Like Yoga Without the Yoda


What Yoga does, WholyFit improves on by adding the benefits of Scripture memorization and a Biblically Christ center-ed basis.

Endorsements for mind-body wellness activities from political, medical and scientific authorities say that Yoga-type exercise relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and heart rate and improves cardiovascular endurance.  (University of Minnesota Alternative Medicine Center)  It is gentle exercise and stress management that does all that - not the philosophies behind Yoga.

WholyFit provides all the benefits of Yoga without Yoga philosophies.  Yoga teachings do contradict the teachings of Jesus.   Yoga pushes a belief system much like that seen in the movie, Star Wars.   Yoda, the cute character in the film, teaches that god is an impersonal  "Force"  containing both good and evil.  Yoda (and Yoga) teaches that this "Force" can be controlled and manipulated.  Yoda is a loveable character, but Yoda's god is not our God.  Yoga's god(s) are not the same God Jesus believed in and taught us about through His life and His death.

Our God, the One True and Living God desires a very personal relationship with each of us.  Unlike Yoga's "Universal spirit", our God loves each of us in such an intimate and passionate way that He gave His Only Son for us.  We don't seek to control God, instead Jesus taught us to submit to Our Heavenly Father and trust Him with our lives.  For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life.


Trial Class Free- try a class and decide.  We're sure you'll love it.

Cost: 1 day per week - choose either Mon., Wed. or Sat.
$25 for 1 semester of classes for the day you have chosen to attend.  (1 semester = 6 classes)

2 days per week - choose 2 days: Mon/Wed or Wed/Sat or Mon/Sat
$50 for 1 semester of classes on the same two days.   (1 semester = 6 weeks)  You get a free t-shirt!

3 days per week - Full Use: Come to any class at any time
$75 for 1 semester of classes   (1 semester = 6 weeks)  You get a free t-shirt!

DROP IN:  $15 per class

Certified Instructors: Free

Scholarships Available - contact Laura@wholyfit.org or Pam@wholyfit.org

What if you miss a class?
Aim to succeed at your fitness goals!  Studies show that you will be more consistent if you commit to a specific class for a defined amount of time.  Sorry, there are no pro-rations, no make-up classes and no substitutions.  We keep it simple to eliminate administration.  Even if you miss a couple classes during a semester WholyFit is still the best deal in town at $4 a class. Make checks payable to WoodsEdge Church.

A release form must be signed before your first class, so please come early.  Classes begin right on time.  Thank you.

MONDAY 7:00pm*
 (*Mondays childcare provided. Wednesdays childare provided by request - contact Laura@wholyfit.org)

SCHEDULE - Tentative -please check your emails each week

Feb 14   Tommy and Laura
Feb 21:  Tommy and Laura
Feb 28:  Michelle
Mar 7:    Laura
Mar 14   To Be Detirmined (Spring Break) 
Mar 21   To Be Detirmined (Spring Break) 
Mar 28   Laura
April 4    Laura
April 11  No Class (Easter weekend)
April 18  Laura

Teacher:  Pam Collins
New semester begins Feb 23
For Schedule email Pam@wholyfit.org


Feb 18  Laura
Feb 25  Laura
Feb 4    Laura
Feb 11  Laura
Feb 18  To Be Detirmined
Feb 25  To Be Detirmined
Mar 4    Laura
Mar 11  Laura
Mar 18 To Be Detirmined (Spring Break) 

For one on one classes with Laura email her at wholyfit@live.com or laura@wholyfit