"Run Cushite this is your turn".  Conference 2010 New Orleans,LA.

With listerning last night the African American (Black Historical) about the Slave and the freedom, it gave me this great insight, since i was sharing my message on this great "Theme".

"Different eyesight".

Ahimaaz  was not his time to Run to the King, but Cushite, here is how things happen, "Cushite could fill descouraged like most of us do, you might, fill the same way now.

That because some one, Run before you does not means you are less than them, have different eyesight, different insight, Joab said to Cushite, its your Turn to Run.

II Sam.18:19-32, Cushite had the message and he had seen, what is mots important in life, get hold of the Vision before you can Run, Run with the Vision and tell the people what you have seen.

Joab said to the Young man Cushite, that,"Go,tell the King what you have seen".

- If you can just see now.

- You will help us to spread the good news, without fear.

- With all your confidance, only if you have eyes to see.

- What you have seen is power within you.

I encourage you today to repent to Jesus and say Lord Jesus open my eyes that i may see.

In his precious grace.