How to Not Be Anxious (Philippians 4:6-7) - Your Daily Bible Verse - June 2  - Daily Devotional

"There are no problems, only solutions."

Without a doubt, this has been the most difficult few years of my life.  A small crisis within our home has pierced our otherwise comfortable existence, and yet, even in the turmoil, light has overcome darkness.

During the onset of our struggle I was angry, frustrated and felt overwhelmed.  "Why us, God?  Why us?"  I would ask, and although my answer did not come as immediately as I would have preferred, the Lord did reply later by showing me truth.  This truth was the knowledge that there is no such thing as earthly perfection, and each and every human being will face adversity at some time in their life. However, God is greater than any problem.

Whether it is sickness, disease, relationship struggles or some other hardship, our life journey will never be perfect because perfection is only found in the Divine.  Along with the beauty of laughs and smiles will be the sting of painful tears, disappointments and shattered dreams.  Relationships may fail and jobs may fall through, yet will we allow these bumps along the path to alter our ability to possess peace, even joy?

The answer, my dear friends, is no!

How we perceive crisis when it occurs can either make or break our peace of mind, as well as affect the outcome of the situation.  As the above quote conveys, nothing is really a problem because there will always be solutions.

The greatest lesson I learned this year is the phrase "Let go, and let God."  The most successful solution to any problem we may face, no matter how large or small, is to trust in God.

As we act to resolve problems, we should never go it alone, but to lay the issue in the hands of the Lord; knowing that where our earthly abilities may be limited, He alone is able to do all things!  While man may tell us a situation is hopeless, with God there is always hope!

And so, after doing everything possible to resolve my family's personal crisis on our own, I remembered my faith in God, and began to cleave to the Lord in a way that I have never before had to surrender in trust.  Daily, I pray about the matter, then I hand the matter over to God, knowing that I have done my part, and now it is time for Him to take over.  As hard a period as this has emotionally been, it has ironically also been the richest in wisdom. No longer do I feel overwhelmed by the problem, because I now know that all the worry in the world will not help resolve the matter, and in fact, will only add to my own emotional distress.

Today, I encourage you to hand any problems you may be facing over to the capable arms of the Lord. Feel the peace and freedom which follows the leap of faith, and know that God is the Master of miraculous solutions.

Melanie Schurr



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