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Dear Ones,

We have enclosed a video of a premature baby in the hospital raising her hands in worship to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  Sense the awesome Presence of our God as the mother sings in worship to her premature baby. The scripture declares to us in:  Matthew 21:15-16 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

15 But when the chief priests and the scribes saw the wonderful things that He did and the boys and the girls and the [a]youths and the maidens crying out in the [b]porches and courts of the temple, Hosanna (O be propitious, graciously inclined) to the Son of David! they were indignant.

16 And they said to Him, Do You hear what these are saying? And Jesus replied to them, "Yes; have you never read, Out of the mouths of babes and unweaned infants You have made perfect praise".

Please send this email to others that they also might be blessed as they sense the awesome presence of our God.

Abundant blessing,

Rich & Dottie


Ariyah Danae Ware (Facebook/Cristin Danae)

Few things on social media can warm Christians' hearts as much as videos of worshipping or praying babies. And Cristin Danae's baby was no exception. A video she posted of her prematurely born daughter, Ariyah, raising her hands during worship quickly went viral online.

The video shows baby Ariyah lying down with a pacifier in her mouth, keeping her hands raised while her mother sings "You Deserve It" by gospel star J.J. Hairston.

"Best 1st Mother's Day Ever," Danae's caption says. "Our baby is 35 weeks old since yesterday. Let me tell you. I don't know how I contained myself in that hospital. But God showed me our baby is a worshipper. And I just kept singing to her. Before I left, she was asleep. Don't tell me God ain't real. What baby you know in NICU does this???? She's been like this since I carried her in my womb. Ariyah Danae Ware. Born March 3rd 2020. Jeremiah 1:5."

Ariyah was born at 28 weeks old on March 3.  So far, the video, posted on May 10, has over 2.5 million views on Facebook.

Watch the touching moment of worship here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxzKTf9SPLI

J.J. Hairston, whose son was also born premature at only 3 pounds, was so touched by the video that he reached out to Danae, asking to speak with her and her husband on a Zoom call. Little did Danae know that Hairston also reached out to his famous friends, asking them to join the conversation. His extra guests included Kirk Franklin, Tina and Erica Campbell, Travis Greene, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Donnie McClurkin, John P. Kee, Kierra Sheard, Jekalyn Carr, William Murphy, Willie Moore JR and more.



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