Attention Writers!

Who remembers Funny Fridays?  I got a notice that Chicken Soup for the Soul is looking for stories for their upcoming book: Celebrating Life's Embarrassing Moments and I immediately thought of our Funny Friday stories!  I miss our Funny Fridays and would love to bring them back when I get more time.  I encourage anyone who wrote stories for FF to think about submitting them to Chicken Soup!  The deadline is December 31 of this year, so we have plenty of time.  I've been having a great time re-reading them today!  I plan to spiff some of mine up and submit them to Chicken Soup this week. 

Our Funny Friday archives are here:  If you just want a good laugh, enjoy!  If you are the author of one of the FF stories, I encourage you to submit it!  Remember, all stories are copyrighted by their authors. Only submit your own work.  I noticed with some of my 2TheHeart "remodeling", some of the paragrahs and line breaks are all skittywampus now, so I will work on lining them back up!

The CS link is:  Maybe you have a new story to share there - I would love to see more of our 2TheHeart authors get published! We have many wonderfully gifted writers at  The following is the description of the Embarrassing Moments book:

Celebrating Life's Most Embarrassing Moments
We have all been involved in embarrassing situations. You know - something happens to you and you just want to disappear! This collection of funny and upbeat true stories will make you realize that it’s okay to laugh at yourself! The deadline for story submissions is December 31, 2008.

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