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 Updated Gospel Tract

We have recently updated our False Teacher Gospel Tract.  With the rise of the "Lakeland Outpouring", we thought it was necessary to put Todd Bentley on the front of the tract.  Here is what the front and back of the tract looks like:


They are only $4/pack of 100 tracts and are great for all those people you know that are falling for these False Teachers and False Doctrines.  There is a great and thorough follow-up website on the back as well:  More on that below.

Updated False Teacher Website

It is still being updated, but many big updates have already been done.  I've been going through all of the videos pages in order to replace some videos that are no longer available.  I am beginning to download some of the videos that I think might be taken down again and I am hosting them on my website instead of relying on YouTube.  It seems that these "ministries" have a knack for getting these videos that expose them taken down.  The "big name" that I have added is Todd Bentley.  Check out the website for yourself:

Bulk Orders

Are YOU passing out tons of Gospel Tracts, but having a hard time paying for them all?  Would you like a tract that you can put YOUR website or contact information on?  Why not make a Bulk Order with us.  The more you buy, the better the price is per 100 tracts.  Why pay $5, $6, $8, or even $10 for a pack of tracts when you can get them for much less when you order them in Bulk?  Save yourself some money today by ordering in Bulk!

Tracts Still On Sale!

Only $3/pack of 100

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Only $3/pack of 100

Only $3/pack of 100

Church Preaching

I got invited to speak at a Church in Wilmington, NC for the July 4th weekend.   They had my family and I come down on Friday, the 4th and speak at their Church BBQ to both Christians and non-Christians.  Then I led their Church out to downtown Wilmington on Saturday night for a night of preaching, handing out tracts and witnessing 1-2-1.  The Church actually got a permit for amplification, so we were able to use an amp too!  The Pastor said that he would have been happy with just a few people coming out.  Over 20 people in all turned out for the outreach!  I brought some of my tracts for them to hand out and they handed out about 800 tracts that night!  Praise God!  Here are some pictures from that night:


In one picture below, you can see an restaurant owner talking to the police.  The police explained to him that we have every right to do what we are doing and that we had a permit for amplification.  It seems that the owner really didn't like our message.  His restaurant had about 15-20 balconies with customers eating out on them.  I didn't hear any complaints from them though.  In fact, 3 different customers came over to me when they were done eating to thank me.  Praise the Lord!

Then, they had me speak on Sunday Morning.  I preached a message that I have preached in many different Churches now.  Each time I have preached it there have been different responses.  Sometimes people REALLY like it, sometimes they REALLY hate it and sometimes people are just indifferent.  I have had people come up to me in tears and I have had people walk out during it.  People have sent me emails telling me how it has touched them and others have sent emails to the Pastor telling him that they wouldn't come back if I was preaching again.  At the end of me preaching this message, the Pastor decided to buy the rest of the tracts that I had brought with me (about 3,200) and told his Church to take some on the way out.  MANY people were effected for the good in this message.  All of the tracts were gone by the time everyone had left the Church.  Pray that they pass them all out and get on fire to obey the Great Commission!  Take a listen for yourself, there are five parts.  It is called "The Cry":



Beach Reach 2008

Ocean City, MD

Since the universities are closed during the Summer, we do a lot of Street Preaching.  After preaching at Daytona Beach, FL during Spring Break, we decided to do some Beach Preaching during the Summer as well.  My mother, stepfather, sister and nephews all live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  They live very close to Ocean City, MD which is a great place to preach the Gospel.  It has a huge boardwalk and tens of thousands of people walk it everyday.  My mother and stepfather were gracious enough to allow us three to stay at their house for a whole week while we preached the Gospel.  What a blessing!  Thank you Mom and Bill and thank you Jesus!


We had large crowds all week that we were in Ocean City.  We preached there on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.  We  preached during the day and we preached at night.  We had good favor with the cops the whole time.  There were a few cops who didn't know what they were talking about, but once the more senior cops came along, thing got straightened out.  We used amplification at first, but ended up not using it a lot of the time because we didn't want to break the sound ordinance and get in trouble with the police.

We dealt with many Catholics, professing "christians" and just plain old sinners.  There were also many True Blue Believers who would encourage us, pray for us and even give an offering in support.  Many people came under heavy conviction and many people just kept coming back to hear the preaching.  Of course, there were plenty of mockers and scoffers as usual.  We should expect this though.

The spot that we found on the boardwalk was great.  It was an opening from the street to the boardwalk, which means there is a lot of foot traffic from the streets, the beach and the boardwalk.  This also means that there is less of a chance that we would bother a local business.  As far as I know, not one business complained that our preaching was causing their business to suffer.

At one point in time, when I was using my Fender P-10 portable amp, the crowd was getting large and somewhat hostile when I was preaching.  A professing "christian" argued with me and told me that I was not preaching on love enough.  Then he proceeded to show me what "true love" is by pulling on my mic cord and breaking it again.  This is the second time this has happened.  It happened the first time in Daytona Beach, FL.  The police were right there to press charges against him.  If I want to get reimbursed for my mic, I will have to go to court all the way back in Maryland.  Not sure if I will do that yet or not.

Hundreds of Gospel Tracts were passed out during our trip their as well.  People didn't reject them as much as I expected them to, even though we were wearing bold T-Shirts and Sandwich Boards as well as hoisting Banners!

To See More Photos From This Outreach CLICK HERE

Videos From Ocean City:






Rehoboth Beach

John, Jesse and myself were planning on preaching at Rehoboth Beach on Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday.  I knew that this beach was going to be particularly hostile to the Gospel.  I remember from back in High School (about 16 years ago now) that it was a place that had A LOT of Homosexuals.  If it was like that 16 years ago, what would it be like now?  We got there and parked the car.  Immediately we saw several large groups of homosexuals walking together and being very open about their homosexuality.  You could tell that they had seared their consciences and I am sure that the city helped them out with that.  Jesse and I had sandwich boards on and John had his banner.  We got to a good spot on the boardwalk and Jesse decided to preach first.  We got a crowd almost immediately and it was a group of very hostile teenagers.  They were even throwing rocks at Jesse at one point in time.  Then the cops came up and stopped.  What happened next was unbelievable!  Watch the videos for yourself to see what happened:


SOAPA Conference

This was my first time ever at the SOAPA Conference.  SOAPA stands for Southeast Open Air Preachers Association.  They have been having an annual conference for 4-5 years now.  As you can tell, we had a pretty good size group at the conference.  There were preachers from all over the U.S., India, Norway, Africa and the Philippines!  Praise God!  Virginia Beach didn't know what happened to it when 4-5 groups of preachers hit it hard with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  I was asked to speak at this conference about two months beforehand, so I really had some time to pray over it and seek God.  I decided to call my message, "The Character and Message of the Open Air Preacher".  It speaks about what the life and ministry of the open air preacher should look like.  You can watch the video of it below.  There are five parts from YouTube:



Bele Chere Festival

The words "Bele Chere" mean "Beautiful Living".  If that isn't a contradiction when it comes to the festival, I don't know what is.  This is my third year going to preach at Bele Chere and I can say that it has gotten more wicked every year.  It is probably the most wicked place that I have been to.  Asheville, NC is normally already a stronghold for pagan religions, witchcraft and homosexuality.  When 300,000-500,000 people come to Asheville for the weekend, it just intensifies the wickedness.  John, Jesse and I went to Bele Chere together.  When we got to the Festival on Friday afternoon/evening, we found a good spot to preach in an outdoor ampitheatre.  It has plenty of places for people to sit down, it's in the shade and your voice is captured pretty good in it.  The first day was pretty bad.  In fact, THREE PEOPLE GOT ARRESTED THE FIRST DAY from their unlawful actions against our preaching.  One man exposed himself while Jesse was preaching, by dropping his pants to the ground (and he didn't have any underwear on).  The cops immediately arrested him.  Then a guy attacked John while he was preaching.  The cops immediately put him in handcuffs as well.  Finally, a guy that we had just met that day got attacked while holding his banner.  Here are some pictures from the first day:


One good thing about Bele Chere this year, is the cooperation of the police.  They didn't give us any problems and were right on top of the problems that we encountered from the ungodly.  We had great size crowds both days that we were at the festival.  Although they were pretty rowdy the first day, they toned it down a bit on the second day.  They must have gotten tired of getting arrested or something.  Either way, the preaching on the second day had a lot calmer response from the crowd.  They even asked good questions instead of just mocking or booing.  Here are some more pictures from the outreach:



Once again, this was a good outreach.  Not only did tons of sinners hear the Gospel, but many saints were encouraged by what we were doing.  After two days of preaching to a mostly God-Hating, Gospel-Mocking crowd, we were worn out. 

To See More Pictures From This Outreach CLICK HERE

Bele Chere Videos:







Visit From A Friend

John Sun is a guy who I only knew through email up until recent.  He had seen my videos on YouTube and checked out  He was encouraged and blessed by what he saw.  What he saw even provoked him to get out and preach the Gospel himself!  Praise God!  John, his wife and their newborn baby boy came all the way from NYC to visit with us and come to our home fellowship.  We couldn't have him come all that way without having a chance to preach the Gospel with us though!  It was a Sunday night.  What are Christians usually doing on Sunday night?  They are usually either in Church or at home sleeping because they have to go to work the next day.  We decided to go preaching!  We went out in front of Hooter's first and then we preached out in front of 3 Strip Clubs.  It was a very fruitful night...especially for a Sunday Night!  Here are the videos:


At Hooter's, we had people come out of the restaurant to listen to the preaching.  Then the unthinkable happened.  The Hooter's Girls came out to hear the preaching with their manager!  One of them said that their father is a Pastor and that she asked Jesus into her heart.  And because she asked Jesus into her heart, it didn't matter what she did, she was going to Heaven!  I fear for her father on the Day of Judgment!  His false teaching made his daughter into a Hooter's Girl!


We ended up going to three strip clubs after we left Hooter's.  The cops showed up and the 1st and 3rd strip clubs, but they gave us no problems.  The 1st set of cops said that we were doing nothing wrong and the 2nd set of cops actually listened to us and did what we advised them to do!  Praise the Lord!  As you can see from the picture on the right above, we had to get out of the car in the middle of the road.  Why?  because in between the 1st and 2nd strip clubs (they were right next to each other), someone found our car and put pepper spray all over mine and Jesse's door handles.  We didn't get it in our eyes or on our face, but my eyes and nose still burned a little bit.  Heathen will do just about anything to you to get you to stop preaching the Gospel!

To See More Picture Of This Outreach CLICK HERE

Hooter's and Strip Club Videos:




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