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As China tightens the religious policy, Some schools in East China require students to fill out a form which includes the belief of parents and students. Teachers have taken the initiative to discourage students who declared themselves as Christians and urged them to change to "no religion".It is a difficult decision to decide what to do in circumstances like this. We pray for believers, both parents and their children, the Lord gives them wisdom and peace and to know what to do in this evil time.
In China, some teachers have forced their students to declare "no religion" for reasons such as getting into a good university or finding a good job. We pray that the Lord will protect Christian students, to have true peace in the Lord under threat and fear, to have the courage to keep their faith. We also ask the Lord to give wisdom to believer parents, able to teach their children the truth in their difficulties, and always be a witness for Him.
A half of cases of consumer frauds in China involved false advertisement. The Internet is the main source of all false advertising cases. In addition to consumers losing confidence, false advertisements also cause victims to suffer financial and mental anguish.In China, cults often pretend to be pious when they join a church, especially one that is without a pastor. Ignorant or naive believers are easily led astray. We pray for those who are led astray can accept the truth and will return to His fold.
As the urban churches in China became prosperous, more businessmen and professionals have joined churches. Some of them are enthusiastic in hosting weekly fellowships at their business or office. A small number of them have become quite organized and work closely with local churches. Traditionally, Chinese look down on those who are in business. We pray that God will use believers in all walks of life to witness for Him. We also pray that parents will encourage their children to seek God's will and desire to please Him in their choosing of career path, not just looking for a career that commands respect and security.
A nationwide campaign is underway in China to rename residential communities with foreign-sounding names. Officials in many cities are demanding name changes on the grounds that those names are ¯admiring foreigners¯ and lack cultural confidence. Although China claims to have religious liberty, Christianity, Catholicism, and Islam are regarded as foreign religions, with overseas influences and are closely monitored, unlike Taoism and Buddhism. We pray for God's mercy and unwavering faith in God for all believers in China.
Although Christians may face fear and ridicule, justice is one of the core teachings of the Bible. People of God must live an ethical life, and God holds us accountable when the needs of the oppressed are neglected, such as orphans, the poor, widows, and strangers. "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people." (Proverbs 14:34) Social justice is not only important but necessary! Let us continue to pray that Christians will not be marginalized but have influence in their society.
Buildings with foreign names are also targeted in China. ¯Admiring the foreigners¯ is the chief reason. An official document claimed that these "grandiose, foreign, strange, weighty names" lack geographical significance, damage the national culture and hinder the people's lives and productivity. Many house churches meet in an office building, but local police have pressured their landlords to cancel their leases and threatened them with heavy fines. We pray for churches that must relocate or meet in smaller groups. May the Lord comfort them and give them the joy and boldness to continue meeting.

隨著城市教會的興旺,商人及職場信徒的數目不斷增加。有些熱心的商人∕在職信徒,成立工商團契,在週間晚上舉行。發展較成熟的團契,每次聚會也會編排主題,還會與教會配搭。中國人仍然有士大夫的觀念,求主使用基督徒在各情各業為主發光。 更是為信徒家長從小教導子女,在不同的職業選擇上,總是將討主的喜悅為優先,而不是一味的要進入某些專業。
一場全國范圍內打擊¯洋地名¯的運動持續進行中, 政府要求好些住宅小區修改名稱,理由是那些名字「崇洋媚外」,不夠「文化自信」。比如包括¯凱撒豪庭¯、¯夏威夷海岸¯和¯維多利亞花園¯等。說雖然中國宣稱有宗教自由,但基督教、天主教和伊斯蘭教卻被視為洋教,在其背後有海外勢力嫌疑,因而所受控制與道教和佛教完全不同。求主恩待祂的子民,在越艱難的日子更緊靠主,對神的信心堅定不動搖。
改名運動除了社區之外,建築物的命名也受到管制,「崇洋媚外」依然是一條主要原因。官方的文件稱,這些「大、洋、怪、重」等不規範地名,割斷了地名文脈,損害了民族文化,妨礙了人民群眾生活、生產活動。許多家庭教會租用辦公大樓聚會,近來宗教緊縮, 當局往往迫使房東取消租約,並以巨額罰款威脅。我們為必須遷移的教會或小組聚會祈求,願主安慰和開路,並賜他們喜樂和勇氣繼續敬拜讚美神。



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