When TRUTH Became REALITY: Part 2

Posted Mar 17th 2010, 07:30 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

Dear Readers:
I am making these last couple of

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When TRUTH Became REALITY: Part 1

Posted Mar 15th 2010, 08:38 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

Dear Readers:
I am making this post IN HOPES that many of you will make a change over to the new venue on which I am currently blogging.

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Yielding to God

Posted Jul 11th 2009, 08:10 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

Recently, I came across an old book written in 1986 called Clinging:
The Experience of Prayer by Emilie Griffin. I read it in the early 90s,
and it truly blessed my heart and life. In looking through it once
again, in this current season of life, I saw, yet, more deeply into the
precious truths I found there...and was even able to add and imbed a few thoughts
and lines of my own to it...due to my own experiences in prayer over
these many years. I...

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The Beauty of Holiness: Part 1

Posted May 28th 2009, 10:00 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

It seems next to impossible to begin an honest train of thought about the Biblical concept of holiness in this modern day, media dominated, diabolical world where self is elevated to the place of deity, and "doing what is right in one's own eyes" is the mantra of the masses. In

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Posted May 16th 2009, 02:48 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

America and her people are IN TROUBLE!

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Fresh Wave of God's Holiness

Posted May 13th 2009, 10:08 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

I have always had a thing for books...words, phrases, sentences,
paragraphs, essays, blogs, posts.... and the like! Is it any wonder I
majored in English in college? Though I have taught a bit of that
(English in elementary, middle school, high school, college, and now
tutoring) over the years, it is not where my HEART abides. GOD alone is
As a little girl growing up in the Baptist Church in a small middle
Georgia town, I was very "taken" by...

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Posted Nov 24th 2008, 02:50 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

The original AWAKE!
message began moving in my heart 18 years ago in 1990.  Then in 1992, I
first "heard" these words, AWAKE! ARISE! ALERT! ALARM!
and the Lord told me then that I was to share this message until He
comes again.  So if you have read it here before...please read it
again...and HEED!
Jesus IS coming soon...it won't be
long.    I have no "time" to put to that
statement...but "soon" is a word that is to be heeded and...

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Posted Nov 16th 2008, 07:10 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

The ominous news from around the world is so severe as it compounds
from nation to nation, and I sense a lot of people are "holding their
breath" these days. Words of "prediction" are flying fast and furiously
from outside as well as inside the church. In the "natural", the
consensus is so mixed...that one cannot depend upon debate to "tip the
scales" of reality to "know" for sure what is to happen in the coming
days. There is no ONE voice strong enough to...

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Refuge, Rest, and Refreshing

Posted Nov 13th 2008, 09:46 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

Nations may have moved away from God through sinful choices and actions, but in spite of what the masses do....there is always a place that remains for the people of God. In the face of so much political chaos and uncertainty swirling in the face of God's people....He faithfully calls out to us softly and tenderly....
"COME HOME!  Come Home. You who are weary and fearful....Come Home to Me....it is your place of REFUGE, of REST, of REFRESHING! 

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A Vision of Two Time Periods

Posted Nov 11th 2008, 10:18 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

Each year I share this vision that
was given for these times. It flows hand in hand with the teaching on Four End Time Spirits.  The realities it depicts become more true each day
that passes....especially since this historical election. May we be AWAKE! and ALERT! as to what is happening concerning our nation!  I believe that through this small vision, our God reveals insight into the true nature of things. He says what He means...and He means
what He says.
We are...

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Posted Aug 12th 2008, 07:50 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

<a href="http://s245.photobucket.com/albums/gg61/sanbrunson/?action=view&current=worship.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg61/sanbrunson/worship.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________NOTE:  If picture image does not appear above this line but rather some HTML language code does, please know that I am just "trying" out something new.  IF it does not work, I won't be attempting to add such again....May God speak to your heart through the following word.....
has been telling us as HIS PEOPLE that we are, indeed, living in a NEW

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Posted Jul 28th 2008, 09:48 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

is getting HIS PEOPLE ready - on many fronts - to join heart to heart with HIM
and one another!  We NEED one another in HIS KINGDOM, for He has designed us to
BE ONE and He and the Father are ONE! He needs us pulling together and not
against one another! MASSIVE CHANGE is knocking at the door of society, our
culture, and the church...especially in America, and we MUST BE READY to STAND TOGETHER as ONE
as it comes! They will KNOW that...

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Look Well to THIS DAY!!!

Posted Jul 12th 2008, 06:36 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

On my last post which was March 31, I relayed that due to so many significant changes in my heart and life, my attention had been turned to another project; for I have been writing, networking, and ministering on MySpace.com since last October.  On February 21, a "new door" of opportunity opened at the sound of God's Voice, and I have been running to keep up with it these past  4 and a half months.  He spoke to my heart...

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POWER of the DECREE!!!

Posted Mar 31st 2008, 10:50 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

In this new year and new season, many "new" things have been taking place in my life!  As a result, I have not been posting as in the past...for there have been changes...new developements within my spirit that my soul is RUNNING to keep up with! My mind is having to adjust, to do some "fresh thinking"...and my emotions have been on an all time high of PEACE, JOY, and LOVE!  I have simply been in a "processing" mode for...

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Gentleness: Contrary to a Brutal World

Posted Feb 15th 2008, 08:14 by COMPASS: Looking Unto Jesus on Christian Living

We live in an era characterized by rudeness,
harshness, violence, and anger! In the first verses of 2 Timothy 3 we find this
graphic description.... "In the last days perilous times, (times of
stress) will come. For men will be lovers of themselves, (selfish), lovers
of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful,
unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal,
despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than
lovers of God, having a form of godliness...

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