Hello Krew,

Just wanted to touch base with you and thank all the Krew members that came to Georgia last weekend. I sang in Kingston GA at the United Methodist Church on Saturday night. Peyton Silvers once again did a great job of putting the concert together and singing! The meal afterwards was wonderful. It was good seeing Mr and Mrs. Robert York ( she didn't go to sleep this time). Nancy Vann, Dani Knight and Martha came up from Cartersville area. Great seeing Milena Parks again. I made her sing a song. She is a wonderful singer and has the best personality. She reminds me of Dolly Parton. She's just herself and always fun to be around. Milena used to sing soprano with the Greenes and the Specks so she was definitely used to doing stuff off the cuff. She did a great job.

Sunday Morning I was in Lula, Georgia at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. We had a really sweet service. Carolyn Mote did a good job of getting the word out. The choir sang some good old southern Gospel songs and really sounded good. After the service I headed back across the mountain to Tennessee.

I am not traveling the next couple of weeks, so I hope you will come see me at New Orleans On the River. I will be there most every night. Let me know when you are coming and I will confirm the work schedule there. I know you will love the food, the view and the music ( Friday and Saturday nights).

It's finally spring here and the weather is beautiful today. I have to leave the office and go home and weed eat for me and my neighbor. I came home the other day and he had mowed my yard! I guess he got tired of lookin at it! So now I have to be neighborly and at least weed eat his bank along the road! I'd rather him do the weedeating and let me mow....cause I ride!

DON'T FORGET---Start making plans right now to be with us July 31st in Maryville TN. Triumphant Quartet and myself will be doing a special concert at Dot's church, Fairview Methodist Church. I may try to come up with a Krew get together on either Friday or Sunday. So plan on making a weekend of it!

Please keep praying for my parents.....and my voice. Not much change in either.
Have a good day....stop sending me Skittles!