In Memory of Lionel 1927 - 2005

Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:44 by Faith Media Japan on Evangelism/Missions

Written July 26, 2005.
I have been so blessed with the many condolences received from around the world upon the news of my Dad's homegoing on July 19. The many precious words received have been a great encouragement to us and have sustained us through the past week.
My Father's wake July 24, and funeral service July 25, were blessed times. We had about 150 people come to the wake, and about 100 or so come to the funeral, which was all...

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Don't confuse ownership with heirship

Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:34 by A Ray of Light® Daily on Worship

A Ray of Light
Friends, the owner builds, but the heir distributes.
Focal Verse (s): Daniel 11:23,24
He will become strong despite having only a handful of followers. 24 Without warning he will enter the richest areas of the land. Then he will distribute among his followers the plunder and wealth of the rich.
In Covenant,
Dr. Charles

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Urgent Prayer Request

Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:30 by Colombia Para Cristo on Evangelism/Missions

Colombia Para Cristo
News from the Kogi Tribe
Francisco, the Kogi teacher who is in charge of the Daily Nourishment Center came to see us yesterday.  There is good news and bad news.
The good news is that the end of the year programs and celebrations were very successful.  Instead of the expected 24 people, 55 gathered on Christmas Eve to hear a Bible message and enjoy a special Kogi dinner.  Francisco and his wife made sure that each one received a small...

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The Temple Mount connection . . .

Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:30 by Prophecy Connections on Prophetic

Noteworthy News Links . . . the Temple Mount connection
FROM WND'S JERUSALEM BUREAU'Proof' Temple Mount 'belongs to Muslims'Head custodian says site will never be returned to Jewish sovereignty
January 31, 2007By Aaron Klein© 2007
JERUSALEM – The replacement tomorrow in the Al Aqsa Mosque of a key podium transported with the coordination of Israeli security forces is "proof" the Temple Mount belongs only to Muslims and will never be returned to Jewish sovereignty, according to the leader of the Wafq – the...

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By Their Fruit

Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:28 by E-Meditations on Christian Living

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Revelation 2: 9,10a

Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:27 by Agrasoph on Teaching/Education

Revelation 2: 9,10a
“9 "I know how you are suffering and how poor you are (though in fact you are rich!), and I know the insults of those who call themselves Jews but aren't - on the contrary, they are a synagogue of the Adversary. 10 Don't be afraid of what you are about to suffer."
This is the letter to the Messianic Community in Smyrna. It is interesting to me that Yeshua uses these words in His letter to them – “how poor...

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This Friday - School of the Spirit

Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:23 by Covenant Outreach Ministries on Prophetic

The School of the Spirit will meet this Friday, February 2nd at The Covenant Center in Lakeland starting at 7pm.
Child care is not available for this event.
Richard and Becky
Covenant Outreach Ministries
122 S. Missouri Avenue
Lakeland, Florida

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The Three Inns

Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:19 by River of Revival Ministries on Church & Ministry

133. And yet even among those I have called in a special way, my five-fold ministers and consecrated men and women, all but a few remain year after year in the spiritual nursery, making negligible progress in the way on which I set them at the beginning of their life in Me.

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College Retreat Feb. 9-11

Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:18 by mount vernon college ministry on Church & Ministry

Hey Folks,
Our College retreat is right around the corner. It is next weekend Feb. 9-11 and I am really excited about what God has in store for us.
If you have been in the college class then you know what the our retreat is going to be about. It is about Divine Obsession which is a compulsive preoccupation with the beautiful, triune God. Our guest speaker is Dr. David Nelson from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and he will...

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On a Practical Note: Colossal Clutter Clean-Up

Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:16 by Godly Womanhood on Christian Living

Join The Colossal Clutter Clean-Up!
I have an unwanted guest that occasionally comes to my home.  She's never invited, and I never know when to expect her.  Sometimes she'll stop in briefly and I can get her to leave before she's caused too many problems, but other times her visits are longer than I'd like.  She's decided to "stay a little longer" a few times, and I remember once when she moved in for over a year.  It really took a...

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Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:16 by words from the path on Christian Living

I so often hear today
“He does not make me happy”
“ She does not make me happy”
Will Campbell tells the story
Of hanging out one day at the country store
A man came in and told all of them
That He was getting a divorce
Will asked why
The man said, “she does not make me happy”
Will replied “ what in the hell has happy got to do with it.” he reminded the man
No where in the marriage vows
Do we swear to make...

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A Newsletter of Christian and Family Values 2-1-07

Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:13 by DFW Christian Notes and Events on Christian Living

DFW Christian Notes and Events 2-1-07
A Newsletter of Christian and Family Values
        Welcome to DFW Christian Notes and Events. This is a Free email newsletter providing news, commentaries, encouraging stories, and events from a Christian point of view. Please see final notes in the last paragraph for more information on our group and how to contact us. Thank You, Peter  Reyes
Included in This Issue
The Influence of Babies on Single Men
A Tale of Two Marches
Texas House and Senate Approve...

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FUN FACTS from Kay

Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:04 by Godly Womanhood on Christian Living

Oh my how things have changed!   

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God Has Empowered YOU to Bring Big Change to Your World!

Posted Feb 1st 2007, 11:00 by XPMEDIA - EXTREME PROPHETIC on Prophetic


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