Turn your hibertion/screen saver off before you sing,

Posted Sep 22nd 2008, 02:53 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

Make sure your computer does not hibernate…..you need to turn that off….and turn off your screensaver!!!!
You can adjust how long your computer will wait before sleeping or hibernating—or prevent it from turning itself off altogether.
Here's how to prevent your computer from entering a power-saving mode:

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Life after NQC 2008

Posted Sep 20th 2008, 03:30 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

As you all probably know On Sunday afternoon, September 14th, the Louisville area experienced hurricane force winds of 75 mph that caused a widespread power outage in the Louisville area. Ted and I had the strange opportunity to ride the winds because were still in the convention center parking lot, in our 18 ft coach.  What a ride!  The following morning the airport had electricity enough to fly me (Kathleen) home, and Ted is now on the pilgrimage home to Oregon. 

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Reminder --Changing the "CODE" in your remote

Posted Jul 1st 2008, 02:50 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

FAQ - By the way, we ran into an issue at a concert where another artist and us were both in concert together.  We both purchased the remote control from you, and we discovered both remotes were on the same frequency and controlled both laptops.  Is there a way to change the frequency of the remote so we don’t have that issue come up again?
ANSWER:The Remote transmits an ID number to the reciever. Should you wish to use two or...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted Jun 1st 2008, 08:36 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

Here are few of the things that users have run across from time to time regarding audio issues.
If your computer has any sort of anti-virus software loaded, it's probably always running in the background.
If that's the case, and the program decides it needs to do some sort of system sweep (they do these things on their own schedule), it might cause the problem you're describing.  To get around this, disable the software when you're going to be performing.  Help files...

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Learn how to connect your iPod or Laptop to a PA mixer safely and noise-free

Posted May 5th 2008, 03:41 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

We have talked about this before, but this covers the subject again my a writer from Musicians Friend.
Learn how to connect your Laptop to a PA mixer safely and noise-free
reprinted from Musicians Friend Magazine - By Darius Van Rhuehl
Performing live with prerecorded track on laptops running sequencing programs such as Ableton Live etc. is getting increasingly popular. Whether you are running through your own PA or need to plug into a venue’s house system, there exists the possibility of doing irreparable...

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Singing News Tech Talk - By Roger Fortner (McKamey's)

Posted Apr 1st 2008, 11:50 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

reposted from....Tech Talk Singingnews.com

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Emcee Pro REVIEW by Ben Harris - Southern Sound

Posted Jan 8th 2008, 12:04 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

                                             Tracks and Southern Gospel Overview
    So much has been discussed concerning sound tracks in Southern Gospel music that it almost seems like beating the preverbal dead horse. From those who believe that tracks are akin to the destruction of our genre to those who believe it is our only hope for the future, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. And in this regard, I do not wish to come down on one side or the other on...

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Did you get one of those Cd/Dvd combo drive in your NEW laptop?

Posted Sep 27th 2007, 08:58 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

I have been able to identify that some of the NEW laptops have a COMBO DVD/CD drive.  They can hvae and issue in that, with a small number of the newer drives, the manufacturers no longer identify them (internally) as CD drives.  They call them something else.  Since they're not calling them CD drives, Emcee Pro doesn't see them.  That's the bad news.
The good news is that we've included a program on your Emcee Pro installation disk that will take...

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Another Humming fix

Posted Sep 26th 2007, 12:39 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

Kathleen, Tell all of the Emcee Pro users that there is another way to get rid of the hum.  I know Radio Shack is a dirty word to some sound engineers, however, from time to time they do have some good things.  To get the hum out you can get a "Ground Loop Isolator".  The cost is about $15-$16 so that is not too bad on the wallet.  I personally have a Dell computer and after investigating the hum with...

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Emcee Pro and laptop noise can be fixed

Posted Sep 26th 2007, 02:03 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

Emcee Pro and laptop noise can be fixed. First off, it is not a problem with the software of Emcee Pro, but has to do with one of two things:
1.  Ground loops between the laptop and the sound system
2.  Digital clocking noise of the laptop itself.
In any sound system there should only be one path for ground. For example, a microphone connected to a mixer input has only the one ground and the balanced plus and minus signals of the...

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Common Emcee Q and A

Posted Sep 25th 2007, 12:05 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

The humming you're hearing may be a ground problem.  Not that something's not grounded, but that your set up (amp/speakers/computer) are using different grounds.  When this happens, you end up with a ground loop - and a hum.  The best way to fix this is to make sure all your sound stuff is plugged into the same circuit, but that's hard to do when you go from place to place.  When you set up, if you have that hum, try changing where...

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ground fault-direct box with VISTA

Posted Sep 25th 2007, 04:00 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

I eliminated the ground noise be plugging a 78 cent ground fault connector at the end of my power cord of my computer.  Very cheap and worked perfect.  
James with The Angela Lilly Trio in Hutsonville, IL.
I have used both of these products and both are wonderful fixes to the problems.  Our group often performs in rural areas where the current frequently interferes with our sound.  We have totally eliminated the problem by using the Turtle Beach Sound Card with...

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Direct Box

Posted Sep 25th 2007, 03:32 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

Shane Roark here. I was reading over your q&a stuff regarding noise. There is one thing you failed to mention that we recomend to all of our artists using Emcee Pro. If someone is experincing noise, the greatest chance is it is from the hardrive itself running. The best way we have found to get rid of this while eliminating all other noises is to run the laptop through a direct box and go XLR with the connections. Not just...

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Getting rid of your hum!

Posted Sep 25th 2007, 03:28 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

99% of the hum performers are getting are from the input from the computer to the mixing board. I told Ted how to fix this. Buy a sterio direct box with ground lift on each channel. I have NEVER NEVER NEVER gotten a hum from my laptop because I have ALWAYS used a direct box. I have had one ground lift on and one off..... I have had both off..... I have had both on. This is a proven fix.

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For those using the recomended remote

Posted Sep 18th 2007, 06:33 by EmceePro News and Updates on Christian Living

EmceePro Menu Options
Input Device
Use this menu option to select whether you will be using the keyboard/mouse or a remote device to control the program. (When using the remote, most of the keyboard/mouse options will still be available as well.)
If a remote is being used, press F12 or click on Keyboard/Remote to switch (toggle) between these input devices.
Emcee Pro has been designed and tested to use a remote control to access it’s major functions. Typically, a remote designed to...

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