"Glory To God."

The Lord he is great allowed Rev.Peter Ndamba To be in USA, for our 4th Container to be shipped to Africa, Zimbabwe.

We have to ship our 4th Conteiner To Zimbabwe

1)- 40ft. Container is Costing us $ 10,800.00

2)- Pick upTruck for the Missions To Africa that work can be done quick and fast costing $ 8,000.00

I'm sharing this to you all our supporters,i'm giving you time to hear from God, and see which area God want to use you.as the Ministry in Zimbabwe we dont have Vihecle for the Ministry to do all the runing around for the work, carrying the goods, such as timber, firewood,water,iron sheets, and other work.


I'm looking forward to hear from you all. may the Lord bless you as you continue supporting this Ministry.

Love you all.