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In the past 30 years, the number of returnees (scholars or graduates returning from overseas) has continued to increase. Although they have obtained high education abroad, but face the difficulty of finding jobs after returning to China. Many have to settle for low-paying junior positions. We pray for returnees who have accepted Jesus abroad to trust God and to know there is much experience and opportunity every position can offer.
Some returnees came to know Jesus abroad but do not have a deep spiritual foundation. They experience pressure and frustration at work, plus poor self-worth which make it difficult to continue to trust God. We pray that they will have Christian mentor or pastor to help them with work and interpersonal relationship skills, and give them Biblical guidance.
China is huge in size and the implementation of religious policy are not uniform locally. Personal relationships and other factors play important roles in the degrees of restriction. It is fair to say, Party officials at all levels are very cautious about religious actIvities of all kinds now. Any ministry with connections to foreigners whether financially or administratively are restricted now. Let us pray for people, coworkers who worked under or connected with abroad, may the Lord keep them safe, able to support themselves financially and stay.strong in their faith.
In China, the traditional ways of evangelism and pastoring methods needed to be changed because of restrictions imposed. We pray that God will open our eyes.and learn new ways of thinking and start new work, like business as mission, home schooling, small group model, peer evangelism and many more.We pray that God will raise up leaders with a new mindset and approaches, who can mentor and train new pastors and workers. Together, they can serve under difficulties and continue to serve the Lord.
Starting from 2018, the churches in China came under different forms and degrees of restrictions, churches were forced to stop gatherings, enforcing the religious belief of all students, forcing them to deny faith and shutting down publishing of Christian content.We pray for wisdom for church leaders, ability to discern what is theological truth and what are mere church tradition, teaching their flock the same way, and deepening the training of disciples of Christ, so they will flourish even in times of great challenges.
As churches in different provinces face varying degrees of pressure and limitations, church leaders in China must think more flexibly and adjust how they train workers for different locations and even use different methods. These changes must be implemented and adjusted accordingly.In the past, leaders in China tended to selfishly use whatever resources for their own groups, without sharing with others. In this difficult time, we pray that there is true unity and sharing of resources among leaders, doing all things for the glory of our Master and His Body.
Churches work must be done in small groups to provide learning of truth, to grow spiritually, practice their gifts and live out the likeness of Jesus Christ. To do so, pastors in China need to train a lot more small group leaders in order to disciple effectively under the current religious climate. We pray for wisdom for all the pastors and potential small group leaders, and His protection and leading through these dark days.

中國之大,因著人事或環境因素互相牽引著, 不同地區的宗教環境也有很大差異。新修訂的宗教法之後,事工發展的空間確實是不斷收縮,各級的官員對宗教限制更嚴苛,許多與海外有關聯的事工都受到嚴重的打擊。我們為中國境內各樣的事工禱告,求神在這混沌的環境下持續的開路。



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