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"I will not leave you as orphans."  John 14:18

I recently took my mother-in-law to the orthopedic surgeon for an examination. One of the tests was for her to shut her eyes and try to walk a few steps. She was aware her balance was off, but she did as the doctor asked anyway. She knew that he was asking her to do something important, and she had confidence that he would catch her when she began to sway and fall.

Do we act with the same trust and faith in God as she did with the doctor?  When He asks us to do something we know will be uncomfortable or scary, are we obedient?  Do we have faith that He will be there to catch us?  That He will not let us fall flat on our faces?  That His everlasting arms are big enough to hold us through the frightening times of life?

I pray we would have that type of an obedient spirit, and have that much faith. God tells us in the Bible He will never leave or forsake us - and His promises are true! He has proved them over and over to us, time and again throughout the ages as well as with me on a personal level.

Thank you, dear Lord, for you promises. Especially the one that says you will always be with us.

Marion Smith



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