The First Spirit Filled Bible College in CHICAGO is having a CAMPUS DAY!!!!

Posted Jun 23rd 2009, 10:38 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

SATURDAY, JUNE 27th at 9am
I am so excited to announce the official beginning of the FIRST SPIRIT -FILLED ACCREDITED COLLEGE IN CHICAGO!!  The School of Urban Missions (SUM) is hosting a new extension campus in Chicago and I would like to invite any and all students, pastors, or leaders interested in joining and supporting this ground breaking opportunity to join us Saturday June 27th at 9am for a informal meeting with light refreshments.
We will be hosting the event at METRO PRAISE at 5405 W. Diversey (CLICK HERE...

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Join us for the Puerto Rican Festival!!!

Posted Jun 17th 2009, 03:34 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

Join us this Thursday at 6pm, Friday & Saturday at 12pm for a great time of preaching God's Word at the Puerto Rican Festival!!
I look forward to seeing you there!!  Call or write if you have any questions!!  We will be meeting at the church every day to pray and receive training!!  
Here is a promise from God's Word if we pray, repent, and live holy:  Jeremiah 33:9
9 Then this city will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor before all...

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Metro Praise Revolution Ad on Klove!!! Listen NOW!!!!!!

Posted Jun 8th 2009, 02:11 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

I thought this would encourage some of you to pray for us this week as we launch out to join with other pastors to change a world for JESUS!! 
Here is the ad, write back and let me know what you think: 
100,000 souls, 50 churches in Chicago and 500 around the world!!!!

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June 2009 Video News Update! With FRESH FIRE!!

Posted Jun 3rd 2009, 04:52 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

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Glen is Back for Sunday Night May 17th at 7pm!!! Healing..Salvation.. Power of God... COME AND GET SOME!!

Posted May 12th 2009, 07:07 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

The flyers say it all!!!  Hope to see you there!!  Come early for prayer at 6:15pm and expect
something great from God!!!!

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Metro Praise May Video Newsletter - GOD IS MOVING!!!

Posted May 7th 2009, 10:54 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

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Metro Praise April Video Newsletter with Message on a Revolution!!

Posted Apr 2nd 2009, 03:04 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

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Metro Praise March Video Newsletter with India Update!!

Posted Mar 3rd 2009, 09:59 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

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Metro Praise February Video Newsletter with Powerul Message!!

Posted Feb 3rd 2009, 09:07 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

Dear Metro Praise Family,
Loving greetings and blessings from our family and church to you! We trust the Lord that everything is going well for you and your family. Things are going wonderful here, people are getting filled with the Holy Ghost, the first book is translated in our language (Hindi), and our literacy school is doing great. 
I’m working on the building in various ways but it is hard to find a permanent place in the city because we are discriminated here because of...

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Debate between CALVINISM & THE BIBLE!!! Jan. 22 - Thurs at 6pm!!!

Posted Jan 20th 2009, 11:41 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

Greetings EVERYONE!!!
I am doing a debate/discussion with a CALVINIST called Oct31st from YOUTUBE on Jan. 22nd, THURSDAY at 6pm Central Time.  All you have to do is come to the website and click on "Live WebCast" and follow the instructions!!! 
I hope to see you there!!!
Here is what he (CALVINIST) believe- it is known as TULIP...
The teaching that man in his natural state does not have the ability to excercise saving faith.
Meaning, all of mankind does...

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Last Chance to Sign Up for Winter Retreat!!! Deadline this FRIDAY!!!

Posted Jan 13th 2009, 05:02 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

What's up PARTY PEOPLE!?!?!?  We have already signed up over 45 people for the WINTER RETREAT!!!  If you want to come you must sign up by FRIDAY, JAN. 16th!!!
Please respond to this email ASAP if you wanna come!!! 
I pray all who desire will come and be blessed by this awesome weekend in the presence of the LORD!!!
p.s.  "Shekaboomba!!!  You don't want to miss this!!!"

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Metro Praise January Video Newsletter with India Update!!

Posted Jan 7th 2009, 04:06 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

Dear Pastor Joe and Family,
Loving greetings to you and your wonderful family and church in Jesus
name. We trust the Lord that everything is going wonderful with you,
your family and great church. November and December was quiet
exciting months for us in India.
We thank God that you chose us worthy to carry the vision to India.
Especially my family and me are very excited and no word can actually
express how blessed we really are. And we thank God...

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Metro Praise Night of Praise with Brandon Holt!!

Posted Dec 26th 2008, 01:19 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

Metro Praise is excited to invite you and your family to a night of powerful praise and worship with Brandon Holt Sunday night at 7pm at Metro Praise!!
Brandon has a great gift of singing and playing music unto the Lord and bringing the presence of God to people through worship.
All ages are welcome and childcare will be provided.
We look forward to seeing you and experiencing the love and presence of our Great GOD!!!

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Metro Praise Christmas Fellowship Dinner!!!

Posted Dec 17th 2008, 11:59 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

Can you believe it is that time of the year again??  We are having our annual Christmas dinner and caroling event this Saturday at 5pm. 
Christmas Caroling in the Neighborhood at 5pm!!
Christmas Dinner at 7pm!!
Everyone is invited!!  If you have never gone caroling in a large group before it is really fun!!!  But even if you do not come caroling, please come by for the dinner!!
Everyone is Invited - Bring the Whole Family!!
Invite Guests!!!
We look forward to seeing you...

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NEW Metro Praise December Newsletter with VIDEO!!

Posted Dec 2nd 2008, 12:06 by Metro Praise on Christian Living

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