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Gal Gadot (right) superimposed on photograph of Cleopatra VII statue fragment, at the Royal Ontario Museum
Analysis || Gal Gadot as Cleopatra Makes Archaeological Sense
Ariel David | 17.10.2020
Maglemosian fine-barbed spear point
Prehistoric Scandinavian Hunter-gatherer Culture Wasn't One. It Was Two
Ruth Schuster | 15.10.2020
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Sophie Calle
When Sophie Calle Took Her Projects Too Far
Yuval Ben-Ami | 16.10.2020
Guests at Wunder Garten Beer Garden watch as President Donald Trump speaks during a town hall on October 15, 2020 in Washington, DC.
WATCH || Trump Defends Retweeting Conspiracy Theory Claiming Bin Laden Is Alive
Haaretz | 16.10.2020
Some of the doctors and officials interviewed for the article
Lockdown Is a Big Mistake: What Top Israeli Doctors Really Think About COVID-19
Hilo Glazer | 17.10.2020
An Israeli anti-government protester lifts a national flag on an overpass facing a large billboard depicting the US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania, Tel Aviv, October 3, 2020.
Analysis || Trump Trounces Biden Among Israelis, Showcasing Deep Divide With U.S. Jews
Chemi Shalev | 16.10.2020
IDF tanks heading toward the Suez Canal in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.
Intel Bonanza: The Other Egyptian Spy That Saved Israel in 1973
Yossi Melman | 16.10.2020
Analysis || Netanyahu’s Henchmen Prove Once Again They're Soldiers in a Criminal Organization
Yossi Verter | 16.10.2020
Image of the Babylon Bee's official Twitter account
Trump Shares Satirical Babylon Bee Article to Claim Twitter Is Helping Biden
 | 16.10.2020
Feiner¯s seed collection, right, and wheat seeds from the Iron Age, found in Megiddo.
What Ancient Seeds Found in Archaeological Excavations in Israel Tell Us
Ronit Vered | 18.01.2019 - הארץ


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