Three Enemies

Posted Nov 19th 2004, 09:41 by More of Him on Christian Living

Three Enemies
"And they overcame [the dragon] by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their Testimony, having loved not their own lives unto the death (Revelation 12:11)."
How many Christians would like to be described as overcomers? Here we see that there are three main characteristics of the one who overcomes. To overcome is the normal Christian life, and not for a select few to enjoy. It is a fact that few Christians live as overcomers;...

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~Experiencing God's Love Through the Least of These Pt.2~

Posted Oct 29th 2004, 10:30 by More of Him on Christian Living

Experiencing God's Love Through the Least of These -pt.2
Since my first encounter with "Angel" (from last post), my heart has been filled with a longing to minister to the 'least of these' , even more than before. I have been crying out to God to show me which direction He wants me to go in, what is His will for me at this time. As I said before I have been in a time of 'waiting'. Again, just a few...

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~Experiencing God's Love Through the "Least of These"~

Posted Oct 28th 2004, 03:37 by More of Him on Christian Living

Experiencing God's Love Through the 'Least of These'
I have been in such a "waiting" room lately. Just waiting and wanting to hear from the Lord. He has been so silent with me lately. I have persevered through this time and have just kept my focus on Him, whether He showed up or not. I have been waiting for answers and reasons and directions. All I get is "wait" and "do what you already know to do".
As this time has...

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~A Homesickness, A Hunger For God~

Posted Oct 4th 2004, 09:32 by More of Him on Christian Living

The greatest enemy of hunger for God is not poison but apple pie. It is not the banquet of the wicked that dulls our appetite for heaven, but endless nibbling at the table of the world. It is not the x-rated video, but the prime-time dribble of triviality we drink in every night. For all the ill that Satan can do, when God describes what keeps us from the banquet table of His love, it is a piece of land,...

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~Others May, But You Cannot~

Posted Sep 30th 2004, 01:10 by More of Him on Christian Living

Others May, But You Cannot
If God has called you to be truly like Jesus in all your spirit, He will draw you into a life of crucifixion and humility. He will put on you such demands of obedience that you will not be allowed to follow other Christians. In many ways, He seems to let other good people do things which He will not let you do. Others who seem to be very religious and useful may push themselves,...

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~Are You Willing?~

Posted Sep 23rd 2004, 09:11 by More of Him on Christian Living

What must I do to be saved? Lately this question continually comes to me in prayer. The Lord is really having me think this over. The rich man asked Jesus this question.
Are you willing to sell everything you own to follow Jesus? What does this mean to you? Are you willing to give up what you hold dear or important in your life? He asks us to do this. Are we willing? Are we willing to give up what we...

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~The Biblical Goal of Parenting~

Posted Sep 22nd 2004, 06:06 by More of Him on Christian Living

The Biblical Goal of Parenting
What general biblical objectives will guide and focus our view of life and therefore our training of our children? What is a worthy biblical goal? The familiar first question of the Shorter Catechism answers these questions:
Q- What is the chief end of man?
A- Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.
Is there any other goal that is worthy? Are we willing to start here with our children? We must equip our children...

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Posted Sep 21st 2004, 10:43 by More of Him on Christian Living

Hello everyone. My husband and I recently attended a wonderful weekend parenting conference put on by NANC (National Association of Nouthetic Counselors- ). This training is all from a biblical perspective.
I do feel led to post a few messages about parenting from a biblical perspective. It is so important these days to keep our homes Christ-centered. If you do not have children yet, or your children are already grown, maybe you can pass these on to someone else...

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~Being The Fragrance Of Christ~

Posted Sep 20th 2004, 10:59 by More of Him on Christian Living

Being The Fragrance Of Christ
The Lord has really been laying this on my heart lately, about Him loving others through us. About us being Jesus to people in our everyday lives. The thought also came to me the other day that giving to the poor and needy is not always giving to what we see as "poor"- but poor in spirit. There are many people in our day to day lives who are very needy. Who are hungry (for spiritual...

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~The Little Firefly~

Posted Sep 17th 2004, 08:45 by More of Him on Christian Living

The Little Firefly
"And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is My disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward." Matthew 10:42
God is glorified by obedience to His will in LITTLE things.
They most glorify God, who, without the often false incentive of
outward and ulterior motives, gladly perform their humble,
unostentatious deeds and services--which are unacknowledged and
unapplauded by the world. Such, assuredly, will...

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~Men/Women: What's The Difference?~

Posted Sep 3rd 2004, 02:17 by More of Him on Christian Living

I just got done reading John Piper's "What's the Difference?" Manhood and Womanhood Defined According To The Bible. This next passage so struck me as absolutely beautiful- I thought I'd share it. :)
Whenever anyone asks if we think women are, say, weaker than men, or smarter than men, or more easily frightened than men or something like that, a good answer would go like this: women are smarter in some ways and men are smarter in some ways; women...

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~He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease~

Posted Sep 1st 2004, 08:33 by More of Him on Christian Living

"He must increase, but I must decrease." John 3:30 -"More of Him, less of me."
Many of you probably know by the title of my website that John 3:30 is my life verse. A good brother in Christ, Chip Brogden ( puts it this way: "Growth is not more knowledge or increase of years: it is simply more of Christ and less of me. He increases as I decrease. This is what it means to be a disciple." -Chip Brodgen
This is...

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~A Look At Legalism~

Posted Aug 30th 2004, 09:29 by More of Him on Christian Living

A Look At Legalism
By David Wilkerson
Legalism is misunderstood by most Christians. Even most ministers don't know what it is.
I used to believe legalism had to do with man-made rules and regulations designed by sincere, God-loving people who were trying to lead holy lives. I thought it was all about observing dress-code restrictions and other do's and don't's.
No - legalism is much more subtle than rules and regulations. It goes far beyond that!
When I was a boy, I heard evangelists...

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~God Is Jealous Over Us~

Posted Aug 25th 2004, 10:20 by More of Him on Christian Living

I was wondering why after just a few short days of going back to the YMCA, my fire and desire to work out keeps fading (many of you know my background with fitness). I feel no love for it at all after just a day or so. Then I read this quote and now I know why:
"The Lord is very jealous over any saint who is utterly abandoned to Him. He does not let that believer have any pleasures...

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~Are You Ready For Company??~

Posted Aug 19th 2004, 08:34 by More of Him on Christian Living

Are You Ready For Company?
How would you feel if distant relatives showed up unannounced on your doorstep with plans to stay for a week and were eager to take a tour of your house (or room, if your a college student perhaps)?
A commitment to holiness means having a life that is always "ready for company" and "open for inspection"- a life that can stand up to scrutiny- not just in the obvious things, but in the 'hidden places" where most...

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