~Torn Between Two Desires~

Posted May 29th 2004, 10:10 by More of Him on Christian Living

~Torn Between Two Desires~
"For to me, living is for Christ, and dying is even better. Yet if I live, that means fruitful service for Christ. I really don't know which is better. I'm torn between two desires: Sometimes I want to live, and sometimes I long to go and be with Christ. That would be far better for me, but it is better for you that I live."
Does anyone else feel the same? Sometimes I want so...

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~A Time To Weep...~

Posted May 12th 2004, 11:39 by More of Him on Christian Living

~A Time To Weep~
There is a time for everything, including a time to weep and mourn (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4). There is a time for laughter and rejoicing. Ecclesiastes says that there is a time for everything that God has given to us as a gift. There's a right time for it. It's important that we know when to laugh and when to weep.
It is appropriate to weep:
1.When God's people face times of crisis, when their well-being is at stake....

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~Continue On! Encouragement for Moms~

Posted May 7th 2004, 02:10 by More of Him on Christian Living

Continue On!
A woman once fretted over the usefulness of her life. She feared she was wasting her potential being a devoted wife and mother. She wondered if the time and energy she invested in her husband and children would make a difference.
At times she got discouraged because so much of what she did seemed to go unnoticed and unappreciated. "Is it worth it?" she often wondered. "Is there something better that I could be doing with my time?"
It was during...

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~Woe To The Shepherds of This Next Generation~

Posted Apr 19th 2004, 10:32 by More of Him on Christian Living

Woe To The Shepherds Of This Next Generation
When I talk about shepherds here I am not only refering to pastors- but also spiritual leaders, mentors and parents- we are all shepherds.
This is something that the Holy Spirit has been stirring up in me for about a week now. It's been building and building. I pray that all of this comes out according to His will.
As I was listeing to some songs on the radio (Christian radio) the other day with...

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~Footwashing As A Posture Of Life!~

Posted Apr 13th 2004, 09:36 by More of Him on Christian Living

Footwashing As A Posture Of Life
"You shall never wash my feet!" Exclaimed Peter, perhaps uneasy with the thought of Jesus stooping to such menial labor. He simply refused to take part in something so demeaning the dignity, and station of the Messiah. For Messiah would come conquering, not bowing and washing feet like some household slave? Christ's answer to Peter's stubborn refusal was even more perplexing.
"If I do not wash you, you have no part with me". Have you ever...

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~His Banner Over Me Was Love~

Posted Apr 8th 2004, 09:55 by More of Him on Christian Living

I am glad that many of you liked Barrett's short story "Be My Reality". Here is the article that led me to him in the first place. I was so touched by this and needed to hear it at the time. Enjoy!
In Him, Chanin
His Banner Over Me Was Love
Song of Solomon 2:4
"He brought me to the banqueting house, and His banner over me was love."
I arose in a flurry of excitement. He was here. My Beloved. I could...

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~Be My Reality~

Posted Apr 7th 2004, 06:00 by More of Him on Christian Living

I wanted to share a couple of writings with you that were written by a young man- Barrett Dzurenko. The Lord brought me to his site by "accident" and I asked him for permission to post some of his writings. I am sure you will be as blessed as I was.
In His perfect love, Chanin
Be My Reality
By Barrett Dzurenko
The young prophet sat frustrated. What was going on lately? It was as if the Lord had taken a vacation from...

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~What Is True Forgiveness?~

Posted Apr 4th 2004, 11:50 by More of Him on Christian Living

Hello friends! This past year someone who was very close to me hurt me deeply. Even from the first stab of excruciating pain- I knew it was the Father's will- that it would be a test/trial for me. I also prayed from the start that He would help me forgive this person. I have prayed this many times this past year but still the memories were fresh and raw.
I have been reading a wonderful book called "Shattering Your Strongholds"(Freedom...

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~Faithful In The Little Things~

Posted Mar 17th 2004, 01:56 by More of Him on Christian Living

Faithful In The Little Things
"Just allow people to see Jesus in you- to see how you pray- to see how you lead a pure life- to see how you deal with your family- to see how much peace there is in your family.
Then you can look straight into their eyes and say, "This is the way."- You speak from life, you speak from experience."
If we want God to give us big things to do then we had better prove that...

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~The Harness Of The Lord~

Posted Mar 9th 2004, 10:14 by More of Him on Christian Living

The Harness of the Lord
There is a terrific operation of the Spirit going on today to bring the Sons of God into an absolute confinement to the perfect will of God. This is the Day of His Preparation the day in which He is preparing the channel through which He shall pour forth His Glory for all the world to see. This channel is His Body in the earth that glorious company of people who are being conformed through much...

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~Two Views On Transformation~

Posted Mar 2nd 2004, 12:30 by More of Him on Christian Living

Two Views on Transformation
"But we all, with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit." II Corinthians 3:18
The subject of our transformation or maturing in Christ is, obviously, too large to adequately cover in this little article. However, I would like to briefly touch upon some basic concepts that I feel are unscriptural and have led usdown...

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~Keep Yourselves From Idols~

Posted Feb 28th 2004, 09:26 by More of Him on Christian Living

Keep Yourselves From Idols
What is an idol?
It is that which occupies that place in our esteem and affections, in our thoughts, words and ways, which is due to God only. Whatever is to us, what the Lord alone should be

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~Human Love Expects Something in Return~

Posted Feb 26th 2004, 08:31 by More of Him on Christian Living

Human Love Expects Something In Return
. . . though the more abundantly I love you, the less I am loved

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~Please Consider: Why Young Women Are Exposing Themselves~

Posted Feb 24th 2004, 02:04 by More of Him on Christian Living

This is in response to an article on Christian Thinkers written by a man who explains why young women feel the need to expose themselves or flaunt themselves. His reasons were ones of equality, feminism, power, being naive, etc...
Though I do believe that everyone must take responsibility for their own actions, the issues are much deeper than "women just want to flaunt themselves because they feel like it". I believe the article can do more damage if we don't...

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~The Holy Spirit- The Ability To Do~

Posted Feb 22nd 2004, 11:21 by More of Him on Christian Living

The Holy Spirit: The Ability to Do
Behold, I send the Promise of My Father upon you; but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high. --Luke 24:49
A definition of the word "power" means the ability to do. You know, because it is the Greek word from which our English word "dynamite" comes, some of the brethren try to make out that the Holy Spirit is dynamite, forgetting that...

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