Dear Ones,

In these days that we are living in, we need to know the victory that the Lord has for us His people. The enemy desires to instill fear into our hearts so that we would be unable to step out into all of the wonderful blessings that the Lord has for us. Our God desires to infuse 'FAITH' into our hearts that we might walk in His victory and in His power.

Our God is releasing 'New Wells of Hope' to His people. The 'Greater One' lives within you!! All things are possible for our God!!  We have enclosed a word of encouragement for you today.  We pray that this word will richly bless you!!

There are now over 3,000 Healing Rooms that the Lord has raised up all over the world. Healing Rooms are now located in 80 nations. There are now over 25,000 'Healing Rooms Ministry Team Members' praying for the sick worldwide. This means that nearly 1.2 million people are receiving prayer ministry every year through the Healing Rooms.

  Two Charisma Articles on Healing Rooms in Israel:

Miracles, Signs and Wonders: Redigging Healing Wells in Israel ...



We will be going back to Israel to raise up other Healing Rooms.  Your seed planted in faith will enable us to accomplish this.  You may sow a seed of blessing to the Healing Rooms Ministries with your credit card by using our secure Pay Pal site:


* PROPHETIC WORD - Dutch Sheets: "The foundation has now been laid and you watch and see. I decree to you that in the Healing Rooms of America incredible, supernatural, dramatic, extraordinary signs and wonders are going to take place...."

You may contact us at:

PO Box 4681, Dowling Park, FL 32064

Phone # (954) 75 JESUS (755-3787)

Email: healing@healingroomsministries.com

Please know that we are here for you, it is our joy to serve you in prayer!!

Abundant blessings,
Rich & Dottie Kane,
Israel National Advisors


'God's Love Letter to You'

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Say Not, ‘I Am Unworthy’

1. I will lead you down pathways that you never dreamed possible in your lives. Say not within yourselves—for the Lord your God is the Discerner of the intents and thoughts of the heart—that “I am unworthy,” for it is My blood that has put your feet on the rock and made you righteousness to stand in My Presence. Therefore, stand tall and know that I am One with you, for I have come and joined Myself to you in the power of the Holy Spirit. And where there is no way, I make a way, for I am the Way Maker, says the Spirit of Grace. Therefore, strive to enter into peace.

You Shall Know My Love

2. I am wooing those who esteem themselves unworthy of My love. Consider the price that I paid for you—you can only estimate your worth by seeing Me on the Cross. I am the Treasure of Heaven, and My life was spent for you. Believe the lies of the enemy no longer. Come unto Me. Come and let Me wrap My arms of love around you. Come and spend time with Me, says the Lord, and you will taste and drink and know My love, that love that cannot be quenched. Come and drink, says the Lord. I will fill you with Myself, and you shall know My love, says the Lord.

Do Not Count Yourself Unworthy

3. Do not count yourself unworthy, not good enough. What I endured, I endured for you. Each one, every one—I went into the pit of suffering and punishment in your place. The stripes I bore are beyond the understanding of man. Not only was there a brutal and torturous beating, but the hordes of hell were on assignment to add their influence of evil to these things. I endured all of it for you. I endured the suffering that you might be free to receive from My hand of love and mercy.

Let Not Your Conscience Condemn You

4. Have faith in God and approach with a boldness and confidence of knowing that you have been purged from your old sins. Stand up and let not your conscience condemn you, for many of you do as good as you can, and you think it is not enough. I am the One who brings the increase, therefore, offer yourself as a living sacrifice, and I will do the rest, says the Spirit of Grace.

It Is a Pleasant Thing to Serve the Lord

5. In your yieldedness, as you yield yourself unto Me, I will purge you from the former things, and by My grace and peace and revelation, I will cause you to see. For those things that are purged and left behind are not worthy to be measured to those things that are gained. So, therefore, give your lives unto Me, says the Spirit of Grace, and I can cause the purging to take place. I will set you free. I will strengthen you, and you will see that it is a pleasant thing to serve the Lord.

Continue to Sow After the Spirit

6. No matter the strength of your fault, no matter the strength of your sin, continue to sow after the spirit, and you will cease from sin. Continue to sow after the spirit no matter the attack, no matter the emotions, no matter the stronghold and the imaginations that war against your soul of unworthiness.

Sing My Praises of Victory

7. You too can sing the praises of God in any kind of prison that Satan would ever try to lock you up in. For there is no prisoner who stays prisoner long who knows how to sing My praises of victory. This is something that He [your Father] has been waiting for. Hear these words: You have the grace for it, so move on, move on, move on.

He Believes in You

8. He believes in you. You don’t have to believe in yourself. You just have to believe that He believes in you. Where He is taking us in our callings as a Body cannot be done in your own strength anyway. It cannot be done in your own holiness, in your own ability. It must be done by who you are in the spirit, and who you are in the spirit is whom He made you. It is not made by hands. It is not made by men. It is made by Him.

Come Anytime You Please

9. All that you enter into in Me is because I have made a way for you to freely receive through the fullness of My Love going all the way into man’s shame so that man would have a way into the fullness of My glory. To those who have struggled to know My ways, the understanding of My love and grace awaits you. I eagerly wait to help you see that all I have done is accessed through fellowship with Me. For it is in these rooms of fellowship that I can give you more of Me and set you free to walk in the joy of knowing the truths that are in Me. My love eagerly awaits you. Come anytime you please and learn to stay longer and longer with Me. In the Presence of My love, you will see more and more and more of the freedom you have to receive. Come—anytime you please.

Never Be Intimidated

10. You are Mine. I made you. Your past didn’t make you. Your mistakes didn’t make you. Your good works didn’t make you. I made you. Never be intimidated. Never be afraid. Where we are going, the enemy will try to intimidate you and make you feel unworthy of where you are. Who would say that My child is unworthy, that My work is undone, imperfect? Who would say that? Not Me, says the Lord, not Me. I would never say that of you. Not in a billion years would I say that of you.

This Is You—A Child of God

11. This is you—that you go to bed at night a child of God, you wake up in the morning a child of God, and whether you feel anointed or feel blessed or not, it doesn’t matter because you are. It is in you.

Take Hold of Whom I Made You

12. Take hold of whom I made you. Take hold of My love for you, My courage for you. There is bravery in you that comes from Me. There is strength in you that comes from Me. There is joy in you that comes from Me. Grab it! Live in it! Walk in it! Worship in it! Minister in it! And you will see great things that you have never thought were possible. It doesn’t come from the air. It doesn’t come from the anointing. These things are in you. They are who you are.

This Place of Utter Confidence in Me

13. When you have planned something for your children, your delight and pleasure is watching them be excited about each new surprise of the plan as it unfolds before them. They have complete confidence that everything you have in store for them will happen. How I long for My children to have such confidence in Me. My greatest joy is when My children delight in all that I am, when My children continually walk in confidence of all that I am no matter what the circumstances around them say. They can’t wait to see My new plan of deliverance—for their thoughts to dwell on: What unique plan does God have this time to demonstrate once again His lavish love for me? This is where I am bringing you—to this place of utter confidence in Me; this place of perfect love where fear and doubt do not exist; there isn’t even a memory of what those words mean.

I Will Not Reject You

14. Unworthiness tells you that you are not as good as someone else or shows you your failings or your weaknesses, but don’t you know that I see you, and you are the one that I love? I will not reject you. Come closer. Come closer in your worship. Come closer in your heart to Me, He says, and I will prove to you that I love you.

Faith Is All the Evidence You Need

15. Faith is the substance of who you are in Me. Faith is all the evidence you need that you are whom I say you are. Faith is all the evidence you need that I am who I said I am. Faith is the victory, for it is walking according to My truth and living above the thoughts and feelings that say My truth is not true. Walking by the spirit is a walk of faith. It is victory. It is a life of dominion and authority—it is living in your inheritance in Me.

I Am Your Father Who Helps You

16. Learn to draw near to Me in the understanding that you are Mine. You are the one I love. Your weaknesses we will deal with as you continue to come and as you allow My Spirit to teach you how to overcome. So come to Me based on who I am to you. I am your Father who loves you, helps you, and teaches you in the way you should go. Worship Me for who I am to you. I am your Father, and I love you. Come and learn of Me. Come and partake of Me. Come and, as you come, shake off that which would weigh you down as you approach Me.

I Love You

17. I love you tenderly as your Father. I love you everlastingly as only I can. I am the Maker of your spirit, and all that you are, I understand. The troubles in your soul are not too large for Me. The struggles you can’t shake don’t move Me. We can leave them far behind us as we walk hand-in-hand. I love you when you are weak just as I love you when you are strong. I love you when you feel like a conqueror, and I love you when your soul’s only whimper is, “I can’t.” I say to you: Oh, yes, you can. Just stay with Me. Hold My hand. Don’t stop giving Me what I need through our fellowship to help you get past the things that tell you that I don’t care.

I Am Able to Strengthen You

18. My Presence is yours, My Word is yours, and My fellowship is yours. So come to Me, come up higher, for I am a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. And when you feel that you are too beaten and you are too weak, when you feel like the pressures of this life are choking you and defeating you, remember: Am I not He who was touched by the very feelings of your infirmities, that I know when you enter into My Presence that which is seeking to defeat you? Hear what I would say: I am able to strengthen you and hold you in My Presence until the victory comes. So hear: Do not stay out of My Presence—stay in My Presence, for the more time you give to the problem, the less I can do. Stay in My Presence and out of the problem, for I am He who is touched by the very feelings of your infirmities and am able to brace you until victory comes. Therefore, come and worship Me, says the Spirit of the Lord, and I will start the process that sets you free.

I Am Always Standing by With the Answer

19. Am I not enough, says the Lord? Condemn not yourself for falling short of My strength but do what is necessary to become strong. Why do you hang around condemnation when I have opened the path up to victory? Is it Me condemning you? No, for you to partake of that which is condemning you is what is condemning you. I am always standing by with the answer. Why don’t you leave where you are and come where I am and let Me be the Strength of your grace, says the Lord?

My Word Is the Final Say-So

20. As long as he [the adversary] can find something to get you to agree with, then he can get you to walk his path. Oh, remember this: Do not be moved by your emotions or by what you see or by what you feel. Be moved only by that which is real—and that is what I have said. For My truth is the final and last say-so—not your emotions, not your life, not what is happening to you. But My Word is the last and the final say-so that you need, says the Lord.

I Believe in You

21. When you feel like you have nothing left and I am all that you have, when you feel like you have nothing to offer but your breath, when you have exhausted all of your ability and you still don’t have victory and I am all that you have, that is when you are the strongest. You do not need to prove to Me that you are My child. You do not need to prove to Me that you are strong in faith. I know who you are and I believe in you. Walk, run, and finish with Me.

I Am Here

22. When the sun sets, I am still here. I am always here. When the sun comes up, I have always been here. So in those times when you have felt alone, those times you felt abandoned—the overwhelming emotions—I am there. I am here. I am with you. I never left. We can walk through this. We can walk through this, you and I, and when you are asleep, I will be there.

You Are Loved Immeasurably

23. The pressure for many is about “should be”—where you should be, what you should be doing, what you should already be experiencing, and how much farther along you should be. Set your sights beyond where it seems you should be and see where you already are in Me. You are on the journey in My arms gaining greater understanding. You are continuing, enduring, letting patience complete the work, and you are loved immeasurably by Me.

I Am Your Strength for the Journey

24. I am your Help when you feel weak. I am your Strength for the journey. Do not look at tomorrow as if it should be today. Set your sights very steady, looking to Me, for I am leading you exactly where and how you need. Continue to sow to spiritual things, for you will reap abundantly from that which you are sowing. Sow and keep your eyes on Me. Come now. Come up higher. Don’t look down—keep your eyes on Me. Come often to My arms to drink of My love and receive the strength you need, for you will be glad for this next part of your journey with Me.

You and I Shall Triumph Together

25. Be of good cheer; be at peace; rest in Me, for I have made the crooked way straight. I have made the bumpy paths smooth. I have made the impossible possible. Continue on this path; walk beside Me, for I am with you and I have made the way. Fear not. You and I shall triumph together, My family. You shall overcome all the obstacles of this world and have the victory I have prepared for you, My children.

There Is Much Ahead for You in Me

26. Be bold to receive My unwavering love for you even when the enemy throws thoughts at you that say otherwise. There is much ahead for you in Me, and My confidence in you is so much stronger than your own belief in yourself. Lean on My truth and lean on the hope that is found in My Word concerning My plans for you and My workmanship in you. You are Mine, and I am yours. Do not let the enemy drive you away from the time you give Me. Give yourself to Me even when you feel most unworthy, and I can do a work in your ears that hear, your heart that believes, as well as in your strength to follow Me much more closely. Know that I love you and that you truly are the treasure I came for. Lay down your life for Me by coming to Me when you feel least worthy and receive of My love that is unending. I receive you always. Come and receive of My love and help that are unending and move forward with Me into greater things. Come, for I am Just indeed.

Hebrews 4:14-16 Seeing then that we have a great High Priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession. For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

By Dave Roberson



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