"May the God of Shalom, who through the Blood of the Eternal Covenant brought back from the dead our Adonai Yeshua, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Yeshua Mashiach, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen."
(Heb.13: 20-21)

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Reception of Jews in Poland 1096
Making the Obvious, Obvious
This following article written by Sara Blicharz is another attempt to make the obvious, obvious. Shortly after I and my wife made Aliyah in 1998, I began to see and more understand that the world view and anti Israel forces have managed to place men and women into the highest office(s) in Israel. But God forbid that they would ever go so far as to actually begin doing all that the world has done to the Jewish people over the past twenty five hundred years. But the truth is that is exactly what has been happening through the media in Israel as well as the leadership of Israel. It started to become clear that every man or woman that opposed following the "new world order" kind of thinking. Was dealt with in various ways. Many even met with untimely deaths, which were blamed on almost everything you can imagine.
My parents told me many stories of how during the dark years of the reign of Nazism there were Jews that joined forces with the enemy to destroy the Jewish people. One of the books I have in my library at home is titled I.B.M. and the holocaust. This book presents overwhelming evidence that the authorities in Hitler's days used the latest technology in order to gather their needed information to identify the Jewish people in Europe, and then used this information in the future to round up the Jews and bring them in for extermination. Some of the people involved in this procedure also were outwardly identified as being Jewish, but their actions proved to be quite traitorous. The book of Jeremiah tells of a story where a Jew from royal household of Israel was actually used by the enemy to remove the Jewish people from the land of Israel, you can read this story in beginning in Jeremiah chapter 40 and on. Or you can turn to today's news of events in Israel and see a similar plan being devised again today.
The frightening facts about all of this that the obvious was quite obvious. That being that there was a calculated plan being worked out to evict Jews from their homes, to congregate them into a suitable location so that they could be exterminated. The Lord has been speaking to me and showing me that this exact program is in progress right now, once again. The tragic thing is the body of Christ has been lulled to sleep and tricked and cannot see what is happening.
What are some of the ways the body of Messiah is being tricked into inaction?
1) being drawn into political/governmental committees, that require them making allegiances which are totally contrary to scripture: such as Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, one of the requirements to be on this "caucus" is to agree to this statement "The caucus condemns and refuses alliances with any groups that pursue the conversion of Jews to Christianity." http://www.knesset.gov.il/lobby/eng/LobbyPage_eng.asp?lobby=41
2) being deceived by false umbilical teaching which says "Jews do not need Jesus to be saved" or otherwise known as two covenant theology. There very large ministries in America and around the world which are teaching this heresy and it has so weaken the gospel amongst hundreds of thousands of followers of Yeshua Messiah.
3) some of these ministries are actually raising multiple millions of dollars from members of the body of Messiah and then giving these funds to anti-Christ organizations in Israel which in turn use these funds to fight the Messianic body in Israel and weaken the message of the gospel in various ways.
God knows our ability to gather round the altar of the Lord in prayer for the people and the land of Israel has been greatly diminished by our joining ourselves to the world in various ways. I love the quote from Catherine Booth which goes like this: "
"When the church and the world can jog comfortably along
together, you can be sure something is wrong. The world has not
compromised - its spirit is exactly the same as it ever was. If
Christians were equally as faithful to the Lord, separated from the
world, and living so that their lives were a reproof to all ungodliness,
the world would hate them as much as it ever did. It is the church
that has compromised, not the world."
Please read this following article and go before the throne of grace in repentance for the ways in which we the body have compromised. Israel is in grave danger. Why? Because it has become "a house divided against itself" and it will not be able to stand unless we in the body of Messiah join ourselves to Messiah Yeshua in unity of His spirit and begin to pray and repent. The Lord will most certainly respond to such prayer and rescue Israel in due time.
        Finally, Israel Gets It!
by Sara Blicharz
November 27, 2009  

  I have been conspicuously alone in pointing out the racist, anti-Jewish nature of policies that require the evacuation of Israelis from Gaza, Judea and Samaria and, more lately, the halts on building and repairing homes and businesses owned by Jews in Jerusalem.   Finally, someone in Israel has figured this out and called the policies advocated by Barack Obama and the international elite what they are.  "Israeli law does not discriminate between Jews, Muslims and Christians or between eastern and western Jerusalem," said Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat. "The demand to halt construction by religion is not legal in the United States or in any other free place in the world. I do not presume that any government would demand to freeze construction in the United States based on race, religion or gender, and the attempt to demand it from Jerusalem is a double standard and inconceivable."

Barkat was responding to Obama's remarks on Fox News Channel about the approval of 900 new apartments in the southern Jerusalem community of Gilo as "settlement activity," suggesting, irrationally and irresponsibly, that it justified Palestinian violence. The Palestinian Authority quickly adopted Obama's line to rationalize future terrorist attacks.  However, even the most appeasing Israelis – people like Shimon Peres – see Gilo, with its existing population of 30,000 Jews right in the heart of the Israeli capital, as undisputedly Israeli territory, land that will never be negotiated away.  It's clear now Obama, like the Muslim world, doesn't believe any Israeli territory is beyond dispute.   This is what I have been saying and writing since 2004.

When the Palestinian Authority demanded that all Jews leave Gaza in anticipation of declaring it to be part of a future Palestinian state, the world did not notice the implications.   Why would Jews not be welcome living in a Palestinian state?    Because the Palestinian leadership is racist.    Why would blatant ethnic cleansing of this sort be embraced by the world when ethnic cleansing in other parts of the world is roundly denounced? Why is there an exception made for Jews? Why is it OK to remove Jews from their homes and businesses in the Middle East? Why is it acceptable to forbid Jews from building and repairing homes and businesses on the basis of their religion? How can this be tolerated, let alone condoned and championed as progressive policy by people like Obama?

What would you say if I told you the United States is backing a plan to uproot forcibly people from their homes because they are Muslim?    You would probably be incredulous  .........    You would probably be shocked  ........    You would probably be outraged ......   And you would be right.  Well, rest assured there was no plan backed by the United States to uproot forcibly peaceful Muslims from their homes anywhere in the world.   There was, however, a plan to do just that to several thousand peaceful Jews, many of whom have lived for a generation in thriving communities – showcases of prosperity and freedom for their neighbors.

This anti-Semitic ethnic cleansing plan was known as the "disengagement" plan in Gaza and parts of the West Bank.  There is only one reason these people were displaced – because they are Jews in a land where Jews are not welcome.   And the world condoned it.  In May, Obama announced he would be taking what he and his administration referred to as "a more balanced approach to Middle East policy."    I explained what that meant.  "It means the U.S. government is now using its clout with Israel to insist Jews, not Israelis, mind you, but Jews, be disallowed from living in East Jerusalem and the historically Jewish lands of Judea and Samaria, often referred to as the West Bank," I wrote. "I want you to try to imagine the outrage, the horror, the outcry, the clamoring, the gnashing of
teeth that would ensue if Arabs or Muslims were told they could no longer live in certain parts of Israel – let alone their own country."

"The Nazis had a word for what Barack Obama declared in the United Nations General Assembly last week," I wrote. "When a city or a district or a nation was 'clean of Jews,' it was pronounced 'Judenrein.' The goal of the Nazis was, of course, for all of Europe to be cleansed of Jews – then the whole world."
Was I being harsh?     Not if you understand the nature of Obama's demand for an end to "Israeli settlements" in Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem – and, now apparently, the entire city.   Since Obama took office in January, the U.S. government has greatly increased pressure on Israel to halt any and all of the following:
  • building of new homes and businesses by Jews in these areas;
  • building additions on existing homes and businesses by Jews in these areas;
  • repairing of existing homes and businesses by Jews in these areas;
Why would the U.S. government want to stop Jews from building homes and businesses in lands that have been under Israel's control for the last 42 years and a part of Israel's history for the last 3,000 years?   Because the U.S. government has predetermined that these lands are going to be part of a future Palestinian state – one that will be conspicuously Jew-free.  In other words, Barack Obama is in favor of an ethnic-cleansing operation – one that will eventually require the forcible removal of all Jews, no matter how long they have lived in these areas, no matter what they paid for their properties no matter what.  I'm gratified to see an Israeli awakening to what has been the plan from the beginning.   Jews in the Middle East are starting to get the picture – if a little late !

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