There is a rushing mighty wind that comes suddenly like a sound from heaven which quickly changes everything. Our “leaves” of selfishness may be piled up and on their way to decay, when faith is energized and the Spirit moves mightily across yesterday’s fleshly accumulations, quickly removing our weaknesses like the wind Rushing Through The Leaves. (Acts 2:2)
The Spirit
Took care of it
It was here yesterday
In full display
My arrogant way
Piled like autumn leaves
Covering true belief
Ignoring the breeze
Clinging to the ground
Of earthly promise
Looking for substance
In hopelessness
Fallen and content
To lay there
Proud of its share
Of lowly ignorance
Forgot how to dance
In heightened glory
Satisfied to hide
Misery inside
Can you hear it?
The wind of the Spirit
Blowing mightily
Rushing through my leaves
Of unbelief
Stirring my complacency
Moving inside me
Yesterday’s pile
Now a smile
Blown away
By grace
Lifting my place
From selfish desires
Higher and higher
Until I’m gone
Carried by the wind
Crucified again
Freed from sin
By Spirit Life
Up from the earth
Sudden rebirth
From yesterday’s grave
Under death’s pile
I arise
I fly
In freedom’s quest
I am caressed
By love’s whirlwind
I spin and spin
Ever so joyfully
Traveling effortlessly
Above the earthly
Of accumulated brokenness
I refocus
On matters eternal
Up from the pile
Mile after mile
Of endless wonder
Off to discover
My new place
Beholding His face
Empowered by grace
My past erased
No more yesterdays
Of fallen waste
Decaying my being
No more leaning
To my own understanding
My darkened reasoning
Piling like leaves
Under sad trees
I am free!
The Spirit did it
Coming in an instant
Responding to faith
Renewing everything
Removing unbelief
Rushing through the leaves
The Spirit took care of it
Woody Winchell


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