It is the 3rd of July 2005 and as a family and household we are looking forward to an enjoyable 4th of July. One that is both close and safe for those of us living locally. It is unfortunate, that the city of Muncie, Indiana has chosen to not have a 4th of July parade this year; especially while we are engaged in a war on terrorism, with so many of our National Guard, men and women currently stationed in far away places (My son is in the National Guard). But I can only imagine there are some budget or management considerations or reasons they chose not to have one. So it is left to us the electorate to celebrate in our own interminable manner as we see fit. Some will be pen pals to those oversees and others will be gathering at dusk throughout communities in East Central Indiana to watch fire works displays either private or publicly funded; more will most likely just purchase some fireworks and have fun in their backyards with family and neighbors. Whatever their pleasure, we all will be celebrating our God give freedoms, and not only the legislated ones in the bill of rights that has been so interpreted recently by the U. S. Supreme court (wrongly I may add). I do so strongly identify and agree with the majority of public understanding through the years that ones property was protected from seizure except for wrongdoing. The Supreme Court in it's wrong thinking and decision on this matter, has reversed that God given perception of governments protection and erroneously given new power to the local governments to seize private property from individual owners and transfer it to other private ownership that could increase tax revenue for the very city government sworn to protect the rights of the individuals. This is nothing less then a bad public law in the form of a tax bribe to enable rich private developers to get local governments to steal private property through misuse of it's power and branding anyone who opposes it's exercise of such power an outlaw and sell it to the highest bidder, all in the name of the greater communities health and welfare. If my constitutional rights, privileges, immunities and guarantees are not sacrosanct, then why would I want to uphold, defend and obey such a government except under threat of bodily punishment or imprisonment? One does not have to be paranoid to understand those among us, who continue to proclaim and act in accordance with the second amendment; to procure, and maintain for themselves weapons on par with our own military and police authorities. These very authorities are the ones we celebrate as community heroes and are many times our own neighbors. They are being charged with and are being put at risk over obeying the laws of the country, state, and township; or do the right thing and prevent a travesty of justice. They are the ones in the middle of the fight over unjust laws, that one can only conclude are meant to set neighbor against neighbor in such an clearly unconstitutionally illegal decision. Those that believe we have and need the second amendment right to keep and bear arms are right to believe so and act accordingly, even as our forefathers did. We as a people must decide now to take back our government of the people and by the people. We need to be able to resist our own government at every level with progressive levels of force if necessary, and halt any of the branches in their insidious evasion into the rights reserved to the people of this otherwise great country. This latest round of decisions by the highest court in our land, and the continuing erosion of individual liberties have at long last gone too far. The time is NOW; this is the year to start taking back our governments at the Local Township, and state levels. I don't mean elections either. I mean grass roots recalls and referendums that will force the will of the people to be the vote caste in congress and the senate, in every state of this great nation. We are a great nation because we were once free and the home of the brave. It is time once again to be that nation and declare with one united voice we will not let our declaration of independence and constitution be usurped by politicos and unjust judges who have negated their oaths of office. The whole bunch of them are altogether either treasonous or complicit and are worthy of being impeached from their current terms. Due process is dead in this land and it was killed by wrongful application of rule of law in backroom meeting of lawyers and politicians that stole it from the people through administrative laws, codes, and ordnances meant to limit not the power of the people to govern themselves, but those elected representatives we have represent us. Without local and national recall and referendums, we no longer have any real power to wield in the executive, the congress, or the judicial braches of our government. Our "current" form of government has metamorphosed into a thing that would eat its own and has grown indifferent to people it is suppose to represent. It is without merit and out of control. Current circumstances and situations as they exist in our country demand we act accordingly and swiftly to correct grievous laws only meant to enslave and disenfranchise us as a free and sovereign people. We were not meant to be just a sovereign nation but also a sovereign people within that nation. Yes America! A person's home is their castle, their estate, and if they don't, won't sell it; then it's NOT FOR SALE. Period, end of conversation and debate. Not for the good of the rest of the community, the state or the nation, imminent domain as a legislated mandate from the people to the government, must be for government use only, and only exercised when and where there has been a proper referendum on a ballot or petition of grievances to address the known majority will of the governed, and or a clear majority of the duly registered voters have voted and given their approval, either yea or nay. Only then can we trust our elected representatives to cast votes for exercising the will of the people. The current form has had hundreds of years to prove itself and it has shown itself with few exceptions to be inadequate to the task of administering the public good and welfare of the governed. This is my considered and studied position on the state of America this July 2005 holiday. Remember Freedom isn't Fee! Then, Now or Ever. As Christian Believers we are to obey the lawfully appointed Authorities over us as appointed or allowed as from God. To the extent we can, we should live peaceably with all men. If we can't for hopefully a good reason, then we should pray to God in the Name of our Lord and Savior to remove them or give us greater grace to live peaceably and yet proper within such circumstances. If for any reason He will not or chooses not to remove them, we can choose to understand as I come to believe we may be a people under God's Judgment and therefore responsible to act altogether as a people of God before God as a people who would Rather die fighting for liberty rather then live in tyranny. For it is written; as the people are, so shall their leaders be also. And as the Leaders are, so shall the people be also. Choose America! Until we meet again in Jesus, May our Lord and savior, the captain of our salvation keep you and yours in His love, grace and peace, and always in the looking forward of the hope of his soon return.