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Tanya, my niece, was rushed to the ER at a Chicago hospital. They said her heart had stopped. They were able to revive her and I'm waiting to hear back from her husband, Craig, as soon as they're assigned to a room.
Thank you for your prayers!
Craig is my nephew Keith's brother.
Father in the name of Jesus we praise you and thank you for starting that hart back up again hallelujah! Praise your holy name Jesus. Now  do a complete work on that girl for no weapon formed against her will ever prosper! Every negative tongue That rises up Against her shall be Cast down.
It is written: healing is the children’s bread. And by the stripes of Jesus Christ on his precious back Tanya is healed. We worship you Lord and praise your holy name expecting a good report and we all agree amen
Arlene Caraway
Sunlite Ministries




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