We are writing you this morning from Gitchi Gumee (Lake Superior) at a park on the shorline near Marquette MIchigan.  We are on our way to Minnesota to the White Earth Reservation for a week long gathering at the Strawberry Lake Christian Retreat Center.

Last Wednesday we had our first Michigan gathering at Mike Peter's 4Fires Ministries in Grand Rapids.  Creator touched many hearts and refreshed spirits and healed bodies.

On Sunday morning we were at Freedom House in Charleviox Michigan.  Creator rekindled vision and spoke encouragement to many hearts.

On Sunday night we shared at the Historic Greensky Hill church in Charleviox.  The following is an email we received from the pastor.


Dear RainSong,

Your ministry at Greensky Hill was wonderful.   Your music and storytelling, fueled by Creator's Spirit,  opened up the lives of those present to receive Jesus' love in new ways.   We will never be the same - Praise God!   You are welcome back any time.  

May you continually discover the Good  Path of Grandfather as you journey onward.

Chi Mii Gwetch,

Tim Wright, pastor
Greensky Hill Indian Mission United Methodist Church

On Tuesday we gathered at the Old Foursquare Indian church in Petoskey Michigan.  House of Prayer intercessors meet weekly there.  They invited us because the Holy Spirit had been speaking to them about the First Nations people and the issues of injustice on the land.  The Holy Spirit met us in a powerful way and the leaders and other said they felt a shift in the spiritual atmosphere as we sang and prayed with our First Nations style music.

Thank you for your prayers!