The Secret Place
August 2020

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Worship from My Inmost Being

" Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise His holy name" Psalms 103:1 NIV

What a privilege to worship God this side of eternity. Every part of our heart, soul and mind has the opportunity right now to worship. The mind that doesn't understand and is struggling to figure things out; in this moment you have the invitation to worship. The heart that feels crushed or misunderstood; this moment can be offered right now in worship. The soul that feels weary and disillusioned by life; this season of the soul can become a springboard into heartfelt worship from our "inmost being".

David in this psalm talks to his soul, telling it to praise God. Not just surface worship by singing some words, yet the heart remaining unaffected. No, David invites "all my inmost being" to praise God. What does worship like that look like?

To worship from that secret place is to show up face to face with our loving Heavenly Father with nothing hidden or held back. (David does this throughout his psalms). It is to worship in the midst of our reality of life, but from the perspective of heaven. Every circumstance and emotion we experience in this life is a treasure to offer in worship. Through it all we can praise Him, and offer Him worship from life's circumstances that in eternity we will no longer be able to offer.

When was the last time you worshipped from your "inmost being"? Whatever is going on right now for you, use this moment to come face to face with God in worship.

"With my whole heart, with my whole life, and with my innermost being, I bow in wonder and love before You, the holy God!" Psalms 103:1 The Passion Translation

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"My heart overflowed when I heard the first song." - Susie Cheatham

"Thank you so much, you have ministered to my heart in a way I did not know possible." - Tristin Hewett, Mt Vernon, Washington, USA

"I can't stop listening to it! It's exactly what I've been searching for." - Cheryl Baxter, Alliance, Ohio, USA



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