[fsmi] Introducing Revelation Room 22:2 - The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations

Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by Firestorm Ministries Intl' on Prophetic

Introducing Revelation Room 22:2
Some of you may not know the FDA has come forth challenging Young Living, Young Living Distributors, Doterra and other oil companies with fines and legal action regarding statements about the healing power of essential oils.  The response from Young Living:
Dear Young Living Members:
You may have heard about the recent letter sent by the FDA to Young Living regarding claims made by a few Young Living members. The claims of particular concern to the FDA were...

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TODAY'S MANNA for Monday Dec. 1, 2014

Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by Spirit Of Truth Ministries on Inspiration

TODAY'S MANNA for Monday Dec. 1, 2014
Have you found the narrow way or are you taking the easy way?
    "Enter by the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.  Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it."
Matthew 7:13-14      New King James Version
   The world wants an...

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[fsmi] Three More (Voices) Testimony of Thanksgiving to The Lord, Nov 28, 2014 -- Roger Wolbert

Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by Firestorm Ministries Intl' on Prophetic

Hi Everyone:
Three more responses to the "The One Voice" (Testimony of Thanksgiving)
Attached Message
Cathy Matthews
Re: [fsmi] The One (Voice) Testimony of Thanksgiving to The Lord, Nov 28,2014 -- Roger Wolbert
Sat, 29 Nov 2014 11:59:39 -0500
I am thankful to God for sending Jesus to die for our sins and give us a path to salvation.  I am also thankful for Firestorm Ministries and the love and teachings to feed my soul.  I am thankful for my home, my friends,and my family.  Thank...

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Prophet's Journal - River of Life

Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by Prophet's Journal on Prophetic

River of Life
There is a wonderful breaking free of the dictates of this earth. It is like the glorious rhythm of a rushing river, refusing to be held back by the blockages that impinge the soul. 
It is a riding up and over and around and through the laws of man to emerge on the other side with renewed momentum and power, gushing forth in unison with the tumult that has conquered limitations.
It is glorious liberty and it is offered through...

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Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by Kathie Walters on Prophetic

Monday 1st December
Mo'ed Ministries - 7.30p.m.
Victory Christian Centre
98 Beaumont Street
Auckland City
Contact:  021 1215 793
Wednesday 3rd December
Horizon Conference Centre - 7.00p.m.
9 Mono Place
Contact:  021 1215 793
Friday session one   5th   7:30pm  Getting rid of religious spirits
SATURDAY 10am  - 3:30 pm Sessaion 2 From Believing to Faith and seesion 3 "Angels in your life.   20 snack break for lunch
contact  022 312 1881 
Thank you for all your support and...

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Stand with us for Don Urgent Soul in the balance!

Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by Sunlite Radio on Christian Living

Dear %%firstname%%,
This is from Jenny she wrote:
Please pray for our neighbor. Friends n family came over and everyone left but all the alcoholics which our neighbor is one too. He fell and these jerks helped him to bed and continued to drink amd left. This am he wasnt amswering the pho es so hos son went over amd he was still in bed w a broken hip!
This was a few days ago
I didnt tell Brian this but I have been...

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A Word to Help You Interpret Your Dreams! by Doug Addison

Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by LIT4EVER PROPHETIC LIST on Prophetic

~~All prophetic words posted by Lit4ever Ministry are for your prayer and discernment~~
Today at 03:08:35 PM
A Word to Help You Interpret Your Dreams! by Doug Addison by Suzanne (Doug Addison)
Today at 02:58:50 PM
bread by Suzanne (Baking-Cooking-Canning For Needy)
November 29, 2014, 10:30:30 PM
Charcoal for the Treatment of Diarrhea or Dysentery by Suzanne (Emergency Ideas Blog)
November 29, 2014, 07:05:50 PM
The Heavenly Room of Possibilities - Vision experience by Susan O'Marra by Suzanne (Susan O'Marra)
November 29, 2014, 05:54:58 PM
Advance, Advance the Time Is Now! by Henry Falcone by Suzanne (Henry Falcone)

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Special Ends Dec 1 @ MIdnight The Oil is flowing out the door

Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by ChicagoPropheticVoice on Prophetic

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Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by Freedom To The Nations Ministries on Christian Living

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Looking to God, Our Provider

Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by Christian Fellowship Association for ASA Employees on Christian Living

Christian Fellowship Association
for EXPRESSJet employees
Looking to God, Our Provider
Psalms 50:10
“For every beast of the forest is Mine,
and the cattle upon a thousand hills.”
Do you remember when it was rare to hear of someone whose job was either threatened, or actually lost, due to changes or cutbacks?
Well, that’s hardly news anymore.
These days it seems that almost everyone is struggling with financial problems related to job security.
You may be struggling and asking,
“What good can possibly come from my financial problems?”
They are wonderful...

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Sign Up for the Christmas Banquet

Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by Online Perspective on Teaching/Education

His Highest Praise International:  Sign up for the Christmas Banquet today or as soon as possible.  Banquet next Sunday, December 7, at the Honolulu Airport Hawaiian Airlines Banquet Room.  Contact Dianne Castro at dcastro@hawaii.rr.com or sign up at church!  Cost for adults (ages 12-older)-$14.00; children (ages 5-11)-$8.00; and  children younger than 5 is free.
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Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by Sealed by the Spirit on Christian Living

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This words theme: 
Hebrew Word
of the Day
(Meaning: Bones)
Hear Translation »
The Gift of a Broken Heart
November 30, 2014
You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it;
      you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings.
My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit;
      a broken and contrite heart
      you, God, will not despise. — Psalm 51:16–17
We all have thoughts and feelings about, well, our thoughts and feelings. But if we are critical of ourselves for thinking depressing thoughts or feeling sad, we might become...

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[fsmi] FS Sunday Sermon - "Christmas Courage: The Story of Joseph"

Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by Firestorm Ministries Intl' on Prophetic

Christmas Courage: The Story of Joseph
by Tom Shepard
(This sermon is a re-working of “The Nativity Story: The Courage of Joseph” by C. Raymond van Pletsen. I used some of the same wording and illustrations but changed the outline and applications. I only spoke of movies I had seen and since I am not a sports fan changed the ending.)
Christmas Courage: The Story of Joseph
It was not until I saw the movie World Trade Center that I realized how courageous the...

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God's Work Ministry E-mail

Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by God's Work Ministry on Christian Living

God's Work Ministry Inspirational and Encouragement E-Mail
Dear Friend,
I am a firm believer that every life is significant upon this earth.  Every person that has breath within their being is able to make a positive difference in their circle and in turn they can make it a better and brighter circle.  What we must always remember and keep in mind is that light defuses darkness.  When we allow the light that is within our hearts to shine forth to encourage, to...

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Melinda Bauman: A Prophetic Christmas Word

Posted Nov 30th 2014, 12:00 by Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship on Christian Living

By Pastor Melinda Bauman
Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship in Eastlake, Ohio
Website: www.worldwidegcf.com
Email: worldwidegcf@yahoo.com
I hear the Lord say, Jesus was born in a stable and laid in a manger because there was no room in the inn. There was no room in the inn for Jesus to be born. The Lord wants to know during this season of much festivity and joy, when families get together and spend time with one another; and during the...

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