New, FREE e-Book: "Jesus, Unleashed"

Posted Dec 22nd 2009, 12:37 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

Well, after many years of hard work and many of months of laborious editing, "Jesus, Unleashed" is finally finished. Many of you have asked about it at various times over these last few years and I appreciate your patience. The official webpage for this free book can be accessed by clicking here.
I hope you enjoy it and get as much out of it as I have. Perhaps, one day I will publish it in hard-copy, but, for now, I wanted to make...

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Shepherd's Rod 2009 - The Year of Fire - Bob Jones

Posted Nov 2nd 2008, 07:29 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

This is a year of fire. Godly fire to the righteous; destructive fire to the wicked. It will be set by the peace pipe of the prophet. Peace will be the fire that will prepare the land to break up unproductive land. To those who stay in peace, understanding will be piped down to them but the wicked are like the restless sea; they will find no answer or rest. Fire will come before the...

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4 FREE MP3 Messages from the Weekend Bible College

Posted Sep 17th 2008, 10:21 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

The Weekend Bible College, this past weekend, was wonderful. We digitally recorded the 1st and 2nd sessions. To listen to them, go to and scroll until you come to the Weekend Bible College section.
The recordings aren't as clear as we would like them to be but they are clearer than we expected. Plus, they are raw and uncut so they will be a lot of fun to listen to. Enjoy!

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"Whatever He says, do it" - Joel Killion

Posted Aug 31st 2008, 03:09 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

When Mary told the servants at the wedding in Cana, “Whatever He says to you, do it,” in order to fix the wine-shortage, they followed what Jesus said, to the tee (John 2:5, Amplified).
This simple, yet profound, command, when followed, saved that wedding and revealed Jesus’ glory.
This statement – “Whatever He says to you, do it” – is the foundation of the Christian life which is basically defined as following (obeying) Jesus Christ out of pure, unfeigned love for Him.

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Prayer That Moves God by Greg Gordon

Posted Aug 30th 2008, 05:47 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

Examples to the church of piety in prevailing prayer
Oh brethren the highest form of worship and speech is prayer. We need to see praying that is bold, that is strong. Praying that moves God is prayer that moves us. If we are not moved by our prayers how do we expect them to move God. Our Master here on earth had “strong crying and tears” should we not have praying that is anything less? Oh for a resurrection of...

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The Prayer Meeting is Dead! by Greg Gordon

Posted Aug 28th 2008, 09:52 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

As we look to the biblical account of the book of Acts we see the striking theme of prayer throughout its testimony. We see in it apostolic prayer that depends on God, that is desperate before God. The Church was founded in prayer; it began at a prayer meeting in the upper room in Jerusalem. The Church began in prayer, was sustained in prayer and continues in prayer to this day. If a people are not praying they are...

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It's Not About 'Office', It's About Character - Jack Hayford

Posted Aug 27th 2008, 08:53 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

Billy Graham's life, ministry and reputation are recognized as a towering example of character and integrity through the half-century of his exercising the office of an evangelist. Let's start here, with him, in the recognition that every ministry should embrace these values:
I recently mused over the question, "Why is Billy Graham held in such consistently high esteem by virtually everyone in both the church and the secular community?"
It's more than an academic question. In fact, I would plead with every...

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FrontLines School of the Spirit: Every Fri @ 7pm

Posted Aug 27th 2008, 08:28 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

*****The following update/reminder is for everyone who’s geographically near or within driving distance of Wilson, NC*****
Are you desiring more of God in your life? Are you curious about your life-purpose and want to take the leap into your destiny? Do you want to grow in your understanding of the Word and the Word Himself, Jesus Christ? Want to encounter the Presence of God on a deeper level?
Then FrontLines School of the Spirit (FSOS) is for you!!!
Everyone's welcome!
FSOS has been meeting...

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Walking in the Spirit - Wade E Taylor

Posted Aug 17th 2008, 08:38 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

“If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.”  Galatians 5:25
To “live in the Spirit” is a state of being in which we have yielded the totality of all that we are and have to divine control, so Jesus lives His life through us as a present day witness. This requires our living on a high plain of integrity in order to maintain the necessary spiritual sensitivity and grace for obedience.
“I am crucified with...

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A Heavenly Visitation - Jay Jones

Posted Aug 11th 2008, 09:02 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

A good friend of mine, Jay Jones (Richlands, NC), had a heavenly visitation very recently and wrote about it. When he shared it with me, on the phone, I felt the Presence of God very strong, like what I've felt in the midst of a visitation or in the presence of a true prophet who's been with God. Then he e-mailed it to me and now I want to share it with you.
Just click here.
Much Love - Joel Killion /

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Jesus & Halloween - Joel M. Killion

Posted Oct 10th 2007, 09:51 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

A personal word from Joel Killion:
Hey everyone.
What you are about to read is a copy of what is about to be published in our local newspaper, here in Wilson, NC - The Wilson Daily Times. It will be published in the "From the Pulpit" column. I have a request - that you would please pray with me that this article would penetrate the religious community here in Wilson, NC. I have spent many hours, laboring over this piece,...

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The Generation That Seeks God - Paul Keith Davis & A. A. Allen

Posted Sep 13th 2007, 07:59 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

The Generation That Seeks God
By Paul Keith Davis
Long ago, Israel's King David prophesied a generation that would seek God. Psalms 24 outlines this prophetic word and the prerequisites to participate. Those with clean hands and a pure heart and have not lifted up their souls to falsehood will become a generation of God's people that genuinely seeks Him. He said:
Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD? And who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean...

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A Few Words About Words - Jack Hayford

Posted Sep 7th 2007, 12:00 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

Checking my heart before my mouth (or pen) is in gear.
At the core of our integrity is the way we use words. I think God would agree. He never says anything He doesn't mean—completely.
It wasn't long ago I was again drawn to evaluate the weighty issue inherent in that statement. I remembered the first time I truly came face to face with the concern that I never use words lightly. It took place when I first chose, on occasion,...

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The Character of a Teacher - John Paul Jackson

Posted Sep 6th 2007, 10:54 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

Private victories are foundations for a public ministry
Boys, I'm pleased to announce that Jimmy Claven is this year's coach for a day."
My heart sank. I couldn't believe my high school baseball coach picked Jimmy Claven to be "coach for a day" when I was having a banner year. I was waiting for two years to be named "coach for a day." Success in baseball came easily for me. This was my year!
Jimmy Claven was a nice kid, but...

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'God Told Me'

Posted Aug 30th 2007, 10:56 by Inner Life Ministries on Christian Living

It’s time believers stop abusing God’s name to add weight to words.
One of the hardest habits for some of us to break is saying, "God told me this" or "Here is what the Lord showed me." Is this truly a bad habit? Yes. In fact, I believe it's one of the worst claims perpetrated in churches today, despite being a clear violation of the third commandment: "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for...

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