The Lord wants to turn our attention evermore toward the wild blue yonder of the heavenly realm. He is telling us to “set our affections on things that are above, not on the things of the earth.” He wants us to know in greater measure “what is the hope of our calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints.” He is saying, “Come up here where I reign and rule and where you operate in My authority. I am bringing My church and all of creation into alignment with Me so that I may come as the One Who fills all in all and fully express Myself through My body. You are My holy habitation. I will come and dwell in your midst as you narrow your focus and join all creation in Searching The Skies.
Ephesians 1:18-23; Colossians 3:1-4; Revelation 4:1
Holy! Holy!
Sovereign King
Creation waits
For Your hand
Groaning in agony
To be set free
From sin’s bondage
Into glorious liberty
Holy! Holy!
Mighty! Mighty!
Our eyes search
The distant skies
Longing for Your appearing
Knowing You are nearing
Your ears hearing
Our cries
Our sighs
Our hope filled dreams
You are coming
To reign and rule
To take dominion
Over man’s opinion
To manifest Your majesty
Restoring the earthly
To jubilant joy
Mouths filled with laughter
Fields of wonder
Coming alive
Everything thrives
Beyond imagination
Your holy habitation
Welcomes You
Desires You
Is prepared for You
To receive You
With one view
Not two
Just You
In our hearts
Holy! Holy!
King of glory!
Swarm the gates!
Storm ancient doors!
Establish Who You are
In Your sovereignty
In Your purity
Replacing the dirty
Of fallen creation
Healing the nations
In wrathful vengeance
Upon every enemy
Destroying captivity
By holy authority
Raised from the dead
To begin again
Love wins!
You come in!
Mighty in battle!
Our chains scattered!
We have waited
We have longed
For the new song
In a new land
Watching for Your hand
Prepared by reprimands
To cross over
Our hearts humbled
By many stumbles
Our hope refined
A single eye
Searching the skies
Woody Winchell


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