What a glorious destiny for the House of God, the Ladder Jacob saw in his dream.

See how this ladder vision is brought out in the first chapter of the Gospel of John. You will recall how amazed Nathanael was when the Lord remarked how He had seen him under the fig tree. Actually the Lord may have been miles away at the time, and Nathanael knew that. How could this be? But Jesus said: "thou shalt see greater things than these. Verily, verily, I say unto you, hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man. " (John 1:50 51).
In other words, Jesus was saying, "Nathanael, this miracle you have seen is nothing. You haven't seen anything yet. The time is at hand when the Son of Man shall fulfill the type of Jacob's ladder. His feet shall stand on earth, and His Head shall reach even unto Heaven; and the angels of God shall ascend and descend upon Him. "

Now there is only one way by which the angels of God could ascend and descend upon the Son of Man; and that is, if the Son inhabits Heaven and earth at the same time. And such is the case. The Son of Man is the glorious and wonderful fulfillment of Jacob's ladder; and no wonder Jacob called the place "Bethel", for this is the House of God of which we speak, even the Body of Christ. The Head is in Heaven but the Body is upon earth: and according to the Scriptures the Head hath sent forth the celestial hosts as ministering spirits. ministering to such as shall be heirs of salvation, ascending and descending upon the Son of Man, this "new Man" that Paul speaks about, 'created in Himself of twain. " It is Christ in the fulness of His people. The heavens are now open to His people, the Body, even as it was to Him the Head, there at the River Jordan that eventful day.

The question arises: When and how do we come into this glorious place? By faith we have it now. We claim it in His Name! But in actual experience any honest hearted child of God will admit that the heavens have not yet been open to him, and that he does not yet dwell in that place beyond the veil where Jesus, our Fore-runner, "is for us entered. " (Heb. 6 :20). Some may argue that Jesus did not receive his Melchisedec priesthood until after He was resurrected and ascended into heaven. But I declare that he had a priestly ministry even during his earthly life. And we too have a priesthood ministry on this earth. Rev. 1:5 6 says: "Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, and hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father. " Also the Lamb "hast made us unto our God kings and priests; and we shall reign on the earth. " (Rev. 5:10).

Now, we honestly admit that we are not yet beyond the veil, in the heavenlies. We have not yet entered into our priestly ministry in full, nor do we reign as Kings, but just as surely as Jesus came to the River Jordan and set the Pattern, just as surely shall the true Body of Christ follow that Pattern. Hebrews 6:20 says that He is our forerunner, indicating that we are to follow Him into the Holiest. By faith we enter into that place now, but in actual experienced this is still ahead of us. How far ahead I cannot say, but I feel that it is very near. For already the Body of Christ is nearing maturity, dispensationally the time is at hand.

"For even now, saith God, the Son is approaching the waters of Jordan, the figurative waters of death. For there must be a dying out, a complete death to self and the old ways, that I might bring thee into thy heavenly inheritance. For my prophet, my anointed ministry for this hour, is already sounding forth the trumpet call for my people to repent of their religious hypocrisy and forsake that which is dead and turn thou unto Life, to the way of the Living God. Submit thou to my Word, and to my ministry in the earth, that 1 might bring thee up out of the waters of Jordan unto a glorious freedom and victory that thou hast never known. " Glory to Jesus!

How do we come into this experience? Friends, this must come by an act of the Grace of God. You cannot think, believe, work, or even pray your way in. But you can pray, believe and be ready for Him when He comes to His people. For this day shall come suddenly, and if you are still hanging around the synagogues of Jerusalem, you will miss what is happening at Jordan. Come out into the wilderness, my people, into the glorious wilderness where you can learn to die out to self. Where He can prune your branches and bring forth Fruit in your life. For it is the fruit bearers who shall come into this glorious place in God.

Can your mind comprehend even in a measure what this shall be like, to be in the place Jesus was in? To have dominion over the elements, the beasts, the birds, even over the strongest of devils and the worst of diseases. Yes, even victory over death itself, the last enemy to be conquered.

Some claim now to have already conquered death, when they are still afraid of a bad dog, or an attack of the flu. My friends, death is the last enemy to be conquered. But fall it must, before the mighty power of God working through His Church, His body. And Jesus said that the works that He did, we would do also (John 14:12).

This power is not given for us to feed ourselves with bread from the stones, or for sensationalism to make people notice us, or to get a kingdom for ourselves. Jesus was tempted with these things, and He overcame them. And so will those who follow His pattern. Glory to God! What a destiny! How marvelous the plan of God! How glorious the path of those who walk with God!

These things are being shown to us so that we will be willing to follow Him in His wilderness journey to Jordan. Willing to die with Him in the chilly waters. That we might come up from this death into a glorious ministry of Life and Power and authority such as the world has never seen since Jesus made the Pattern.

-an excerpt from "Jesus, the Pattern Son" -by Bill Britton