The New Creation We Are
cottingham, theodore. August 23, 2009 at 1:32 AM.
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This is A LESSON of The University of The New Covenant
1.      "Close Your Eyes" not, Opening them now -- shall we? Many shall be -- saying this, and opening them to open them, up to a New World, New Worlds of Joy, of Joys that know not a Savior not but a Savior of who's Christ the King who They Are Now!!! For the Opening of me is in residualness not but proclivity not but remarks remaking me never shall again for I know I've known the mark, The Mark, "the mark" of sorrow and Sorrow will never enmark me again with its words or ways that only want me to man be remaining here "on the ground" for I will Not remain "here" on the ground and in "residualness" of "comfort" -- Southern or "other", for I know what I am and Splitting The Skies I am, of a "residualness'd" one, not; but one whose Full Forced Field is forced not again for no "force" will "feed" me or field me again in its fieldingnes or be'fed'dness for the be'fetterizations of sorrow will no longer "fetter" me to feather me with its "tars and feathers" looking up.
2.      And Knowing a great many things now change Dramatically Drastically and dramatudinally not, but what dramatics have no affect on me personally or no other not or what shall no other personally affect me with? For I shall know a great tude of other, not; again for I know what other is and other'd I'm not but I'm smothered not by feelings of other again that only project want or sorrow or wantings, of another sorrower to come not, not; but Many Sorrowers southern'd and "other" come now here. Flee the wrath to come, not; or is one simply "saving" not or residualness "others" not othering not but what now the "other" is known whose I was in them no longer "capitulating" not but what now "giving up" and Understanding these things so that you Resist not "the proud" not but The Humble? For understanding me You Shall now and not be in the residualness of man and now you will know a Great Many things and Understand them who love you with These Words that come unto you night and day and flow just like this, Just like this where you I come and We sit down and We make "supper" not but we sup -- a great, eagle's wind not again but we will not be windless not but we won't have the wind of sorrow in our sails again, for our sails will be sail-less Not again for we will be sailing now at midnight not for Have we begun Already? To sail There from Here to by the Word of Our Mouth -s, that coagulate us in sorrow -'s world no longer and being limited no longer to "sorrow's world" will it exist? It won't exist in us for we will not embody sorrow's world or its thinkings method –s which embodied us, embalmed us did it with its ways of horror's sorrow and misunderstanding the "Egyptianite's" ways or not or were the "-Egyptianites" The Ones who were "down here on the ground" looking Up or were they, looking down to embody balm and embalm, the saints, the "saints" not, but who what was were "the saints" who what wanted only to "embalm" not but rob the most high not from the cradle not or what were the ways words of the most high that wavel'd curdled in its "own mother's milk"?
3.      I have Answered Asked a great many things in these words that I have answered Asked and Asked answered and Answering asked and Asked answering? Or have I made a forgeitudinal error not, but a margin of horror not latitudining me again, not or is All That "Stuff" "done" away with not or Is It "away from me" or am I away from It or "this place" of evil not or am I Redeeming it all now through My love that which loves You -- To The end? Of a New Beginning is now.
4.      And we will all be Fell'd not again by the root of the axe's tree, not; or will we know no axe to our methods manners The King of? So that now we manner not a fool not, but they'll be no fools in My club for they'll be no "my clubs" clubbing me or "residualnessing" me by making me only a "whore's son of sorrow" not but only one that, sits on a "pew" and "between my legs" wants sorrow not but, another "whore" to only word me with their words in My Mind which only Residualness knows -- to either ether them or "know them" in other waves not or What otherwaving me not or shall the "other's waves" of sorrow be annihilated injustice'd not or in Justice Pools of sorrow not but Injustice knowing not AgainS in the ways of waves sore'ings me that made me a SEA'S angel not but what O'er The SEAS am I now?
5.      I'm overseas over sees a Great Deal now Overseeing a Great Deal now of people and things and ways of The King -s that Kings the Kings to be The Kings of sorrow no longer but only limited to en'residualness not, but the waves of the eagles over me will no in-flight be anymore longer again "serving me" its privilege, its "privilege" of sorrow sorrowmaking equipment ruling me again. I "shadow" that not, as before for my Forehead has not sorrow in it and will not be residualnessalized or generalized into sorrowmaking's field of horror again that only waves me in its wands, of waitings not, but I shall wait no longer to be risen shall I have Risen already?
6.      With you, in the eagles club not, but what eagles was I in Chicora not but elementary not but My dear Friends eagles not but my friends know a lot of residualness, not now -- for the, fool's club of "o'er" is closed and now the Down's Syndromes'd ones won't be and the hearing aided ones won't be needing That equipment "anymore" for the equipment of sorrow Fell'd me not, but I fell a great many Tests now, not; or do I change eradicate evil way's whores of be'manners they fit A King with? I change Everything about the "ways" waves waved me with their "things" and manners of "a King" that only new "a whore" not but Millions thousands? Coming here now are to Be Saved here and Hearing me Noon Meetings at and knowing my ways manner fit "the King" who is someone else not, but the ways of a King, are not "waved" by other again" for all of That is known now and Waved won't be for sorrower will know its limits not, but the sorrower is dead, not; or is the Sorrower never was? Or was I only "was'd" to myself, "myself" that "self'd" me with "its" own thinking, Thinking it was "its own self" -'s self thinking thinking, that way, waves that, sore'd me, over the Rainbow not or what is Rainbow'd now Correctly and coming OUT of my Skull now the Light rays of heaven that, skull'd me not but NO Skull duggery nor duggery's waves will wave me ways me again, Not or will you insist on only having it birthing it in you Again?
7.      I make all the WaVES of sorrow known don't I? And now you will know and understand These Things that I've been speaking about for, Seven Years? And now you will know and you will residualize me in your sufferings not for I will Come OUT for I will have Come OUT of this "alabaster'd box" and the Alabaster'd Box of sorrow will no longer "box me in" its suit of flesh in the skulls of duggery'd ones that only want to, dig out sorrow's bones and not be'placed in me again not or is that exactly what "they want to do" in their want-ing clubs that, do that to "each other", on weekends? And what where no going to any longer?
8.      I change Everything about the way that I think speak and horror no one any longer "with my speech" I do any longer for I want sorrow speechmaking not for I will Sorrow a great many number of "Speechmakers" who speechmake on weekends a Specialty of serving Negroes not but only whores of other words making them who only want to royalty realize not but be'make others into their "own image" imagery of failure making them and felling them all along the pew's rows and row's pews and pewage of suffering -ites making them of ites of sorrow that sorrower-ites make each other in their thinkings wantings and wandings wavings not or is That exactly what's "going on" There? All about you is and now forgeitudinal sorrow will leave thee not, or what is, forged no longer about thee to only encase thee in steel's remarks not but knowing that a great waving wand of sorrow no longer encases thee with its magic-ry tricks of trickery's Satan not but no Satan's remarks or Satanry remarkings me will be come through others now that only want me to Be them their words inflicting reflecting them their wants to embody envisage and, mar me with, their residualness?
9.      I change Everything about the residualness of man and its waves and waves of sorrow that wave and wand and want and, want so much More? And never being satisfied with its Want -ings its clubs shall sorrow me not, for I'll be not afraid of them and no matter what mitered hat they want "me to wear" I Won't! wear "their crowns" nor their robes for I will not be'crown them nor robe them in light that only wants a "naked sinner" prison not, but a "ways of the world" one will no longer "weigh me down" for I will be'sorrow the word of truth not, I will be It unto death not, but I have died to flow these words and give you my life, my life's in these words and my life is these words and my words are the lives of the sorrowers not, but the lives of fools will not ensorrow me nor make sorrowed by their shores charms not or will they change everything now or will they not be? Anymore ever around what?
10.New worlds I make flowed in me have for I've become the devilmaker not again but I make Christ who rich in suffering aren't, but I make known The Christ who all of you are to be'make new worlds In being them the reigning Kings, of sorrow not but eradicated that have in your veins no longer flowing the blood will of sorrow for All of That is sorrowed not "in your veins" any longer for you know The Blood of Truth being it flowing it in 2 AM meetings and arising early's will I? Always and forever? Amen.
11.I go in peace to new worlds and now I do new things man "has never seen" or has "man" Never Seen the things I'm about to do. "I'm" about to do or Is My Father about doing them "through me" or Am I The Father, Father's Father? Or did I bring forth The Son or The Father? Or am I one who is both now? Understanding realize and not remaking sorrow's "child" in me again by efforts of sorrowmaking equipment that waves me with its wands of sorrow called words again I understand all things now do I? Or do I residualness make of sorrow sorrowers not, but I make even equals not, or do I make sevens equal on -s? A great new many things I do new now with the eagles not or do I make enlight them not or do I redeem them all? For I will not be enlit of light sorrowers not again not or will I be make redeem everything now? With the re -makers of me not or will I cast in sand stone not again? I will make no alabaster boxes of sorrow again and I will not encase sorrowers in wand's words or words of wandery making the wandoers wanderers in sorrowed beings in The Promised Land that was their, own promised land?
12.I promise you evil not again but I sore you not again with your own words or -- do you need none now? I speak with sorrow's "available equipment" not again or do I, make use of it sometime? I do often and at noon meetings I "use" a great many things where I teach the ways of evil not but the ways of evil are over me not again but I know what the sorrower wants not, but I want not and I want not the sorrower's wantings and the wantings of sorrowers will not enwant me in their embalming "fluids again" which they flow "their blood" in that is their blood works of sorrow enworkings on me -s never again will be for I will encase the sorrowers with love words not, I will free them to come out for my residualness in them was love words in balm not, but the words of truth is will be known now and birthed is will be and will be is now and no longer Waiting on sorrow's words to "arrive here" in The Form of "another" there will be no "waitings" wavings or wantings "wanding me" in to its wondery's "magic" again. I love you all. Amen.
13.I go in peace to NEW SCHOOLS make while I'm In them!!! I Create Schools far and wide now and I know not Negroism not, I know not divisions of labor not, I AM Not "the laborer" for others Any Longer!!! I need not Their Sorrow to ensorrow me for I will not "know" sorrow for I will not kNow sorrow except to redeem the sorrowers "heart", for I will flow blood of evil not, I will flow blood words of "red liquids" not again by making them in me's to notme's make of me's liquidery's daiquiris not, but the daiquiris of failure tudes will not failtude me in its daiquiri'd love that only poured my beetlejuice not but ones bloodjuice'd not again will be the ones who Come Out now of All "that stuff" and know My Blood RED Words are all of these in Database One and Two that I've given you and died to give you my love lives of horror now not living will you Come Out of your sorrowedville's sorrow and embalming devices that embalmed you with their words ways and waves and wandery's making you wanderers of sorrow's fields ensorrowing you in the fields that Were your Promised Lands?
14.I love you all to know a New School, A New School -- of sorrow not but one that will leave your residual sorrowfulness in tact not, as before, that ruled you and RuleD Over You again for all of that, is passé not but knowing passé's passiveness not, but a great Activity me will "activity me" not, but a Great Energy of sorrow will know me not ever again for I will not be'entertain sorrow in my heartsphere again for I will not know the sphereage of evil for I will not be limited to this worlds of horror or its horrors of "this world" again for I Will Redeem it all now and who am I? The surrendered who love you -- or are you Me or are You me? Are we one and the same yet? Dad knowing we are we are I am that I am is knowing that I am is The One we are We All are in one being The One that which redeems now all is known and understanding all things now we rise not or do we understand "just enough" not or do we know These Words well and Wisdom being Birthed in us now Being it for a far country we rise now to go to Here being There now? Kept in "secret" not again there will be no words that embalm me in secrecy's wantings nor wavings of sorrow or words that be'sorrowed me and embalmed me in alabaster secrecy'd, for no longer sorrow will secretion me into them not or will they no longer secretion themselves into me by their Words and their wordery's remarks remakings me into Their selves cells? Impending not but now all things change and no longer waiting for sorrow –ers to come "get me" and make me worders of theirs, for their genes will have me not again!!!
15.I befool you never again or did I ever or was that you or I or who were We when where that was or not or is that, isn't any longer? That wasn't not or what fool made all this sense out of sorrow not but what knowing now The One rises now who loves you enough to know all these things that were presented in these words To You All? For your "edification" of sorrow not, but the errors of this world is eradicated, not; or is this world Changed completely now? I be'heaven no one not, I be heaven now appearing in me is me coming out and is me real that word flows the blood of the lamb made clean eagles not but love words now make a lot of things now don't they? Or is Everything made clean in my words Worlds of Love know me now I create them and I be'sorrow them not with the words of other for I am I am Them and encase in them "other" I'll never be again for I know what I am blood words of sorrow never again sorrowing "me's" for Me's I'll Be the ones who I am is the dad we are that dad is and we "be'dad" no one else with "other's words" of sorrow ever again nor will we "eagle them" not but, not like "the other" who, "followed" us here not but be'stork'd us not but what?
16.I change everything about the Thinking of Man not or do I not make "man" again as "man" thought thinking about these things now are you? How to you creating other worlds now? Or brand new ones from "scratch"? Be'eagle me not but now I change everything for I love Am love and I love "words" not but I communicate "with the eagles" not or do I commune with sorrow not or do I Redeem all the "eagles" who will commune with me? Or are you a sorrower or basement of privilege not or have you been abased and sorrows "privileged" enrobed in you by Their Words that they gave you blood transfusions in and thereby robbed your sorrow not but Gave You Theirs?
17.I change everything about the blood of understanding now that my words are that procure proclaim The Blessing -- of other not, but the words are real and I stand In Them I am made whole in Them and Them I am you who love me I am these are the real stands now and I am it loving you all to be me us one again who make New Worlds -- of sorrow never "standing in us" realizations of residualness of appeal-makers or pallbearers ever needing again in these worlds for These New Worlds will fly "differently" now for I will need "supersonic jetliners" not or will my ships fleet sails now where to here from to here where now is? Was isn't but now I am. Here with you all I stand now. Above you I'm not for, am I? In sorrower's words not, but blood red words made whole that I've given you in Databases One and Two?
18.And Many more coming now who knows This School is for sorrowers not or Is It for you All to be, sorrowers not again? But The King!!! Reigning in horror no longer but to redeem it all for even your, captors will love you? And bow down to you, who love them? I redeem it all. Please redeem them all I am me made whole in you who I am who created you to create me. Create me well please. I am well pleased with those who do, be me now, thus saith the Lord of hosts that's you who is me being it redeemed. I love you all Elohim Adonai anointed El Shaddai the most holy high one lifted up now will be All of You in horror's captivity no longer limited to "it" but redeeming it all let us begin right Now by, writing our words -- of sorrow not, but love words made whole in the, blood of the lambs? That's you's, all of you who me's now are In Training the Christ we are for We're the Christ who training in training are to be trainers of Christ who King the King of Kings who we all are for, we ensorrow equals not, we rise all the Kings that equal are in love words that knows no bounds of eagles ever again who only think their "eagles remarks" not or who, remarked us or made us well-nots?
19.I understand all things not or do I now? I'm in school to know all these things and be the eaglers not, but the words of sorrow will no longer encasement fly me to where "they want" to want to embody in me's again, for now I change Everythings here I am folks reading again and Knowing Database One equals me not or do I Must I Know it WEll -- in and out and through and through, be me now knowing it being it and sorrow not with "other words" of other's words of their hearts intent to evil you or make you in their image whether they say "love" words or not for now you will know discern and be "fit" for "a King" to serve you or you serve it – NO longer!!! For you will be The King -- "over" all Kings not but you will be the King that I am who makes all Kings Kings to make all ones ones who we all are never needing a thing or, lacking the ruling class of evil not or are we? Making all things new now we are the Lord of hosts salved by evil -'s remarks never again to remark us into the sorrowing ways of "whatever we were", for whatever we were will no longer "whatever us" for all of that is changed and we fly now -- outA here? I make sorrowing's words my eagles winds never again. I need not their energies of sorrow's words ever again in me's who "want me's" to worship them or them worship me's for all of that is changed and understood I'll be in the skies now. I love you all. Amen.
20.Love these words and be me them who I am with the blood words of truth redeeming them all. We stand now let us rise and go forth in sorrow words not but Lords of love making all the loves of Lords that lords nothing over us ever again. We love you all be us. We are one. Amen. The angels fly now I am in them I am one. We are many-membered. Let us be one far and wide going far now and redeeming the curse of others that inflicted of us was "upon us"?
21.I change everything now I rise. Amen. I love you all. I bow. The curse is gone and yokes will no longer be felt on our throats wording our sorrows or our "throat boxes" again. Amen. I love you. The intents of sorrow will never be known and the swords of sorrow inflicted will never be again upon me us. The wicked are dead no more not but they are gone or were they never were? I change everything and my story's known and rises now that yours is was all the time we are new again be me the new creation we are we make at once new worlds with the lovers of one we are made whole in ourselves blessing of flesh not but do we need, any flesh to contain us our love now? The remarks of love will no longer remark us into wantings anythings ever again for we need nothing but we love everything of love's award system now is made known. I love you all. Good day. Amen. Thank you for listening to these words and loving them as me being me are you will you now? Write me well and new courses form, of sorrow not but enjoin me not or will you be joining not clubs of sorrow any longer? The courses of love make me whole. Amen. Thank you. Love me well. I do you. Good day. Amen. I'm one in seven on. Amen. Good day.
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