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Many cities in China implemented restrictions of travel after Wuhan's closure. People cannot freely go out to attend meetings or events, but China stayed connected with the internet, namely via social media.This is a time of ever-changing technologies and we need to be reminded how to reach out to the changing society and how we minister the flocks God entrusted us. "But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called 'Today,' so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness." (Hebrews 3:13, NIV)
The internet is the main source of spiritual content for believers in China, but many traditional churches still see the Internet as a worldly medium and a constant temptation for believers. Many believers and young ones included are addicted to the internet for news, games, and entertainment. We pray for God's mercy and deliverance for believer's children who are addicted or lacking any self-control with internet usage.
We have seen the importance of the internet and social media during this epidemic in China because they operate without any spatial limitation. However, there are several reasons why pastors in China discourage their members to seek religious content from the web. There are all sorts of content available online, but much of it is not orthodox and some is outright heretical. We pray that believers will have the wisdom to discern the truth, and the Lord will corrupt the devious disguise of the false teachers.
Some pastors in China have neglected to teach orthodox theology. And, when their members read online content, pastors are extremely afraid that unbiblical ideas will undo their teaching and negatively influence the flocks. Unfortunately, some pastors preach downloaded sermons without even digesting or adapting them. We pray that pastors will desire the word of God deeply, not merely quoting or using superfluous words, but rather be enlightened and convicted by the Spirit, able to preach with power from above, "For the word of God is alive and powerful.Ě (Heb. 4:12 NLT)
Pastors in China would not encourage their members to obtain content for spiritual usage. They are also deeply suspicious of any online materials that would challenge their views and theological interpretation, empowering the believers to oppose their spiritual authority.The root problem of this conundrum is the lack of faith in God by the pastors and a lack of true yearning for GodĚs word by believers. Being so busy, poor preparation and even no preparation contribute to the poor quality of teaching. Some even claim preparation stifles the moving of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord have mercy on us.
One reason pastors in China do not encourage using online content is the tendency of believers there to admire or quote pastors of big churches abroad. Many are very critical of the preaching of their pastors, considering the teaching neither deep nor exciting, so they feel they are unable to meet their taste and need. We pray that God will remove our pride and critical spirit. May the Lord give us deep passion, a humble and receptive heart to receive His word.
Rather than seeing the internet as evil, we should see the utility and advantages of the modern digital medium to teach and train believers. Using good online platforms to provide quality Bible teaching, to encourage and keep believers in touch with one another can be helpful. We pray that there will be more quality content on the internet for meditation and Bible study, helping believers to build a habit of Bible reading and spiritual maturity.

武漢市封城之後,許多省市也跟進實行封閉式管理。雖然人民減少外出活動,不能參加聚會和集體活動,但是在整個中國, 人們還是能在網絡(尤其社交媒體)上連接。今日我們處在一個科技新知瞬息萬變且充滿誘惑的世界裡,充斥着各式各樣的價值誘導人們跟隨的步伐。求主提醒祂的教會, 在這迅速變幻的社會把握時機,按著神的心意牧養神託付的群羊;弟兄姊妹之間也「總要趁著還有今日、天天彼此相勸、免得你們中間、有人被罪迷惑、心裏就剛硬了。」(來3:13)
二十一世紀的信徒(包括傳道人)得到的屬靈資訊絕大部分來自互聯網。可是,許多中國傳統教會仍然把互聯網界定為屬世的工具,是對信徒的試探和誘惑。不可否認的是許多信徒,包括年輕人沉迷網絡,在各樣新奇的資訊、遊戲等的娛樂中漸漸失去自控能力, ,甚至染成瘾癖。求神拯救這些迷失的信徒又記念信徒家長,有神的智慧和耐心幫助子女自小建立良好的習慣和健康的生活作息,以致不容易被潮流吸引而搖動。
今日的互聯網和網上媒體均屬無時空限制的社交工具,經此次疫病災情後,更讓人們體認出它們在傳播知訊上的重要性。過去,傳道人一直認為網上的資訊繁雜及有偏頗,故從不鼓勵信徒從網上得到屬靈的供應。因為網絡上充斥有各式各樣的內容,許多是有違正統,更是出自於異端。求主敗壞異端邪教以假亂真,混淆視聽的作為,也賜信徒有分辨真理的智慧, 更積極愛慕神話語,研習聖經真理, 認真追求敬虔生活。
不少中國傳道人一向沒有供給弟兄姊妹妹源於正統神學的教導. 在網絡資訊爆炸的今時今日,他們就害怕偏激、不合聖經的思想會影響弟兄姊妹妹。另一種景况是有些傳道人的講道卻是從網上抄襲而來又沒有自己消化的. 求主憐憫中國教會,並賜下啟示和屬靈亮光給傳道人,讓每一篇講道都帶著從神而來的生命和能力,讓人真確經驗「神的道是活潑的、是有功效的、比一切兩刃的劍更快、甚至魂與靈、骨節與骨髓、都能刺入剖開、連心中的思念和主意、都能辨明。」來4:12
很多傳道人都恐怕自己的羊從別處得到餵養後, 用支持他們自己的立場和意見與牧者「作對」。傳道人有這方面的顧慮,最根本的原因是信心軟弱,而且自己也沒有認真在神面前有好的追求,他們由於忙於事務,沒有用心預備服事,甚至用「隨聖靈引導」為借口,不忠心祈禱準備. 求主赦免和憐憫祂的工人!並且賜下屬靈的胃口,在真道的追求上,讓衆信徒都能彼此砥礪向高處行.
太膚淺沒趣味 ,不能滿足他們的需要,這也是許多牧者不希望羊群從網上獲取屬靈資訊的原因之一。求主幫助信徒杜絕這種出於人裡頭的驕傲的比較和彼此論斷。願主賜給我們眾人有心真正追求聖潔和敬虔, 謙卑靠主的恩典, 連於基督, 互為肢體日日長進, 彼此守望代求。



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