SEE Samson. ;-)
Please, please, please PRAY … we need HELP … thanks AMEN.
Divine Dream Team = khun RADT, khun ZINA, khun DOC & Samson (super dog). ;-)
I tried really hard to keep this short. ;-)
If you want the long version, please REPLY and ask for it.
July 2007 New Hope International Missions Team visited Zina & I in Pattaya Thailand.
Pastor Gene tells me that we should make plans to go down to Southern Thailand to
start the ministry that we were called to. At that time a YWAM magazine was give to us
and for the first time we saw the first YWAM ministry in Krabi South Thailand and we
saw khun RADT’s beautiful face in the magazine as the first South Thailand leader in Krabi.
October 2007 God moved Zina & I and Samson to Ao Nang Krabi, true step of faith and
we have been so blessed in Ao Nang Krabi. God has shown us so much, the Harvest is BIG here,
the doors for the Gospel are open to our Muslim neighbors, Ao Nang as a whole is over 80%
Muslim and God wants the FIRST Born Again Spirit Filled Church Building here so it can
be a place of refuge for those who are seeking Life to the Full. Yes, the FIRST – wow!!
December 2007 Radt links up with Zina and I to do a BIG Christ-mas celebration in her
neighborhood of Lam Tap which is about 1.5 hours away from Ao Nang Krabi. God blessed
and it was an amazing time sharing the love of Jesus with over (30) kids in a slum area.
WE are praying for ministry direction, for workers to be sent to Ao Nang Krabi South
Thailand, for God to DO His perfect will and we do NOT want to do things from our strength
and abilities but want God to DO something and we will follow His lead- amen. ;-)
July 2008 God tells khun RADT to move in with us but she makes sure it is His leading and
God has khun Zina contact khun RADT as an answer to prayer. She tells us what God is leading
her to do and in the end of July 2008 khun Radt moves into our small apartment in Ao Nang Krabi.
We now have a Divine Dream Team, together we have so much power to reach the Thai people
and God has blessed so much and we know His Kingdom and Will is FULLY coming to Ao Nang
Krabi South Thailand. Pray for us, the first YWAM National conference will be in Ao Nang Krabi
in August 2009 and this type of meeting has always brought the Power of God to the city that
YWAM leaders meet in- amen!!
Also, PRAY for Benz and Golf, Thai YWAM'ers that just got back from the USA, they will start
an English School outreach to kids in Bangkok and we are praying that they will do the same here
in Southern Thailand- amen. ;-) 
   --FIRST CHURCH ??!!--   
His Kingdom & Will on earth ... HELP please ... just $700.00 dollars - what a Deal !! ;-)
We are praying for this BUILDING = First Christian Church of Ao Nang Krabi South Thailand !!!!
(Please pray for this BUILDING, we want God's perfect Will and direction- amen and yes you
can pray for our little apartment ... we are still getting use to the creatures that visit us.)
It is a double wide building, it has two and a half floors and to the Divine Dream Team it would be
an Amazing Place to start a Church and Christian Community Outreach. With GOD we can DO It !!
$700.00 per month is the RENT,  $700.00 per month and the first Ao Nang Krabi Christian Church
can be started in South Thailand … just $700.00 per month … that is it $700.00 per month. ;-)
We need people to commit to just ONE Year, please give us ONE Year to start this Church and
bring God’s Kingdom and Will to the earth. Jesus said ask and you will receive … and if someone
asks you … you should give to that person. I am asking, please give and you will be blessed.
SEVEN People $100.00 per month.
FOURTEEN People $50.00 per month.
(28) People $25.00 per month.
(100) People $7.00 per month … you do the math. ;-)
We can do this, give to the First Christian Church in Ao Nang Krabi, just give monthly for
ONE Year and God will do the rest … please give something because You CAN Do It. ;-)
I know there are so many NEEDS … well this is a NEED and a WANT and please help.
If anything, please pray about this, please do not ignore this … please pray- amen. ;-)
REPLY if you can commit to ONE Year, many have blessed us so much, we are blessed
with Divine Supporters and this time we want to see God’s CHURCH in Ao Nang Krabi. ;-)
First Ao Nang Krabi convert to Christ ... please PRAY. ;-)
Last Monday morning, we had (2) Korean missionaries in our home, then (2) Thai Pastors surprised
us with a visit and said they wanted to pray for us. Zina and I had scheduled a Muay Thai workout
with some people we are evangelizing that live in Ao Nang but they cancelled at the last minute.
The Pastors started to pray, we prayed for one Pastor who was from Essaan and then God told
Zina and Radt to go get our Thai neighbor (khun NUNG) to who is having a baby any moment so
everyone could pray over her and the coming blessing. Great time of prayer, then the Thai Pastor
explained the Gospel to khun NUNG and she accepted Christ. Pray for this first Christian Convert
in our neighborhood, pray that Zina and Radt can disciple her and they are starting a Bible study
for such a purpose this week. Praise God, the Angels are rejoicing and we are truly blessed!!
We just had Mom's Day in Thailand ... AMAZING. ;-)
We had Mother’s Day at Church last Sunday, it was all about honoring MOM and the young people
blessed the Moms and we all asked for them to pray for us. Beautiful time in Church and again we
are so blessed- amen!!
We just had (2) Korean Missionaries visit our house and to pray with us … please pray for them.
We had a visit by (2) Korean Saints of God, they speak excellent Thai and they are serving Christ
powerfully in Thailand and God is calling them to Southern Thailand … Praise HIM!! We showed
them the building that we think could be a Church and they said some Koreans were doing business
there and it was a Christian business before. His Kingdom and Will be done- amen. ;-)
Love in His PASSION, Doc. ;-)
PS- Please step out in faith, take a little time to pray, Satan lies to us so much and the
Devil tells me all the time my prayers do not mean much. BUT Jesus always tells us the
TRUTH, He tells us to pray, to pray in His Name and God’s WILL … will be done- amen!!
The Past is behind and your future is a PRESENT
so enjoy the mercy God has given you today- amen!!
You CAN SEE Us = MAP of Ao Nang Krabi South Thailand!!
If you use the Satellite function you can see our apartment – amazing!!