Grac*e-mail for 10/01/07 got grace?

Posted Oct 1st 2007, 09:40 by Grac*e-mail on Church & Ministry

Grac*e-mail for 10/01/07      got grace?
John()_:-) Every time you see this angel, remember that God loves you!
Here are some ideas for celebrating Clergy Appreciation Month I found at
You can also download a planning guide at
Ideas submitted by various congregations
We took over one service so that they could sit back and enjoy. We also gave time-saving coupons to them—coupons for taking a car in for an oil change, cleaning their house, raking the leaves. —From South Dakota
We made a...

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Why God's Eyes Are Always On The Heart

Posted Oct 1st 2007, 09:18 by The Morning Word Ministry on Inspiration

2 Chronicles 16:9 "For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. You have done a foolish thing, and from now on you will be at war."
Psalm 51:10, 16-17

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Three Cities in One Day! ~ Rusty

Posted Oct 1st 2007, 09:16 by Miracle Life Ministries Inc. on Evangelism/Missions

I just landed in Singapore!  I am back!

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Noteworthy News: U.N. Law of the Sea Treaty on fast-track...

Posted Oct 1st 2007, 09:00 by Prophecy Connections on Prophetic

Noteworthy News Links . . . U.S. Sovereignty under attack!
U.N. Law of Sea Treaty on Senate fast-track
Bush administration pushing for ratification in next 3 weeks
September 30, 2007
© 2007

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Hello from Africa

Posted Oct 1st 2007, 08:57 by Anglican News on Christian Living

Doc Loomis and Mike Murphy are in Rwanda for a service of investure to be made Canon Missioners in the Episcopal Church of Rwanda.
My time in Rwanda is nearly over and I am already missing this place and, most especially, the people. I have known Rwandans in my own country, but knowing them in their home is seeing them as the people of God that they truly are. The Murphy's and I have been treated with hospitality which would cause...

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Loving His people, loving His cross

Posted Oct 1st 2007, 08:35 by The Daily Spurgeon on Christian Living

Another proof of our joy in receiving Christ is receiving his people. This, in more ways than one, he has made the test of attachment to himself. “Love one another.” “Feed my lambs.” “If ye have done it unto one of the least of my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Just as Laban said when he took in Eliezer, “There is room for thee, and room for the camels,” so let there be room in our hearts for...

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Surrendering To The Love of God (#24)

Posted Oct 1st 2007, 08:34 by Dear Jesus Devotionals on Inspiration

Dear Jesus:
There are times when we’ve done absolutely all that is humanly possible about a situation and the time comes for us to surrender.  We surrender it to Your love because Your love for us never fails.  The weather patterns and seasons may change, but Your love and concern for us never will.  So, whatever the outcome is, it will be in our best interest.
Particularly, when it concerns a loved one.  Although we never give up on them, we must give...

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This calls for patient endurance on the part of the saints who ~ (Rev.14:12)

Posted Oct 1st 2007, 08:32 by staying with the times on Prophetic

Revelation 14:9-12;      GOD,      Wrath;
The wrath of God is shown here as an expression of the mighty power of the sovereign God.  This is both a warning to the godless and an encouragement to God’s faithful, suffering people.  God will act in justice at the right time.  Meanwhile, we must patiently obey Him.
(Disciple’s Study Bible;      Holman Bible Publishers)
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Rev.14:12;      HERE;
The fact of judgment (vv9-11) shows the need for patience in faith and obedience. (1:9)
(Spirit Filled Life Bible;     Thomas...

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I am under vows to you, O God; I ~ (Ps.56:12)

Posted Oct 1st 2007, 08:19 by Sealed by the Spirit on Christian Living

Psalm 56:12;         STEWARDSHIP,          Vows;
Israelite worship often brought complaints and pleas for help to God.  These concluded with a vow or promise to return to the houses of worship, give a thanksgiving offering, and sing thanks to God when He had answered the prayer for mercy (7:17; 54:6; 79:13; 80:18; 109:30).  Special thanksgiving offerings are an appropriate way to acknowledge and testify to God’s help in our lives. (Dt.23:21-23)
(Disciple’s Study Bible;    Holman Bible Publishers)
The Book of Psalms

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Ask and you shall recieve

Posted Oct 1st 2007, 08:15 by Jesus Centre: Spring of fresh water on Prophetic

To the beloved of Christ,
Do you believe the word of God?  Do you act like you believe it?  Do you live like you believe it? Do you speak like you believe it?
Well I’m going to cause you to examine those answers.  First things first: If something in the Bible is repeated or said in different ways to get the point across do you think it is true and important? If it was spoke by Jesus do you think that...

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"His Whisper for November 2007"

Posted Oct 1st 2007, 08:08 by Excellence on Christian Living

The Whisper
 " His Whisper for November 2007"
November 01, 2007
I saw the year 2000 and I saw sorrows beginning
I saw 7 years of struggles, sorrows, and a time of weeping and praying
I saw leaders rise up that were filled with deception, flesh, and self,
appearing as one thing but the opposite inside
Then I saw his hands breaking this huge piece of wood
and it fell to the ground
And it was November 1, 2007 and he...

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Bilocation & Unexpected Miracles

Posted Oct 1st 2007, 08:00 by The New Mystics - John Crowder on Healing

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M&E Tuesday

Posted Oct 1st 2007, 08:00 by Daily Devotional on Inspiration

'The hope which is laid up for you in heaven.'-Colossians 1:5
Our hope in Christ for the future is the mainspring and the mainstay of our joy here. It will animate our hearts to think often of heaven, for all that we can desire is promised there. Here we are weary and toilworn, but yonder is the land of rest where the sweat of labour shall no more bedew the worker's brow, and fatigue shall be for ever banished. To those...

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Posted Oct 1st 2007, 07:55 by Cross Walk Life, Inc. on Prophetic

We don't use this list for our
needs but maybe twice a year but we have a
  If we ever needed your prayers and gifts, we need them now.
If we can get a contract on our home in 30 days, we can buy our
International Training Center
for $34,000 less!!  
Praise God for unusual favor!    
Pray it will sell ASAP or that the money will be donated. 
We are offering $2,000 cash back to the...

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Posted Oct 1st 2007, 07:48 by A Chapel Of Friends on Prayer

 all our Cherished 
 Friends and intercessory
prayer warriors all around
 this big wide world How are
 you doing this precious day
the Lord has given us to
enjoy and Bless someone ok?
Today i just wanted to
take time to say
thank you all so much for
your emergency prayers

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