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The future leadership of the Chinese church is at stake if churches in China do not commit to better pay for pastors now and the pool of viable candidates will continue to shrink and there will be many churches without a shepherd. Too often, believers splurge on their children but insist on that their pastors' families be extremely frugal. The Lord forgives our arrogance and lack of compassion. We pray that all believers will do our part, giving willingly and gladly for the good work of His church. May the Lord forgive our arrogance and lack of compassion. We pray that each believer will do his/her part by giving willingly and gladly for the good work of His church.
Many pastors in China do not receive an adequate salary and many churches provide little funding for future training of staff or potential leaders. In order to meet the needs of the church, investment in the training of ministry leaders is essential. Churches have felt awkward to discuss the compensation of their pastors, and it is even harder now when churches are under great pressure. We pray for His mercy for all churches, " I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. " (Jer 3:15 MKJV)
Some churches have opted to do away with a full-time pastor and instead rely on laypeople to run the church¯s activities. But, these churches are at risk of receiving questionable and inconsistent pulpit teaching and becoming a prime target of the devil's attack because of the lack of a dedicated shepherd. Many pastors have given up serving under the current repressive environment. We want to pray for His comfort and provision for those who have left their churches. We also lift up churches that lost their shepherd, so they will not despair and give up meeting together.
In the past, believers did not inquire what their pastors did on weekdays and wrongly assumed pastors merely worked on Sundays. This false perception made them think pastors are dispensable. Pastors are also at fault for not communicating the scope of their work and the stress they face in their ministries. We pray that there will be a new and improved understanding and a true bonding between the shepherds and their sheep, leaving no gap for the attacks by the evil one.
The solution to improve the compensation of pastors in China is to first educate congregations about the Biblical mandate for full-time church workers. Exactly how much a church can and should pay will depend on each individual congregation¯s situation. Churches must commit to paying an adequate wage for their pastor, this will show their sincere desire for learning and respect for their shepherd. We pray that churches will resolve to improve the compensation and be a good and faithful steward of what the Lord gives them.
There is a huge need for full-time trained pastors in China. Yet, as China modernizes and the cost of living increases, many would-be pastors do not feel that a full-time ministry is a viable option as a career because it simply does not pay the bills.Chinese believers have always wrongly believed that a spiritual pastor must be poor. We pray that God will correct this erroneous attitude and help those who desire to respond to the call of full-time ministry, by seeking His will and guidance, with great faith.
Many churches in China have no idea how much their pastor should be compensated. Some churches set aside a percentage of their offerings for salary, but this is not adequate at all because their collection of offerings tends to be little to start with. We pray that believers will be taught the Biblical truth of giving generously and faithfully to support the church work, and so encourage more church workers to serve full time.

教會若沒能給牧者足夠 的經濟支持,那麼前面能全職服事的人會越來越少,大量教會將出現無牧人狀態。許多時候,信徒們願意花錢在自己的孩子身上卻要求傳道人家庭節儉,求神光照,讓人看到自己的自傲和不尊重神僕的心態。為著教會的建立和健全的發展,懇求神赦免我們的傲慢和缺乏同情心,教導我們學習互相配搭,各人盡上本份,甘心樂意擺上從神手中而得的一切。
許多教會除了沒有供應牧者經濟上的足够需求外,在培訓工人上也甚少提供經費,這實在是教會對神僕的一大虧欠。昔日大家都感到尷 尬不願談論牧者的薪資,現今面對極大的考驗時,更不容易在這方面做更多考量。求主施恩給正在經歷壓力的中國教會,能善待神的工人和正視他們的養家所需。願我們緊緊抓住神的應許:「我也必將合我心的牧者、賜給你們,他們必以知識和智慧、牧養你們。」(耶3:15)
中國許多教會不曉得如何制定合理的牧者待遇,有些教會是「量入為出」,即根據教會的奉獻收入決定牧者的薪資,然而華人基督徒普遍奉獻少,甚至不奉獻,這無疑讓牧者經常陷入經濟困境中,不能專心服事。我們求主為神的家預備合適的全職工人,以聖經真理教導會眾在金錢的管理上忠心,也感動會衆能慷慨奉獻,支持教牧同工合理的養生所需 ,鼓勵更多人願意獻身做全職事奉的主僕; 在教會事工上也有經費開展,成為社區恩典流通的管道。



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