Discovering the Limitless God

Posted May 20th 2006, 11:00 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

Discovering the Limitless GodBy John Paul JacksonMost of us truly, desperately want God to be all in all in our lives. We want to want His good and perfect will to be done, even if we have to die in the process. We want to do whatever He asks of us

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Our Strategic Horizon Are China & Russia: The Best of Friends?

Posted Apr 28th 2006, 06:00 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

Study of the Antichrist
by Rick Joyner
Even though the very end of the age is prophesied to be a time of trouble like the world has never seen before, it is also prophesied to be the time of the greatest glory and achievement for those who know and serve the Lord, and ultimately the whole world will be delivered into the freedom and glory of Christ. Just as Paul the Apostle...

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Posted Apr 21st 2006, 06:00 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

The Bible clearly teaches that personal prophecy speaks to potential, to possibilities, to probabilities--to what I call Kingdom options or choices. It does not necessarily express certainties, guarantees, or inevitabilities. Prophecy expresses God's best, His ideal, His ultimate, His perfect purpose for you--whether realized or not. Or to put it another way, personal prophecy expresses the conditional will of God, not necessarily the imminent will of God. more--à
The Call of The...

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Behold the Queen! The Beloved Bride

Posted Apr 12th 2006, 06:00 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

You can be a member of almost any church and not understand your citizenship in the kingdom, which should bond us to other Christians far more than our membership in any church organization or movement. I am a local church man, and always have been. I do not believe that we can mature in Christ as we are called to do without a vital, living relationship in a local church. I do not believe that we can be properly joined...

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The Joy of Being a Disciple

Posted Apr 7th 2006, 06:00 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

Inside Issues:
"The Joy of Being a Disciple"
Micca Monda CampbellDirector of Outreach, Proverbs 31 Speaker Team Member
Key Verse:Matthew 16:24, "Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me." (NKJ)Devotion:  We used to spend our Tuesday nights at the school where my eldest son played on the Junior High Basketball team. We usually sat among the other proud parents to cheer for our boys as they...

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A New Attitude

Posted Apr 6th 2006, 01:03 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

Inside Issues:

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Breakthrough Revival : Angel said, "My name is 'Breakthrough

Posted Apr 4th 2006, 06:00 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

Breakthrough Revival : Angel said, "My name is 'Breakthrough”By Paul Keith Davis The angel stated that his name is "Breakthrough" and he has been assigned to the United States. That is what was articulated to Bob Jones in one of the most significant visitations he has ever received.Over the past 12 years I have watched the revelatory realm open to Bob in profound ways. It was quite astounding for him to tell me that he has recently had the second...

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Reclaim Your Royal Heritage : The Supernatural Power of Royalty

Posted Apr 1st 2006, 10:40 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

By Michal Ann GollVisionCast March 20061-877-200-1604 |
Welcome to our Women On The Frontlines Devotional E-mail. For those of you new to our E-mail, our previous devotionals are available for further study and meditation by accessing them through our web site in the archive file at
Wow! It's been awhile since my last devotional. So sorry about the delay, but I feel like I've been on a whirlwind of activity and heavenly downloads in the past two months. Much...

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Where God Is Calling.... Is Not On The Map!!!

Posted Mar 31st 2006, 06:00 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

"Your Destiny Involves Cycling Out of a Wilderness-Slavery Mentality!"
By Sandie Freed
So Moses brought Israel from the Red Sea, and they went out into the wilderness of Shur; and they went three days in the wilderness, and found no water. (Exodus 15:22)Moving from HERE to THEREMost of us are using every ounce of faith and energy attempting to leave a place called "HERE" to get to that Promised Land of "THERE!" When we are traveling to "THERE," a season of transition...

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Understanding the Intensity of This Time

Posted Mar 23rd 2006, 06:00 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

Three Key Dreams to Understand the Intensity of This Time
By Chuck D. Pierce:
Your Recovery is Imminent!
In Early Morning Prayer on February 21, 2006, Violet Dickson shared a dream that I feel if full of redemptive purpose for each of us. She shared:
 “We were back in Corsicana moving into John’s grandmother’s house, which we did 30 years ago.  It was in the same old condition it was in when we first moved in.  I kept feeling like I had been there...

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God Loves His Daughters, You are Satan's Worst Enemy

Posted Mar 22nd 2006, 06:00 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

PRELUDE TO POWERby Brenda J. DavisSeveral years ago I took part in a management seminar in which we were asked to retrace our professional steps and graph the highs, lows and plateaus of our careers. When we finished that exercise, we were instructed to chart our spiritual journeys during the same period.  more>>PRAYER POWER FOR THE WEEK OF 3/20/06
When Enough Is EnoughAnointed Revelation! Bishop Eddie Long's "When Enough is Enough" will show you scriptural truth as you've never seen it before!...

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Posted Mar 9th 2006, 11:00 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

A Key To MiraclesBy Bill JohnsonJesus once called a group of onlookers hypocrites because they could discern the weather but couldn't discern the times. It's apparent why Jesus would prefer people to recognize the times (spiritual climate and seasons) over natural weather conditions--but it's not quite so apparent why He would consider them hypocrites if they didn't.Many of us have thought that the ability to see into the spiritual realm is more the result of a special gift than a...

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Expanding the Kingdom of God

Posted Mar 7th 2006, 06:00 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

Expanding the Kingdom of God
All Website Solutions Are Not Created Equal! This program was created to help organizations within the Christian community gain access to robust, full-featured web development services worth ten of thousands of dollars for rock-bottom prices.
From basic websites, to complete e-commerce solutions, NetMinistry provides you with everything you need to create and launch a successful web effort. Best of all, you benefit from enhancements and upgrades to our website system - at no charge!

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A Joseph Calling Becoming A Dream Master

Posted Feb 17th 2006, 06:00 by Doves Eyes Ministry on Christian Living

A Joseph Calling by Os Hillman
And he sent a man before them - Joseph, sold as a slave. - Psalm 105:17God is doing a unique work around the world today. He is rising up Josephs throughout the world. Some are still in the "pit" stage of their pilgrimage, while others are heading toward fruitfulness. What does it take for a man to become a true Joseph? It takes years of preparation and testing to be a true Joseph. It takes...

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