Abortions & Sinking Ships
by Lyle McTeer

Two visions that were recently received have great meaning as our loving Father continues to speak to us about the many fronts that lie ahead, so that we can overcome!

The first that I recently wrote about was a vision concerning “Ravens Pecking Out The Eyes Of The Saints”. This vision is now becoming much more intense as Satan is on an all out attack against what is planned to be birthed by removing sight!

In this vision I saw ravens swooping down upon the Saints of God trying to pluck out their eyes so that they would lose their vision. The Lord would say unto you, cast your cares, worries & fears upon Me as I overcome the spirit of the lawless one who is trying to remove your hope & your future that is found in Me’. Keep coming to Me’ with your hurts & your frustrations and watch as I take them all away and release New Vision after you have overcome through Me’. The verses that I was given in reference to this is found in Mark 4:22- 26 about the blind man and how He spit upon the mans eyes and then placed His hands on him and asked if he saw anything. The man saw men what looked like trees walking! See vs. 24

This represents giants in the land because of past insecurities and is why he saw them like this. Yes, even in their day Jesus was removing giants so that people could enter into their Promised Land that is only found in & through Him! Jesus was not only giving him vision but was taking away his feeling of hopelessness, despair, & his insecurities of his past because he did not think very highly of himself. Just like you and I today this man had been through trials and tribulations that caused him to feel less than what God had created him to be.

So why did Jesus spit upon his eyes? It represented how just like Jesus was spit upon as He carried His cross, so this man had been ridiculed or spat upon as others had judged him wrongly!

Interestingly enough these Ravens represent how Gods people are judging others; it is being critical of others as we place ourselves in higher esteem than those whom are being talked about. Unfortunately this is how Satan uses Gods people for the destruction of individuals, the Church and the moves of God! It was this same spirit that tore the flesh off of Christ, mocked Him and spat upon Him over and over again until He was hung upon the Tree that once brought sin unto the Garden but now would bring life forever more!

We His people must begin to see in the Spirit and no longer allow our flesh to rule as we form opinions about others as this comes only out of our flesh! Our judgment is left up to Jesus because He is the only one that is free of sin, and it is through the cleansing of His blood that we also can be free of it, not through our own judgment.

If we allow ourselves to be used by spiritually abusing each other we become as growling bears that devour each other just as Satan does through his prowling around seeking the weak. This is also what happened in Elisha’s day in 2nd Kings (2:23- 24) when Elisha called down a curse upon what the Lord has revealed to me as Jezebels children. These children of the fallen nature were mauled as their flesh was eaten as the Old always represents what shall happen in the New in the Spirit as we pray for the change of others spiritual nature.

These children that Elisha was confronted with had made fun of “Gods Anointed” by mocking him, but as it was the ways of the old covenant he then turned around and pronounced a curse upon them. We now have Christ that brought forgiveness from out old sin nature through His blood shed upon the cross so that there would be no more curses, only love that would bring life & liberty through the power of His resurrected life.

2nd Vision:
This vision had to do with pile & piles of clothes that were lying all over the place, every where that I looked there were piles of clothes as I heard the Spirit say, “dirty laundry”!
Things are going to get very messy for many if’ they do not take care of the business at hand as God is bringing completion to all of our old nature. The new foundation that must be laid is repentance which transpires through the blood of Christ as the fallen nature is redeemed and made spotless and without wrinkle as the new heart the lines up with His word that is absolute & complete love.

As these messages of His love & grace flow out for us I’m amazed at how much God loves us, wanting only the best for all people by giving us warnings as He leads us to waters of life that will soon be turned to wine as He shows the world His glory. He never wants to embarrass or hurt anyone, but the line must and is becoming straighter as the road that we walk is also becoming narrower, for we are all being formed and made into His image. 1st John 2:5- 6 But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in Him. By this we know that we are in Him. He who says he abides in Him ought to himself also to walk just as He walked. NKJV’

As we understand from the Word of Life everyone needs to remove the plank from their own eye as most of our attacks today are coming for the most part from Gods people as it has always been! Because many know the truth it does not give anyone the right to be critical of others by talking about them which simply put is judging!

All of this has to do with the "Religious Spirit", and I have yet to meet anyone that is exempt from at times being judgmental toward someone else! The Religious Spirit is alive and well, and is becoming stronger simply because it is being fed as just like us it needs food in order to thrive and grow. We can defeat this enemy by starvation through speaking words of life & love through encouragement which means to build each other up instead of tearing down the walls of people hearts which also represents lives. Only through the love of Christ can we begin to defeat the enemy instead of giving him the food of discouragement that he needs to thrive on in order to bring destruction that leads to death!

We have entered into a tremendous season of giving birth to much that many have waited their entire lives for. And Satan surely understands this very well and is why there is an all out war upon our past to destroy our Vision for the future in what is about to be birthed in the Spirit.

Too many are gossiping as Satan is using Gods people against each other to tear down and destroy what the Lord wants to birth and/or accomplish through this season of “New Beginnings”.

People that are hurt and have low self esteem are dealing with “insecurity issues” and are usually those who are the most prone to be used to hurt others. It is simply because of fragmentations that are within their hearts that cause them not to see clearly which in turn affects their judgment.

This also helps to feed what I’ve leaned to be called “territorial spirits” that bring division and/or separation in the body of Christ as they hinder the work and the move of God. These can only be removed through maturity as people are healed of their past and New Mind Sets are established! Territorial spirits are fed through insecurities and are used for what many think are keeping them preserved in the areas of their ministries as well as relationships. These are easy to detect because you can sense them when you come into the room where others are protective of their territory or space.

"Spiritual abortions" is what the enemy is trying to achieve through words of accusation which all stems from bitterness caused from past hurts. The offense has become so prominent in this day and will eventually cause a Third of the Earth to Perish because the Third Trumpet has been blown!!! This is called the days of bitterness as “Worm Wood” has come into view as a result of verbal, emotional & physical attacks upon all people. I was given an open vision about this that I’m in the process of writing about in my book “A Lesson Learned”.

Because of offences there are many things being aborted "right now" as gossip, pointing fingers, back biting & mocking are all to prevalent in the body of Christ. Most recently while I was in prayer I began to grieve & mourn when the Spirit of Lord revealed to me as I was shown in big letters, A-B-O-R-T-I-O-N’ as many are now suffering great losses because of the words of others.

People with loose tongues are like cannons going off sinking ships, meaning ministries, relationships, callings, etc., when will it all end??? I've also been told that there will be many "estranged relationships" because of these times that are upon us as many will suffer loss, because words either bring life, or death!

Many do not realize or even want to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is now saying, but the fire is getting hotter to bring about maturity as there is too much pettiness stemming from pride and immaturity. The word must’ & will become much sharper in order for it to both go deeper as well as it being able to remove all flesh' so that it can be burned outside the camp’ or the land of Promise!

Love is the answer, and true love is learning to walk in forgiveness by letting go of all offences by holding no record of wrongs! No one will be able to enter into their Promise until the past is laid behind them. We must become Christ-like’ by walking in His unconditional love, the key is learning submission & asking Him to fill you with His love and grace for others. In the days ahead we will begin to walk as Jesus walked as we learn to abide in Him and in turn He pours all that He is into us.

For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. Gal. 5: 13

Submitted by Lyle McTeer of CFC Ministries’