The Lord Our Sanctifier

Posted Jul 18th 2006, 11:15 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living 
I have been experiencing changes, deep challenges in my prayer life and tests. Simple is not simple any more. For instance after a season of the enemy plundering my resources, and everything that could go wrong went that way, even though I was working extra the enemy created extra expenses for me to a point of sheer frustration. It was the hand of the Lord even through the enemy to stretch faith and see how would I pray. It was...

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Posted Jul 13th 2006, 12:22 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

Until man learns that he cannot predict the Winds of the Spirit, the Movement of the Hand of God, nor use his intellectual, theological, or polished rhetorical loveliness to influence and to Rally the People, all well-meaning attempts fall short of the Divine Thing God will eventually bring forward.

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Dream: The Ishmael Church

Posted Jul 8th 2006, 06:55 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

This morning at 1:50am I was suddenly awoken from a dream from the Lord. As I awoke, I continued to hear the last words that were spoken in my dream going over and over in my head. Those words were The Ishmael Church.
Immediately I began to write down everything that I remembered from the dream which were the ways in which the Ishmael church functions and remains in play within many Christians' lives. It is the man-made religious system...

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Seagull dream/gemstones from heaven

Posted Jul 6th 2006, 09:32 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

Lillis Boyer
MARCH 2006
I saw countless seagulls flying aimlessly in the air. Some unknown force was drawing them, like a magnet. I heard them screaming, calling out to each other in loud, piercing calls. Gulls from far distances heard the commotion and took off, joining this loud flock.
The Lord showed me what force was pulling them. It was a large mountain arising out of the sea. It was steep, and had sharp, dangerous cliffs. But more intriguing was what these...

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Word: Palladium

Posted Jul 2nd 2006, 02:21 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

palladium – safeguard, anything supposed to ensure the safety of something
I am your safeguard, beloved.  You may count on Me.  You may depend on Me to deliver to your heart that certain something that will enable you to rise to any occasion, fortified by the strength of your most able God.  I want you to bear this in mind when things occur that could knock you off center.  I want you to bear this in mind when the enemy...

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Vision: Fields of Golden Gemstone and Singing Grain!

Posted Jul 1st 2006, 10:10 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

(For nearly a year now the Lord has been taking me on tours of His heavenly garden. I am compiling these visions into book form, as well as producing an accompanying musical CD)
I was praying in my prayer language when suddenly I felt my spirit go through the gentle, swirling, portal into the heavenly garden. I was aware I was surrounded by tall, silky looking, jeweled sheaves of grain; a cross between wheat and oats. Instead of familiar seeds, or...

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Vision: Diamond Dancing Purity Flowers!

Posted Jul 1st 2006, 09:41 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

(For nearly a year now the Lord has been taking me on tours of His heavenly garden through vision encounters during my prayer times. I am currenlty compiling these visions into a book, and producing a music CD that will complement them)
I was waiting on Him when suddenly I found myself surrounded by a dazzling glorious field of diamond-like flowers. They were clear, radiant and His glory shone all around and through them. Sparkling, rainbow prisms illuminated these clear, spectacular diamond flowers.Their petals...

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Race Dream: To Know My Purpose!

Posted Jun 26th 2006, 07:06 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

I received this dream 3 days ago:
I am standing in the middle of a car racing arena on the grass. The world class arena is huge and full of spectators. The track has a lot of turns, I can say: very difficult turns. This is not a similar track like Nascar which only circulating. My eyes are set upon a white racing car that is coming fast, this is the first position car. And somehow after it makes a turn, it crashes. Badly...

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Dream: Demon-Possessed! - Hyperbole Example

Posted Jun 22nd 2006, 10:09 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

This from VALady...
---I was in a very large house that was extremely dark (no lighting hardly at all). Kind of the type that you see as haunted mansions. There were 4 people from what I can remember, including myself; my mother and father, a cousin, and a woman that seemed to be a stranger all staying at this place. The theme quickly changed to night-time where I was sitting down having a chat with my mother. As I was talking...

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Dream: Sergeant Justice!

Posted Jun 21st 2006, 12:34 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

From Walkin2e...
I dreamed I was driving a 1968 Chevrolet Impala (white with black vinyl top). In the car was my three children, but they were younger than they are now (in my dream they were about 13, 11, and 8). In the back seat was a good female friend of mine and my son and youngest daughter. My oldest daughter was sitting in the front seat with me.
We were driving down Highway 84 towards Valdosta, Georgia. We came to a...

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Dream: Diagnosed with AIDS - A Hyperbole

Posted Jun 21st 2006, 12:20 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

Posting this with permission from JB.
***I had a VERY disturbing dream. I dreamed I had gone to the doctor for a regular check-up and he administered a blood test while I was there. Later, he called me with the results - I was diagnosed with AIDS and was dying. It was horrible because my husband no longer wanted to associate with me or be intimate. I was heartborken and feared he was already planning to find another wife. I...

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Dream: Floating on Faith and Favor!

Posted Jun 21st 2006, 11:51 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

This from Brandye...
I was on top of the mountain at the ocean. You could see the wave crashing into the side of the mountain and I knew that I had to jump, but I was too afraid.  I turned around and I crossed my chest and I did the lipton tea plunge. I enjoyed the fall and the water coming up over me, I really enjoyed being where I was.  I floated and while I floated people in boats wanted to...

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Dream: Keep To The Straight & Narrow

Posted Jun 21st 2006, 10:08 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

Hi, all! Here's another dream I had, the night of 4 March 1983. I remember it was that night because it was after youth group, in which the talk had been on keeping to the straight & narrow as opposed to following the wide road to Hell. I had a couple of friends over & it was just before my 13th birthday. At that time I had four good friends in youth group, as well as many friends outside church....

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Dream: Holy Mountain

Posted Jun 20th 2006, 03:58 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

From Mountaingirl..."I awoke into a dream, I was sat somewhere very high, you could tell for the air was so thin and there was a changing breeze. I was clinging to my best friend who looked down on me comfortingly, my long skirt and hair were flailing wildly in the wind. Then there was a voice from our right, telling guards to bind our hands. I screamed and cried, but my best friend was just sat there, emotionless, her eyes...

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Vision: Jesus the Whale Boat Captain!

Posted Jun 20th 2006, 02:01 by Dreams from Jesus! on Christian Living

I was at Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Hawaii on June 8, 2006, after leading couples in a marriage retreat. I was sitting there on the beach seeking the Lord in prayer. As I was sincerely seeking the Lord, I suddenly saw a huge Blue Whale break the water about 500 yards off shore. This whale was moving at a very rapid and determined pace swimming along the surface, and massive water spouts were rising from its blowhole....

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