TODAY'S MANNA  for Saturday  Oct. 17, 2020
True Christianity!
        The fruit of the righteous [is a] tree of life, And he who wins souls [is] wise.
Proverbs 11:30         New King James Version
Being a “True” Christian is a way of life not just a Sunday morning thing!
    Being a Christian is more than just a Sunday morning thing! Being Christian is a a way of life, everyday living. Are you producing Christian fruit?   Are you the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ?   If you are born again you are.  If you are born again truly you should be putting forth a tree of life loaded with fresh fruit abounding and waiting to be picked!  You should be putting fourth everlasting life through Jesus Christ.  Your lifestyle should show forth the fruits of Christian living.  Being a Christian is not just a Sunday morning thing, it's a way of life every day.  It’s Jesus inside you shining forth His light through you! You should be walking the walk like Jesus did and not just talking the talk. You should be Christ-like in ALL you do and say!  You should be winning souls for His Kingdom with the way you live your live on a day to day basis. That's what He told us to do. That's what being about the Father's business is all about.   
     Father, I thank You for making me the righteousness of Yourself by sending Jesus, Your Son, to cleanse me and make my pure before You.    Thank You for sending me forth to  bear much fruit and to teach the Gospel to all nations and kindred.  Father, I thank You that You have sent Your servants to this county to reap a harvest of souls, to snatch them forth from the very hands of the wicked one.  You have given us Your Word, and You have given us Your Holy Spirit, who is our Guide, our  Comforter, our Teacher, and the Power in our lives that we need to go forth and be Your witness on the earth.    In Jesus' holy name I pray and thank You Lord.    

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