"The Lord spoke with Moses saying,send out for yourself men so that they may spy out the Land".Num.13:1-2

God he is desiring men and woman who can be send out to spy there onw Land of Miracle,what you need is eyes to see,God he is saying. "Which I'M going to give to the sons of Israel"

- God has Miracle for you.

- God he is ready to give you this Miracles.

- God sees all is done.

You and me we need to have different eyesight, if we fail our selves, all our breackthrough is already provided, just stand  and walk.

Gods Says, "Go up into the Land,Negev;then Go up to the Hill country.(Num.13:17-19)

"The Lord says,

- And see what the Land is like.

- How long you have been waiting for your Miracle?

- How long you have been waiting for your breakthroug?

- How long you have been asking God for your new bigining in God?

"Open your eyes have different insight, and Different eyesight.