“The Real Deal” !!  Muay Thai CERTIFICATION Camp !!
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Muay Thai Certification Camp -- The “Real Deal”
2010 April 13-19
Muban Chom Bueng Rajabhat University - Muay Thai College, Thailand. 
Conducted during the Thai New Year – April 2010 !!
Discount Registration - March 15, 2010
In 2004, Rajabhat University, under the direction of Dr. Chanchai Yombit, started the first Muay Thai College.
The syllabus was authorized by the Ministry of Education, Thailand. 
In 2009, the first time in history 14 graduates (including one woman) earned a PhD in Muay Thai. 
The emphasis is to bring the culture of Muay Thai back to Thailand’s schools, Colleges and Universities. 
In an attempt to maintain Muay Thai History. The Muay Thai College Director, Kru Jaratdet Urit has written and
published one of the Muay Thai text books used at the University today.  He has been accredited as “Teacher of the year”. 
Kru Vut Kamnark a former student of these two legends has now joined forces with them, as “International Director” of the College. 
Kru Vut founder of the United World Muay Thai Assoc. (U.W.M.T.A.) lived in America for 17 years. 
Has traveled internationally regarding Muay Thai and has conducted more than 100 Muay Thai Camps. 
He was one of the most well known fight promoters in the U.S. He worked closely with the California State Athletic Commission
towards bringing proper rules and regulations to Muay Thai fights in America.
The Muay Thai College was designed initially for Thai Nationals. Connecting with Kru Vut has given them vision to bring
“The Real Deal” to the world.  The Muay Thai Certification Camps will open up a door for International students and
Instructors to obtain certification from Thailand with the highest standard of credibility through the Ministry of Education.
You can be apart of Muay Thai History !! 
Seven Day Camp Itinerary -- Muay Thai Schedule !!
2010 April 13-19
Day 1                               15:00 – Registration/Check In 
   17:00 – Site Tour
   19:00 – Opening Ceremony
Day 2 – 3 – 4                   07:30 – 10:30 – T/ T (Training/ Testing)
   11:00 – 12:00 – Brunch
   12:00 – 15:00 – R & R (Rest & Relax)
   15:00 – 18:00 – T/ T
   19:00 – 21:00 – Dinner
Day 5                               07:30 – 10:30 – T/ T
   11:00 – 12:00 – Brunch
   12:00 – 15:00 – R & R
   15:00 – 17:00 – Prep for Fight Show
   17:00 – Fight Show
Day 6                               08:00 – 10:00 – Training
   11:00 – 12:00 – Blessing Ceremony
   12:00 – 15:00 – R & R
   15:00 – 17:00 – Training
   18:00 – 23:00 – Certification Banquet
Day 7                               08:00 – 10:00 – Breakfast
   10:00 – 12:00 – Departure
WILL you join this Muay Thai FAMILY ?? 
Can you HELP us promote the Camp ?? 
Pricing – Camp Cost – Registration … Amazing !!
2010 April 13-19
Pricing Includes:  Accommodation, One meal, Training (2 X’s daily) 
Cultural show, Muay Thai fights, Certification ceremony and more…  
SINGLE:                           $ 995.00 USD
Single twin bed, individually controlled air conditioning,
shower, television, refrigerator, wireless internet access 
DOUBLE:                         $ 900.00 USD
Two twin beds, individually controlled air conditioning,
shower, television, refrigerator, wireless internet access 
GROUP:                           $ 800.00 USD
Large room with up to 5 single beds, individually controlled
air conditioning, shower, television, refrigerator, wireless internet access 
M.T. AGENT:                   $ 200.00 USD
What is a Muay Thai Agent??
M.T. Agent is one who organizes a group of 7 or more (at $ 800.00 USD) 
Becoming an Agent drastically reduces your cost.  You will enjoy the entire camp
for almost nothing, wow! Accommodating two large rooms, up to 5 single beds
per room, individually controlled air conditioning, shower, television,
refrigerator, wireless internet access
ALL prices include:
A/C room, brunch , water, fruit, Internet access, one on one Muay Thai Training and Instruction,
testing, certification, celebration of Thai New Year, Thai cultural shows, opportunity to fight in or
work for ‘fight show’, Banquet including special awards and prizes
Prices do NOT include:
Airfare, ground transportation, some evening meals
Everyone must REGISTER by March 15, 2010 = Must send deposit of $ 100.00 USD
NOTE: Deposit is a NON-refundable 
If you pay in full and are unable to attend
We will return monies, minus non-refundable deposit
More DISCOUNTS on the Camp … You CAN Do It !!
2010 April 13-19
1. Pay In Full (PIF) by March 15, 2010 and receive additional 15% discount
2. M.T. Agent could share their discount with their group. 
3. Join United World Muay Thai Association in Thailand and receive:
- 10% discount on future Muay Thai Camps
- 20% Discount on Muay Thai gear/equipment
- Percentage of your Association fee sponsors children in Thailand
- News Letter from U.W.M.T.A.
- Access to PRIVATE YouTube event and training videos
- Receive a U.W.M.T.A. Patch and T-Shirt
Join U.W.M.T.A. for only $ 100.00 US per year … join the FAM !! 
Questions & Answers … Communication = Success !!
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1.    International Participants should come to Thailand (3 to 5) days before the Camp so they can get use to Thailand Time and work through any Jet Lag. 
    This would be a good time to visit the King’s Palace, go Shopping, see some Muay Thai Fights, go to Khao Saen Road and any other tourist type events. 
     We can help with this if needed.
2.    Participation Certificates and for those persons whom TEST, Instructor Certificates will be given at the Camp during the Banquet on Day 6.
3.    We will provide Transportation Costs from Bangkok to the Muay Thai Camp. Please let us know how many people are traveling to the Camp and
     we will give you contacts and pricing.
4.    We desire to develop an International Muay Thai FAMILY, stay in touch and feel free to ask any questions that you may have.
5.    Personal Travel Items, you can get almost anything in Thailand and at a cheaper price so you do not have to pack a lot and there is a
     7-11 Store almost everywhere in Thailand.
6.    Money, the best way to have money in Thailand is using an ATM Card. There are ATM machines everywhere so carrying around Travelers Checks
     and large amounts of Cash is not necessary. You can bring cash for a good exchange rate but again an ATM Card is the easiest and safest way to have money in Thailand.
7.    Things to BUY in Thailand, there are many things to buy in Thailand like: Muay Thai Gear, Thailand Crafts & Gifts, Taylor Clothes and
     remember the Amazing Thailand Massage that is under $ 10.00 USD which includes the TIP!!
8.    VISA – Passport, in most countries you will only need to get a Passport to enter Thailand. When you enter Thailand,
     you will receive a Tourist Visa for 30 days and it can be extended to 90 days. Consult your Country to find out their requirements for a Passport and please do it soon.
9.    Shots and Vaccines, we personally have not had any shots or vaccines while being in and out of Thailand for the last four years. 
     It is a personal decision and each person should research the positive and negative side effects of shots and vaccines. 
10.Ways of PAYMENT. Remember Discount Registration = March 15, 2010 and paying for the CAMP can happen by Bank to Bank transfer. 
     Transfer Funds to U.W.M.T.A. in Thailand Bank. You will talk to your Bank on how to do this and they should be able to make the transaction.  
PayPal Online via a Credit Card. Note this will be an extra cost of $ 9.00 USD for transaction fee. 
Send us your total Cost for the Camp and we will send a Money Request to you through PayPal – Muay Thai Missions.
“Doc” = 087-810-2177 inside Thailand, outside = 011-66-7-810-2177 
Zina = 086-047-7313 inside Thailand, outside = 011-66-6-047-7313 
Kru VUT = 081-308-5042 inside Thailand, outside = 011-66-1-308-5042
Magic Jack USA Phone Numbers that we can answer in Thailand. ;-) 
“Doc” & Zina = 916-222-4275 – Caifornia West Coast area.
Kru VUT = 989-486-4582 – Michigan East Coast area.
Kru Vut Kamnark/ “Doc” & Zina address:
201/346 Moo 3
Talard Bangkhaen
Laksi Bangkok 10210
12.Get In SHAPE … focus on Cardio = jumping rope, running, 100 body kicks, 100 tip kicks, 100 knees, 100 punches, 100 sit ups, 100 push ups,
      pull ups, Clinching and light sparring. Start NOW, do some hard workouts NOW and you will enjoy the camp. ;-) 
13.After the Muay Thai Camp, some of us are traveling down to Ao Nang Krabi South Thailand which is the Paradise Beach and Island part of Thailand. 
     If you want to experience Paradise then make plans now and we will try to help you.
14.Any more Questions?? Please Communicate = Success !! ;-)
Muay Boran – Father of Muay Thai – Military M.T. !!
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Muay BORAN !!
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