WholyFit Gentle Body Power:

It's better than Yoga!  Gentle Body Power is offered Monday nights at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 10am!

WholyFit's NEW Cardio Kickboxing class:  K700

YOU CAN DO THIS!  Easy to follow!   Learn real self defense!

K700 is offered 1030am Wednesdays at WoodsEdge Community Church (across from McCulough Jr. High) 3333 Panther Creek in the student center - the rock building in the back with the circular drive by the portables.

Are you tired of going to kickboxing classes where the instructor is flying off the walls and not bothering to give you a clue about what to do?  NO MORE!  K700 is the kickboxing class you've always wanted.  Lots of repetition, cueing and teaching, with non stop action that you can easily follow.  YOU CAN DO THIS!

First time free!  Tell a friend.

Join the class for $25 for 6 weeks plus a registration/membership fee of $25 for the whole year.

For more class information please go to www.wholyfit.org 

In Jesus