Healing Rooms Ministries will Host
Ron Williams - Founder of Faith and Fat Loss

At the Conference and Training Center

115 East Pacific Avenue
Friday, Sept. 4, 2009
7:00 PM

This fat loss program is not just a good idea, but a God idea.

Ron Williams, creator and founder of Faith & Fat Loss, is not guessing when it comes to fat loss. As a Professor, he scientifically researches and teaches it. As a Pastor, he biblically studies and preaches it. And as one of the most decorated Natural Bodybuilders in the world, he lives it.
Faith & Fat Loss is a revolutionary program based on a lifetime of professional competition and personal study. It combines "Ancient Biblical Laws" with current scientific principles to empower you with the knowledge and discipline to achieve permanent fat loss and for a total TRANSFORMATION of your spirit, body, and soul.

This balanced approach to fat loss is based on simple strategies you can employ daily to reduce body fat. Faith & Fat Loss is not just a diet, but a permanent lifestyle.

If you are discouraged because of failed attempts to acquire permanent fat loss - learn the TRUTH through Faith & Fat Loss, apply the principles learned, and you will find the success you have been desiring and never need to try again.

The TRUTH about fat loss.....
The TRUTH is there are principles that make fat loss simple!
The TRUTH is many fail because of inaccurate information!
The TRUTH is you must find the "Root" cause and not just address the symptoms of excess body fat!
The TRUTH is the excess fat you are carrying is not all your fault!
The TRUTH is by following Faith & Fat Loss permanent fat loss IS attainable!