It's a Boy! Josiah Benjamin Hays is Born!

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 10:40 by Morning by Morning, Prayer Journey with Tommy Hays on Prayer

Morning by Morning, Saturday 4-1-06 -- It's a Boy! Josiah Benjamin Hays is Born!
Good morning, Lord Jesus. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Thank you for the birth of my son -- Josiah Benjamin Hays -- born at 6:11 p.m. on March 31, 2006 at 8 pounds, 10 ounces, 21 inches long, with curly blonde hair. Praise You for a healthy mama, a healthy baby, and a happy daddy! ...
"For this child I prayed; and the Lord has granted...

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Reclaim Your Royal Heritage : The Supernatural Power of Royalty

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 10:40 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

By Michal Ann GollVisionCast March 20061-877-200-1604 |
Welcome to our Women On The Frontlines Devotional E-mail. For those of you new to our E-mail, our previous devotionals are available for further study and meditation by accessing them through our web site in the archive file at
Wow! It's been awhile since my last devotional. So sorry about the delay, but I feel like I've been on a whirlwind of activity and heavenly downloads in the past two months. Much...

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Word of God Speak - Today's Daily Devotional

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 10:40 by Word of God Speak on Inspiration


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TODAY'S MANNA for Sunday April 2, 2006

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 10:00 by Spirit Of Truth Ministries on Inspiration

TODAY'S MANNA for Sunday April 2, 2006You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love.--Galatians 5:13 New International VersionTHOUGHTS ABOUT TODAY'S VERSE...Freedom is a wonderful gift when it is handled with responsibility. Not being under law (the Old Covenant, the...

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News Links: Monitering miles in Oregan

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 10:00 by Prophecy Connections on Prophetic

Noteworthy News LinksPossible prophecy and current event connections . . .
Gas tax on miles, not gallons, tested
PORTLAND, Ore., March 25 (UPI) -- Oregon is testing the idea of collecting highway funds through a tax on miles driven, rather than gasoline consumed.
Eighty percent of Oregon's highway money comes from its 24-cents-per-gallon gas tax. If the state promotes reducing gasoline consumption and consumers tend to buy the fuel-efficient vehicles, including hybrids, highway revenues would take a hit, The New York Times...

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Ambassadors of Grace

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 10:00 by Victoria Boyson Ministries Newsletter on Inspiration

Ambassadors of GraceVictoria
Jesus lived by a standard of love - a love for
people - not a religious system. To Christ, the church was made of people,

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Update on Joshua Mills' latest recording

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 10:00 by Partners In Praise on Christian Living

Dear Partners in Praise,
Blessings in the name of Jesus!
I have just returned this week from a ministry trip to the Arctic regions of Canada.  We had some very powerful meetings where people were saved, healed, delivered and baptized in the Holy Ghost!  Sister Jane Lowder from Calvary Campground in Ashland, Virginia accompanied me on this trip and the people were very receptive to her ministry.  We are so excited about what God continues to do all over the world!  Just a...

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Re: The New Covenant is Replacing the Old Covenant.

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 09:52 by A Chapel Of Friends on Prayer

The New Covenant is Replacing the Old Covenant.
The Holy Ghost reveals His Sealed word to those who obey Him and seek Him. The old handwritten word (OLD LETTER COVENANT) is from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation unto this day (2006). The Holy Ghost interpreting the SAME handwritten word in a new way word by word becomes the NEW COVENANT from the time one receives the revelation. 1 John 2: 7-8; 2 Corith....

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Posted Apr 1st 2006, 09:40 by A Chapel Of Friends on Prayer

It is a resurrection of your soul with Christ from the handwritten Bible Word of death to the Word interpreted  or taught by the Holy Spirit of eternal life. 2 Corith 3:5-6, 1 Corinth 15.
Moses is the entire handwritten Bible Word that is taught in carnal knowledge and wisdom and Christ is the entire handwritten Bible word from 
the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation interpreted by God in His wisdom and knowledge.

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The Gift Of Holy Hatred by Chip Brogden

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 09:37 by Visionary Advancement Strategies on Teaching/Education


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Measure Those Who Worship by Francis Frangipane

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 09:30 by Visionary Advancement Strategies on Teaching/Education


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Posted Apr 1st 2006, 09:30 by A Chapel Of Friends on Prayer

The Spiritual Revelation of Being Born Again as seed of Abraham Gal 4: 19-31.
                                   (Galatians 4: 19-31).  
Galatians 4: 19: My little children (children first born by word of letter), of whom I travail in birth AGAIN (previously born of the letter law or the handwritten word) until Christ (the engrafted word of the Holy Spirit) be formed in you. (Understood in your...

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Your Soul can enter Heavenly Jerusalem Now!!!

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 09:22 by A Chapel Of Friends on Prayer

GAL 4: 21-25.  READ about Jerusalems ...Heavenly & Earthly in the context of Sarah and Agar as COVENANTS respectively revealed in 2 Cor.3:5-6.
Revelation Meaning of Sarah and Agar.
Dearest Ones allover the world, I feel secure in the arms of the Holy Father! Please study this message that can make your soul secure by receiving the breath of the WORD of eternal life of the Holy Father by a New...

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April Newsletter

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 09:21 by We Care For You Ministries on Christian Living

Dear Friends,

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Update on Bible College - Jinja, Uganda

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 09:20 by Advancing The Kingdom on Evangelism/Missions

Dear my friend Dr. Cliff,
Be blessed more and more by the most High God.
I consider the beginning of ATK Bible College in Jinja as mustard seed which is growing from a micro-start into a big Bible College and ministry training centre co-ordinating and encouraging all other centres in East Africa.
We shall keep on improving every month and every year.
Next time I will send the students' names course grades together with their dates of completion.
Regarding the kingdom parables some students sat...

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