“These are the times that try men’s souls.”          Thomas Paine

While watching TV the other night there was a show on about ancient cities around the world.  Most of the cities were just ruins of past civilizations.  They were giving the history of the area and it was interesting how so many no longer exist, totally destroyed by crime, and wars caused by the sins of mankind, all that was left was a pile of rocks and ashes. 

Then I saw the news of today, how our cities are in ruin; did you ever think this could happen?  First, we had 911 which took the lives of so many, as an evil enemy destroyed the World Trade Center.  Today it is rioting and anarchists that are toppling statues, and burning businesses turning our cities into rubble.   It looks like a war zone.  It is a war zone, a war against God, Christianity, and the American tradition.  Truly an anti-Christ spirit has taken control of these gangs.  Their goal is to overthrow our government, and more importantly their goal is to dethrone God. 

I began to think about Christians, how so many of us have allowed compromise into our lives opening a door for the enemy to come in and defeat us. We have left the truth and believed a lie.  We let sin in, we allow our thoughts and beliefs to line up with the words of man, and not with the Word of God.   When we no longer focus of Christ as our only hope, and begin to put our trust in the things of man, we can find ourselves smack dab in the middle of ruins.

One of the things that can cause ruin in our life, is unforgiveness.  When we hold on to past hurts and offenses, we will be sitting on an ash heap of self-pity, and bitterness.  We end up in the ruins of the seeds that the enemy has planted in our heart and caused thorns and thistles to form and crush out love and kindness.  We hold on to past hurts, and if we do forgive—can we truly say we’ve forgotten?  We no longer produce good fruit.  In fact, when we do produce fruit, we keep it to ourselves, and fruit that is not shared is produced in vain. 

Another cause of ruins is sin.  Unconfessed, besetting sins, those little foxes that spoil our vine.  We cover up our faults and failures, and then gossip about the faults of others.  This causes spiritual growth to cease, and the fruit that Holy Spirit has already produced in us is eaten off the vine, or allowed to rot on the vine.  Continuing in sin, making excuses for our behavior, keeps us like little children, when we should be mature and producing the peaceable fruit of righteousness.  If we don’t have peace in our heart, how can we offer peace to our enemies who we are supposed to love?

How can we rebuild the ruins of our lives?  REPENT!  It is so simple, yet we just can’t seem to let go of the things of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, the lusts of the flesh, and the pride of life.  All these things have choked out the loving kindness, mercy and grace of God.  He planted them in our heart at salvation, and Holy Spirit has cultivated and pruned us to bear much fruit.  What happened is we no longer “abide in Him”.  I also feel that we may be coming to a time when He will no longer be able to abide in us.  We have allowed too many other kings  to sit on the throne of our heart.  Loosely –we are to have no other kings but the King of kings sitting on that throne.  That is number one in the top ten commandments. 

Don’t be tempted to think that all of this will blow over-- it won’t.  We are in a new era of anarchy where everyone wants their own way.  They don’t want the laws of man, and surely, they want to destroy the law of God. No longer are men seeking to be changed into the image of God; but they are demanding that God change into the image of man.  Anything that is good is bad, and anything bad is good.

The world is being shaken again and again so that everything that can’t be shaken will stand.  Don’t let the lies of this world shake you from the truth of God.  Buy the truth and sell it not, get wisdom hold on to the word of God.  He alone can rebuild and restore our hearts, and our nation. 

Isaiah 59:14 Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.




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