Logos incarnantus (The Word ‘in flesh’).

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